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I'm in. We're out of town, but will get started on NYE.
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I made it to my 60-item mark today! Phew.
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Sorry to be technical (I can't help it) but if I count up everyday between Dec 26th and Feb 1st, that's 185 items. If you count Feb 1st, that's 190.

Jus' sayin'.
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I'm in. I'm a packrat married to an uberpackrat, and our clutter bothers both of us. We had already planned on going through our closets (and just started that today), and the girls' toys, between now and New Years. Extra motivation to try to get through MORE stuff too. Thanks!
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OK, I'm signing up. This is the year I declutter!
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I am LOVING this, thanks so much for making a group for it.

I want this stuff GONE!
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I'm in!
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awesome. i have 20+boxes to unpack from our last move! and i'm off this week, better get moving!
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a very successful evening!

I really began today, so I am starting over- here is the tally:

several stuffed animals and two random small plastic toys- 9
blankets- 3
outfits D has outgrown- 20
useless aprons from my old job, falling apart and not even able to be used as cleaning rags- 2
random small boxes with contents that were either unimportant or fit elsewhere- 3
100+ sheets of paper- 10
also netflix ready to drop in the mail- 2
books headed to the library, 5 returns and 2 for donation- 7
(I decided to count the library books and netflix because I want to count their incoming replacements as strikes against! Not buying anything so I won't have many strikes.. plus I really need an incentive not to pick up more library books as I have a large rotation going and D is fine for toddler books because she has all the new-to-her ones that were at her dad's since she was an infant)
for a grand total of 56/185!
Awesome! Even with the baby sleeping, I managed to get everything on the shelf of my closet cleared out and the remaining items evenly spaced- that's where all my random papers, extra clothes and blankets, etc. were living. The only thing I didn't touch was the luggage because it would have been noisy and I went through those recently.

I chickened out on the pair of gym shoes I had in mind to toss... they are actually in great condition, just a little ugly. If I could afford to replace them come spring, I would toss them, but I can't.

Having some (probably typical) trouble with:
blankets! All of them child-sized - one my aunt quilted for D (definitely wouldn't give that one up, just listing it because it adds to the sum), an afghan my grandmother crocheted, my fav (pink minkee.. has a matching bunny that didn't make it into this box, only because her father scented it), a light cotton one from DX's mom (takes up zero space as a changing pad), and a thick quilty one that was my brother's. My brother also gave DD his favorite (very large) teddy bear from childhood... and two new stuffed animals for Christmas. I would really like to get rid of the teddy and baby blanket that were his, but we live together and I bet he would just flip out!! I guess I will have to wait until we move out and then let him know we are leaving them with him. He is the type to keep stuff around and these were very precious to him so I think it would be really rude to pitch them without at least asking if he wanted them back.
I would be happy if I just got rid of the thick one... the afghan is fluffy but if space got tight it could be vacuum-packed until it goes on D's bed next year when she has her own. The quilt and minkee one we use regularly right now, and the little white one can live in the diaper bag.
There are also a few at DX's house (he only ever has her for a few hours and I send everything she needs so they are just sitting in a drawer)... most of them should be no problem to get rid of but there is one really nice one.... it could possibly bump the pink minkee but I will make sure only one or the other stays.
And then there is everything else I have there! A dozen pairs of jeans in various sizes (and yes they were pared way down!), lots of other clothes that don't fit, some of them I don't even like that much so they will be sooo easy to pitch. Then there are things like my bed, furniture, appliances, my pottery- some of which need to be pared down but generally things I will need in a new place and have no room for here at my mom's. And then, need to go but can't just give them away: lots of cloth diapers and accessories. I have given away some of my pockets but I am way too invested in the stash to scrap it. The fitteds maybe could find a good home via donation, but the wool? no way!! I am also willing to part with some of my (already very small) wrap stash, but again it is a matter of listing them and the camera seems to have made it either into a very very good hiding place or into the trash !

Next spot: the bathroom. I use so little! I don't have any of the standard crap- shower gel, bubble bath, salts, scrubs, not even shampoo or conditioner. But somehow things have still accumulated! Must investigate this further.. but not tonight!!
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not too far behind, I'll catch up with ya!

what a great challenge- I'm IN!!!

I found this thread when I woke up not being able to breathe (head cold )
and decided to take a cup of peppermint tea and get to work.

I am going to try to group each cluster of items as one, I have PLENTY to get rid of so this should not be a problem.

1 pair of my hubby's worn out jeans
inbox full of ancient emails (I'm down to only 30 or so! I purged hundreds!)
5 worn out socks
handful of papers
broken tape measure

2 pair of outgrown children's shoes
4 1 gallon carboys
9 pairs of girls panties
4 children's books
1 dried up sharpie

1 ugly old gift bag
more inbox emails (I'm almost down to 10 now) AND useless old digital photos.

12 purges for a total of 31 items gone already (well I have the usable children's items set aside for the women's shelter until the box is full--so a few things aren't actually gone yet but they are on their way out!

Thanks this feels SO GOOD!
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We're in! The gf & I are a little overwhelmed with amalgamating households right now, plus all the stuff the little girls got for Christmas... it'll be good to get rid of some extra! Thanks for the challenge
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Originally Posted by bjorker View Post
Sorry to be technical (I can't help it) but if I count up everyday between Dec 26th and Feb 1st, that's 185 items. If you count Feb 1st, that's 190.

Jus' sayin'.
The OP said at some point in this thread that she wanted to leave a margin for travel/ sick kids/ etc.
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32-64 Old VHS'
45-125- Old cassette tapes
126- old catelogue
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Hey friends! I haven't been on MDC in about 8 months, so it's good to see familiar friends on this thread! And WELCOME TO MDC, Leslie!

Cluttered home = cluttered mind!

I have been decluttering for the past few weeks, so I'll hop on the bandwagon. I don't know if I'll be able to check in daily to list what I've gotten rid of, but I'll try to keep a tally.
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"Think of the mama who has just started out on her own, just left an abusive relationship, has very little in her little apartment and finds those pans. She will take them and be so happy to have them. She will nurish her babies with food made in them. She will be proud of her pans and proud of herself. You can do it. Take it and never look back. And feel the freedom."

This is exactly the motivation I needed. It will become my mantra as I purge. Thank you for these important words.

In Peace, Annie
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I'm a couple of days late, so I'll try to make it up in the next couple of days! I'm so excited!
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I need this challenge so badly.
We hopefully will be moving in a few months and I would love to move less stuff.
Started yesterday by cleaning out my closet. Not quite done yet but 1 bag went to trash, 2 bags to donation and a few stray items to sell. And by bags i mean the huge black ones for yard waste. I think i made up for being a few days late

Hope to be able to keep the momentum going this week and get all our paperwork organized and filed. WE have a tendency to pile in bags, boxes etc. rather than file it away immediately.

ETA: I wish I had counted what went out now but I will take a guess with what I know and just leave the rest to good declutter karma

10 pairs of shoes
2 heavy coats
3 dresses
10 pairs of pants
3 sweaters
20 summer tops
5 other tops
4 skirts
1 suit
total = 58

And that was just half the closet. Still have a few bags in the basement and some plastic crates. Sucks I can't fit into anymore but once I started going through it I realized fashion has changed, I have changed so I would wear most of it anyways now.
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Originally Posted by sparklebean View Post
all my notes from high school
I am still holding on to all my notes, Syllaby from college plus my final paper for highschool (it was in europe you needed that to graduate)

I think this challenge may be what gets it tossed. Finally. I graduated college in 95. That means i saved these things for 15 years. WHY???????
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I'm in. I've been trying to get in the habit of dropping off donations every time I leave the house.
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Starting today, in the dining room then the bathroom!
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