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4. old lunchbox
5. bottle of sunscreen we are allergic to, that has been her for a few yrs
6. lavender baby lotion
7. old container of bath fizz balls, never used, but 5 or so yrs old
8. cologne I got on a curb alert, and never used LOL
9. picture frame
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I guess yesterday was a fluke because once again I didn't think about this until 1am! I am totally done with the things I keep in the common areas of the home, so when I was in the bedroom I moved on to the hanging shelf (I think they are made for sweaters?)- two of the shelves were sort of hot spots. ...I pitched 2 more useless items, bringing me to 72/185, and found proper homes for a bunch of others. Now I am about to sit down with some paper clutter from that spot, mostly this small day planner that has been all used up and is kind of a stay-at-home wallet with cards, several months worth of receipts, etc... so we'll just see how I end up counting that!
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171-182- more baby clothes. she has way too manyin her dresses. I haven't even gone throught the storage bins yet.
Little by little, I will be free from clutter.
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-2 broken travel mugs
-handful of little toys used in the bath then left to get gross


We're leaving for out of state tonight til Sunday. Hoping to hit the 150 before we leave then come back with even more determination. This is so freeing
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Got my 10 extra yesterday, plus 5 today. So I'm at 30/150 plus the extras.
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Originally Posted by BrandiRhoades View Post
I'll have to look at yesterday's total to add to it.
Adding the previously mentioned bathroom items...

59-118. bathroom items
119-122. DH's things that he tossed (yay! Everyone's gotten in on this!)
123-125. movies returned (only counting b/c they were overdue )
126-130. freecycled items picked up

130/185: 70% (!!!)

Today is a tough day for me. DH got paid, and I usually spend on those days. Fighting the urge to bring more in...
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The exciting thing about decluttering is after a bit you will really stop wanting to bring things into your home. I can go shopping, browse and come home with nothing. I always stop and say "How bad do I need this? Can I see myself Goodwilling it in the next year? Can I do without this?" Almost 90% of the time time I don't get it.

I did just order two cookbooks that I have wanted FOREVER, so gotta add an additional ten things on for me. So I have a goal of 160.
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This morning I emptied 2 more boxes - woo hoo! We moved in October from a 1300 sq foot apartment to a 3600 sq ft home, but one bedroom is not yet usable. Rehab. And I discovered we now have THREE copies of Llama Llama Red Pajama. And dd doesn't want to let even 1 go. It will have to disappear in the night along with some of the stuffed animals. Why, oh, why do people insist on giving these to children?

I threw away a few plastic toys we don't need, too.
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2 travel mugs
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Coming in late, but with a vengence...

I have a black bin liner full of things that I decluttered last night and this morning. Can I just call it 45 things, and start posting daily itemized lists on Monday?

Feels good to get all this stuff moved out, doesn't it?
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So I did not do any decluttering last night. But tonight will be a better night. I am sure of it.
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12/26 - 4/5 (notepad, toy coin, frozen rabbit to IL's, CD)
12/27 - 16/6 (CD, 15 catalogs)
12/28 - 0/5
12/29 - 9 trash/paper, 101 items for donation! i packed them and moved them to the garage today, but will be dropping them off thursday
12/30 - 0/5
12/31 - 1 recycled book, 1 stack old biz cards recycled, 2 lotion trashed, 11 items to donation (dropping off today with stuff from 12/29) = 15/10

total = 145/150
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Originally Posted by almadianna View Post
Why does a family of four have 10 toothbrushes on the sink? Well we dont anymore!!!

More decluttering yayyyy!
Thanks for the suggestion, I will be taking care of that today! (How does that happen anyway?)

Yesterday I got rid of two old pairs of Converse, a ton of baby shoes, and more clothes. Two grocery bags full!
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oh, and I forgot about the things that had to go to the dump :-(

An old car seat that my son managed to break
A broken child's recliner
And some old computer parts that went to the electronic recycling
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AHHHH! 3 whole pages behind! I hate it when I get behind like that.
Yesterday I got rid of one of those bascart insert thingys and a pair of too-little kids house shoes. All my stuff went to the Goodwill - which was like 60 lbs of stuff! and books went back to the library. I will be out of town until Sunday so when I come home I will have to get rid of 20 items on Monday! I'm gonna do it! This challenge has been awesome for me! Thank you mommaof3boz!


Ok, I'm off - no computer access for 4 days...
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16-17 Two chipped bowls
18 sample size eye cream I never used
19 leftover tiles from bathroom project
20 shoebox that ds had painted the inside of and then forgot about
21-22 two kids' crafts (I took a picture of them first but still felt kind of bad)
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I am loving the clutter challenge and the closer I get to February the more excited I am to keep going. 5 things a day is really much much easier than I thought it would be!

So to continue....

26 - Little Board Book (donating it to playgroup)
27 - A phone (hopefully someone will buy it.)
28 - A Calendar for 2010. (free-cycle)
29 - A Thomas Jefferson Education. (give it back to my girlfriend)
30 - A Mothering Magazine (I had 2 so I am donating it to friends)

As this is New Years Eve my intention (because no one keeps resolutions) is to keep getting rid of 5 things a day until my house is clutter free.

Wish me luck!
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I've been lurking but not posting.. only done two days worth of decluttering so far..but we went shopping today... some of the items I'm not going to make myself declutter 5 extra items for since they were purchased to replace specific broken items, that have been, are being disposed of now that we have replacements!! need to count the number of items we picked up at the thrift shop to know the total "damage" there.. (DH got a bag of misc cars/trucks for $2 and I'm not sure how many were in there..)


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OT, but I just had to mention how when we have a craptacular toy or little random toys of no consequence, or even a stuffed creature of sorts, we turn them into tub toys. And we all know what happens to tub toys in the end. Anyway, that works nicely for getting a last little play out of stuff that's not so great (and things I wouldn't donate).
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90-97. Bathroom items (old makeup, hairspray, tanning oil, etc.)
98-119. Baby clothes DS has outgrown given to my friend who is luckily also having a boy!


This feels great!
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