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The Challenge-Are YOU Up For It??

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OK you know you can't wait to start planning!
Starting December 26 we will start our next challenge. The 100 item challenge is almost complete. And what a better way to start the New Year than a decluttering challenge that will amaze all your MDC fellow clutter haters. SO without further ado...


Yes you heard it correctly five a day, just like the fruits and vegetables ADA recommended daily amounts. Its the recommended MDC decluttering amount. We can do this. Five per day will give us 150 by Feb 1. On Feb 1 anyone who hits their mark will get a reward. You predetermine what your individual reward will be. Maybe a bubble bath, a evening at the bookstore sans kids, a piece of cheesecake, whatever makes you tick. We deserve it. We are doing so much for our families well being and our personal happines by living a less cluttered life.

ALSO the other part of the challenge is if during this months challenge you bring someting new into the home you have to get rid of five extra things.

Anyone up for a super challenge? We are strong, beautiful, smart women who won't be held back by the concrete crapola in our lives. Let's do it!!! Sign up now and start planning your reward and the areas you need to attack. What better time than when taking down HOLIDAY DECORATIONS, hint hint.
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I am sooooo in! This is my first challenge on MDC. My husband and I are in the middle of a huge remodel of our home and decluttering is a must right now! This will give me so much inspiration and motivation
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im in!
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Count me in
We did a huge declutter when we moved from our house to a teeny-tiny apartment a year ago, but we somehow seem to have acquired a whole lot more clutter in the last 12 months (as well as a new baby who takes up space )
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You kick so much butt it's just crazy awesome. I am so in. Maybe I'll even post about it this next time. Thank you for the motivation! I followed the 100 things challenge thread, and I know I got rid of at least 100 things over the last couple weeks. I don't post much, but I know there are lurkers like me that get tons of inspiration from good threads and great advice on here. Now, the challenge for me is actually finding things that need to go... I might not make 150, but I'll get somewhere. There's always something that someone else can use if we're not using it.

I'm huge on minimalism (it makes me very happy to not have much and know exactly what I do have), so there's not much left. There are some kitchen things I never use that I haven't been able to part with ... All Clad, anyone? I have never used two pans I've got and I should really give them to a friend... for Christmas! heh. Seriously, they've been sitting in the cupboard for over two years and have never been used. It is way past time.

Thanks for letting me ramble... perhaps I'll post on here a few times, brainstorming about the things I never use that I should finally let go to someone else. Then I'll look at all my posts on here and make a list and get to it. hee.
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I'm in! I'm so excited about this.
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I'm in!
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i'm in! remember, if you start now, it goes on this year's tax return. remember to save those receipts!
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Danidmama-Thank you for delurking and joining up. We are gonna have a blast in January. I have a feeling the All Clad has been weighing you down. You think all the time, I never use that, I should get rid of it, why can't I get rid of it? Just go for it. Take it to Goodwill or Freecycle it. Think of the mama who has just started out on her own, just left an abusive relationship, has very little in her little apartment and finds those pans. She will take them and be so happy to have them. She will nurish her babies with food made in them. She will be proud of her pans and proud of herself. You can do it. Take it and never look back. And feel the freedom.
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Can you say EXCITED?

I am so happy you guys are up for this. We are gonna have a blast. We have a super bunch of women here in Decluttering.
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In! I did 2009 in 2009 so 5 a day will be a great way to start the new year!
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oooo I need motivation. I'm in too!
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This is my first time joining in a challenge, but I'm in.
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I'm in! There is nothing that says "I love me" more than getting rid of junk
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I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it. We're about to lose some junk and we like.
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Originally Posted by Gray's Mommy View Post
I'm in! There is nothing that says "I love me" more than getting rid of junk
Wow, I never thought of it that way - and I like it - more motivating...
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Argh, now I'm so excited that I want to start early. It feels like waiting to open my Christmas presents when I was a kid.
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Yes, let's do it
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does decluttering paper count?
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Originally Posted by A&A View Post
does decluttering paper count?
great question! i need to cut out a whole drawer from one of the filing cabinets to redo my desks.
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