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This is so great! Since I started late I only have 5 done so far...but for me that is amazing!!
1 - elephant stuffie
2 - coo coo clock
3 - play drill
4 - bag of gDiapers (put on FB, but if they dont sell in a week, then Freecycle.)
5 - old medications (this was the best! I didnt know I had that many expired medications! I also put them in a ziplock bag and put them on the top shelf of my walkin...i have been meaning to do that forever!)

Thanks for the inspiration!
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I hope it's not too late to join! This will be my first challenge and I sooooo need this! I'm hoping to start right now!
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I'm totally up for it! We're decluttering in preparation for a baby in June. Am off to a big start. Drove into the city today with about sixty books that I am NEVER going to read again. Got $20 plus parking reimbursement. Also am curbing a bookcase with a Freecycle alert. I'm sure someone can use it, but really, do I need five bookcases?
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I'm so joining! I'll get rid of 15 items in order to catch up.

Goodbye junk!
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Threw out my 5 things today. Still on track.
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127- pair of socks with holes in the heels
Not going to count it but made my DH take 3 huge bags of bottles to the recycling place for a refund and today the trucks picked up Christmas recycling cardboard etc. Glad it is out of the way.
Going to also have DH go thru several CD binders to get rid of old mixed CDs etc. They are just sitting and he always uses his MP3 player in the car now. There must be close to 150 CDs
It feels good to make progress, sad to think that the large amount of things I have purged doesn't seem nearly as big as I thought it would look
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Counting distracts me from the actual decluttering, but so far i have a nice box chock full of misc items. As well as a basket, with a bunch of outgrown pairs of shoes and other things.

I think I am putting off doing the clothes I've been planning on sorting through. Because I keep going through things I've already done. The upside is, though, that I keep finding more things to get rid of. My husband keeps asking me if I am going to leave anything in the closets and cabinets...
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I'm into decluttering! Whether I'll make the 5 a day or not is another issue, but, I will be diligent with the time I have (I'm a full time WOHM with a pre-schooler and a baby). I made a major dent in decluttering my daughter's clothing with my SIL's visit over Christmas. Tonight I'll list up what she decided not to take to get it ready for donation. Then, I'll seal up the TWO BOXES of clothing that she wasn't able to fit in her suitcases. I'm sure I got rid of 50 pieces easy!

I threw away a plastic bee toy from a Bee Movie promotion .

I just left a message for a local women's shelter whose website said they need all kinds of yarn. Well, I've got 7 bins full in my basement (and an order on the way), so, I hope to unload a bunch on 'em!
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Is it too late to join? Both DH & I are serious in getting items out of the house which are just cluttering up everywhere! I already can picture areas which need some serious attention. Here's to catching up to everyone else.
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ive been.. busy.. busy. my son turned 7 on the 26th and im still trying to recuperate after the intense days before and after Christmas..but i think im ready to tackle this..so im off to find 15 things to add to my box of freestore stuff.
will check back in when im done.
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I'm in! Starting today with the bathroom and linen closet.
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Fantastic! I did the 100 items by Christmas but this is another great idea. Looks like I need to do 15 today to catch up.
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i didnt count, but i would say that i have over 100 items. i had a large bag which is now bursting at the seams. i went through toys, dress-ups, christmas things that im putting away, clothes as i was putting away after washing. i have lots more to go but i feel like im in the groove now!
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I'm in. I started on the 26th but didn't post to the thread. I filled DH in on it, too. We desperately need to go through and declutter. So far I've gotten rid of:

-5 empty Borax boxes sitting on my laundry room floor (why didn't they make it into the trash to begin with???)
-a stack of waxed cereal bags (I really wanted to wash them and reuse them, but life is too hectic for me right now and there WILL be more cereal)
-5 broken VHS
-2 empty dvd cases
-a child's harness (we used it 1x in Disney World 3yrs ago and now a piece is missing and we've never used it since)
-4 expired/ gross facial products/ lotion
-2 magazines
-misc. paperwork

I'm at 21/150. Off to read the rest of the thread.
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I'm at 23/150.

We're in temporary housing, and only brought about half of our belongings with us, so I didn't think we had enough for me to declutter 150 things. I'm giving it my best, though!
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I'm in! This will be my first MDC challenge. I'm doing Motivated Moms this year and will just add this to my list of things to do. Today I put in the garage to give away:

1-2 toddler bed rails
3 pair of shoes
4-5 toddler slippers

a few other things, too, but I'll start counting again tomorrow. I'm also going to try and Freecycle a nice camera that takes film, wonder if anyone will want it?
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i'm in!

so far:

2 paper grocery bags full of kids clothes
broken drum kit pedal
pyrex pie plate
broken chair
lots of old paperwork and bills from long ago
15 plastic plant pots that were cracked from cold temps
california baby massage oil - eeewwww, rancid
broken wooden comb

eta: a sweater and a shirt to my sister
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day 1:

32 books
1 pair of boots
1 candle holder
2 other things i can't remember


36 items
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okay I'm continuing from my list on post 110...

2 more worn out sock (used them for scrubbing out my washing machine before pitching them)
1 dirty empty knitting needle cable case
2 more pairs of children's shoes
1 HUGE bag of recycling

this brings me up to date, 15 purges for a total of 37 items...

I feel like I almost need to get a head start on tomorrow!

(I also realized that while doing laundry I pitched another 5 or so items into my outgrown/women's shelter bin so there are more than I'm counting... which is good! My house needs it so!!!)

Already when I walk into my living room I feel better/more relaxed/relieved. I can feel this working already! Please ya'll help me keep it up!
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MDC moms rock The Challenge
You guys are doing SO freakin good. It is NEVER TO LATE TO START!!!!! Join at anytime. Like I said I only went for 150 items even though tech there are more days than that between Dec 26th and Feb1. But heck we are moms, wives, partners, busy women. I allowed for days when it isn't possible or they who found the challenge later.

Don't forget when you finish decluttering a cabinet, a drawer, a shelf, a closet stop and look around. Feel the change in energy. You will be shocked at how wonderful it feels.
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