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Quickly went through the playroom looking for non-toy stuff that didn't belong.

-5 fabric basket liners for which the baskets broke long ago
-1 ripped foam hat
-3 destroyed tote bags
-car seat insert
-empty box from Christmas lights added to recycling

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awesome jobs, mamas!

We're still mostly doing books here, but I feel much more productive today than I have this past week. The 25 books my mom had bagged to go has now grown into at least ten grocery bags with several books apiece. We went up to our little storage locker today and found a box of my old books (which is weird because I thought she had given me all my childhood stuff years ago!)... so I got rid of 26 of my own books today. Did a lot of other straightening and got rid of 20+ random pieces of paper- many more than the average day so I'll count that. Adding 28 to my total puts me at 170, I believe! Fifty items to go I am taking down the Christmas tree tonight, we have a phony one that goes into storage so that probably doesn't count right?
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did a quick rummage through a top dresser drawer where I store "random" things:

-small plastic bag of trash
-5 old baby products
-mattress corner protector that came off years ago
-stack of old paper work (just counting this as 1)
-2 baby onesies (added to the thrift pile)
-2prs kids shoes (added to the thrift pile)

-DH is returning a tree topper we bought 2 months ago that was too small for our tree and the kitchen timer we bought last night b/c it doesn't work.


And, I talked to my younger brother today about taking a double papasan chair we've been storing in our basement. DH will be bringing it over next weekend, so while it's not out of the house yet, at least there is a plan for it.

-30 old makeup items. Some of them were brand new

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209-210. dvd player + remote!!! (freecycle)

goal: 330
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Got rid of my five today. I also went to IKEA today to get some new shelves, and new cups and bowls-- counting each Trofast bin and each cup and bowl and each shelf as one incoming unit, I have to get rid of 160 things tomorrow in penalties! I think I can blast through it pretty quickly though-- I have a particular cabinet in mind.
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4 party blowers
bubble wrap
3 broken toys
5 dummies
2 promo teddies

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6 cans of soup out to trash - they were dated 2005. Not.

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The challenge:
1/3 –17/5
1/6 20/5
1/7 8/5
1/8 53/5
1/9 0/20
1/10 0/5

Total for the Month 295/270 -- (Penalties added for new things purchased..)

haven't done any decluttering the past two days. but did purchase.. need to get back to work tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by almadianna View Post
I wont lie, I cannot get rid of books. I have thousands of them and our library at home is well stocked.. but yeah. I cant.
I don't even consider books on my list of things to consider getting rid of. They are something I consider essential to my well-being.
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so far today...30/5
mostly clothes and two comforter sets both with bed skirts & pillow shams, one also has matching curtains.. both to be offered on freecycle..
Plus 3 expired items from the fridge.. <gag>
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6. christmas candle (out on street)
7-9. 3 jars of vitamins/herbs (mailed to a friend)
10. old planner (recycled)
11. tons of old bills and receipts (recycled)
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211-213. 3 pair of sandals to freecycle (purchased last week at thrift shop, de-beaded, and now gotten rid of!)
214-217. purged/cleaned/consolidated/put away 4 bags' worth of knitting supplies. I'm counting them as 4 items because I did actually get rid of 4 handfuls of junk (protein bar wrappers, yarn wrappers, needle packaging ...) This was a project long overdue. sigh.

now, I'm going to go crochet with my kids in front of the new u-verse tv ...

(goal 330)
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i got rid of a bunch of baby diapers this weekend! they should be at their new home soon.
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Today my big thing was getting rid of CD cases. Yay!
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Hey everyone. I've been MIA for the past couple of days. I have been getting my new blog going and cooking like crazy. Now I have a rotten cold. My dh is the one to get the points today as he cleaned out my refrig for me. By the looks of it I'll give myself 15 items. Keep it up everyone is doing great!!!
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Dragging a little today, but I managed to get a few things ready for donation:

293: rug
294: a couple books
295: a couple cds
296-300: picture frames

The biggest challenge for me has been doing decluttering consistantly enough to let go of five things each day irregardless of whether I let go of five or fifty items the day before. I tend to do things in spurts and then lose interest, but this is keeping me steadily on track. Thanks everyone!
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Got my five in today. I still didn't do the 160 in penalties from yesterday, but I should be able to do that tomorrow while DS is at preschool.
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Went through and cleaned up the playroom and sorted toys and books

trashed/ recycled:
-9 books beyond repair
-at least 20 small cr@p toys from kid's meals, etc
-1 destroyed cardboard block puzzle
-at least 10pcs of random paper
-1 basket my kids have taken apart
-2 broken plastic fireman hats

added to the donate box:
-2 shape wooden shape sorters/ pounders
-chrome napkin holder we haven't used in years
-4 interlocking utensil bins
-kids push toy

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Hit the ground running this morning...

-2 calendars recycled
-10 Christmas cards (the fronts are going to our church for a St Jude collection)
-pr of boys pants back to my mom
-3 kids shampoo/detangler/disposable washcloths to my brother for my neice

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Originally Posted by BrandiRhoades View Post
I don't even consider books on my list of things to consider getting rid of. They are something I consider essential to my well-being.
We are on the same page mama.
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