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Why does a family of four have 10 toothbrushes on the sink? Well we dont anymore!!!

More decluttering yayyyy!
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Three huge bags of baby clothes to the thrift store, counting each bag as 10 but I'm sure there were at least 25 things in each bag. Some of them still had tags, but I figured NWT baby clothes would make some mama's day. DS is way too spoiled! Also included some new lotions, NWT holiday deco, etc. that were given to us. I am NOT holding onto this stuff!

It felts SO GOOD to drop all that stuff off today!


Also did a quick run through of the filing cabinet during DS's nap. Why am I saving college notes that I haven't read in seven years? Have a medium size box for recycling day.
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Everyone is doing so great! It is really motivating me to get rid of stuff!

I thinned the kitchen 18 plates, 8 mugs and 21 jars; went through my lid drawer 25 lids tossed. Roasting pan, butter holder,

I'm going to say 75 items but it must have been more than that.

ETA my total 212/150

It's starting to feel like an end of year sale around here! Everything must go!
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added 2 more prs of outgrown shoes to the give away box.


so i've been opening the door to our storage closet and closing it over and over again. i don't want to go through it. i'm afraid to, actually. there are so many boxes of boy clothes in there it makes my stomach churn.

i have a 4yo brother who is 13mo younger than my oldest and 2.5yrs older than my ds2. my mom has a shopping problem when it comes to clothes for him. and when he outgrows things, guess who gets them?? yeah, me. so i have boxes an d boxes of clothes to go through. i usually pull out what i think i'll use, but my mom has told me not to give any of it away until she can go through it a 2nd time to pull out the stuff that is sentimental to her. so i have lots of boxes. lots. i mean 4 boxes of 12-24mo clothing alone.

i told her yesterday to come over next week to go through it all b/c i need the storage space now.
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1 bag of papers to shred and 1 bag of paper recycling - both from filing cabinet
2 baby blankets
1 hoodie sweatshirt
1 sweater
2 pairs of shoes
1 skirt
80 rented cloth diapers from diaper service - the first couple of months were a gift from MIL now we are going to use our own and wash at home
Not counting it but I finally went through the pile of mail that accumulates on the kitchen counter


Look out bathroom cabinets, you're next!
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Ok, finally got to the point where I can begin the challenge! Yesterday I was damage control.

2 containers of leftovers that were spoiled.
1 package too-small sposies set aside for a friend
1 gallon bag NORA tea to a pg friend
1 pile of junk mail sorted and either stacked by the fireplace for kindling or trashed.

yesterday's tally: 5/150

Today the Christmas machine gets put back in the boxes.
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-30pcs of mine and DH clothing for the local thrift shop


It's amazing how freeing it is to get rid of all this stuff. For a while now I've been telling DH how we have to declutter, but it hasn't been happening. This challenge was just the kick in the pants I needed
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I had a bout of insomnia last night, and I de-cluttered the whole bathroom. It's embarrassing, but I got rid of 60 items. Seriously. And that's counting several small things as 1 item. I re-organized all of the stuff we needed to keep, and I'm down to precious little in there. So much space! I think DH was shocked when he got up this morning!

I also finally posted an entire set of china on Craig's List. This has been one of those "I should..." things for about 18 months. DH and I picked out china when we were engaged. We have the whole set of it that people bought piecemeal, and then we picked up the rest. My mother didn't like the pattern we picked, so she told my family members who called her that we'd picked a different pattern. So...my family all got this different set of china that would fit my mom perfectly but isn't me at all. I've been hanging onto it because I felt badly getting rid of things people got me, but I definitely don't need 2 sets of china (not even sure I need 1). And then my mom picked out silverware for us. We got some pieces, but my MIL had already planned to give us the ILs first set from when they were married, so...I also posted the extra silverware. Most of the extras are still in the boxes, so I'm hoping someone who really wants them will buy them and be very happy.

I'll have to look at yesterday's total to add to it.
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163- Broken scale
164-hat and bootie set
165-169 Baby shoes
170-baby outfit
More to come because I need to go through her next stage of clothes and see what we will keep and what will go. Plus DDs 1st Birthday is tomorrow so I need to make room for stuff coming in by sending lots of stuff out
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Originally Posted by mommaof3boz View Post
To each of us my New Years wish...

We will create for ourselves and our families a home not a house.

And we are on our way ladies.

Love that!

Ok so after a few days off today I got rid of:

1 pair toddler boots
2 pairs toddler crocs
5 pairs of flip flops

Planning to do more once dh comes home and the baby isn't following me around pulling things out as I go! LOL

My total is in my siggy!
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Well I think today is a draw. I took two big bags of baby clothes to Goodwill and came home with 3 throw pillows and a mixing bowl. To be fair, we I've been looking for pillows for a while since we don't have any, and the mixing bowl I needed because I broke mine last week. Still, no progress today. Maybe later this evening.
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3 tops of mine to goodwill
1 dress of mine to my niece
bag of my daughter's hair clippies to a friend's baby
2 pieces kids clothes returned to the neighbor who lent them to us


I hope to do some more b/c DH took the kids to the park for a bit (rare occurance around here...)
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I am LOVING this challenge. It is awesome!
I only have a minute while I tidy up....
16 - Leather Pants. They will never fit me again. I am hoping to sell them and get a little cash and some space at the same time!
17 - 5 pairs of Children's socks. We got many pairs for Christmas, so I decided to get rid of the ones that I can't stand, that never stay on, or are just plain ugly.
18 - Baby Name Book. Will pass it on to a new mom.
19 - Going to Bed book. I had 2 copies.
20 - Siblings without Rilvary book. Needs to go back to it's original owner.
21 - Night Light
22 - Lanolin Cream, I have way too much of this stuff.
23 - Dog Harness. Not sure what to do with this....
24 - A cloth bag. Donate it to goodwill?
25 - A stuffed teddy. (did I mention how much I can't stand teddies?)

It feels so great to have started the de-clutter process. It is just amazing how we are so bogged down by all the clutter that we acquire.

Thank you!!!!!!
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Just bought two new jackets for DH so I have to get rid of ten more things tonight.... I'll let you know when I do!
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6 kitchen items
1 bathroom item

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Way to go everyone! I'm getting excited for what 2010 will bring with all this extra space and energy in my life.

five more items bring me to 110 items decluttered:
cat litter box
cat food dispenser
bean bags
food dehydrator
sling (off to a friend)
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It is really inspiring to read this thread. Think of how much stuff we are all getting rid of collectively. Wow!

I finally got a chance to go through my closet and was able to catch up. I got rid of 40-50 items of clothing (I am going to say 40). I called a local abused women's service organization and they said I can donate to goodwill or st. vinnie's in their name and they will get vouchers for their clients to shop.

I am not doing the 5 items for anything brought in because I get way to overwhelmed and give up. I am concentrating on 5 items per day and will be super happy if I reach that goal. My New Year's resolution (which I just came up with) is to be more reasonable with the goals and expections I have of myself. I am way too hard on myself and then I end up failing due to too high of goals that I can't reach.

I feel good about this so far and am going to definitely stick with it.

I took the advice to just stop and look and feel the new area that is decluttered and it was GREAT.

My tally is 40/150.

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11-15 Hair bands and such -- my hair is short like a boy's hair now.

I brought into the house two new sleds and a pair of snow pants for me yesterday so I've been scrambling to find things to throw away -- went through the freezer and threw out some old popsicles and stuff like that. I'm not going to keep count of that stuff.

I was looking at some chipped bowls today and realized I could get rid of them and use the other bowls that are on the top shelf and never get used. In fact, as soon as I finish typing this I'm going to do just that!
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1 cosmetics case full of cosmetics which fell into the unflushed toilet many moons ago. I am NOT putting any of the stuff on my face ever again
That is so wrong on so many levels LOL

Look out bathroom cabinets, you're next!
Thats it! Scare the "crap" out of the cabinet!!! LOL

I took the advice to just stop and look and feel the new area that is decluttered and it was GREAT.
The decluttering quote of the day! THAT is what we are working towards.
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On a personal note I got rid of a small table and an uplight.

So thats 55 & 56.

I told some of the girls I work with about the challenge and one said "Do you have 150 items in your house?" LOL LOL. Way, way more than that, unfortunately.
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