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Okay I'm not keeping an actual tally since I just need to go with the flow... but here is a general idea:

about 25 books
4 framed pictures
15 toys
5 kitchen utensils
bag of about 20 pieces of jewelry
all my notes from high school
5 old planners from the last 5 years

and lots of misc. junk as well. And I have more to do! Getting rid of 150 things will be no problem- it will be maintaining and getting rid of 5 for every one new thing that will be my challenge.
I'm feeling so great! I feel so much lighter now that I've given myself permission to let go of the past. I thought I would feel something when I realized it was time to let go of the notes, but really they meant nothing anymore. I'm excited to see what changes come my way!
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Okay, so I'm gonna count the books individually from now on. I have a lot to get rid of, so here goes:
1 The pregnant cookbook
2 Hershey's cookbook
3 candy cookbook
4 bottle of shower gel
5 bottle of glittery body spray (why anyone would buy this for a 3 yr old I have no idea)
6 a handful of clothes that are too small for baby
7-37 old VHS tapes
38 pair of old sweatpants
39 The Vegetarian Beginner's Guide
40 gardening book
41 and 42 McDonald's Happy Meal toys

So 42 things today plus the 6 I counted from yesterday = 48 total
Rock on!!

Yes, books are one of the hardest things to get rid of for me. It took me years to start getting rid of books.
I woke up today thinking "Oh man! How am I gonna do this for 30 days?" But it's turning out to be really easy and satisfying!
Thanks Mommaof3boz for the New Years Wish!!
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I'm in!
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Is it too late to join? I really really really need to de-clutter living in a tiny town home with 2 boys, one on the way, two cats, a dog and a DH with ADD....I hope this gives me the motivation to keep going. (and convince hubby that we need to MOVE!!)
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i'm in...my house is a wreck and i hate it.

i want to start the flylady method, too.

one thing at a time....
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I'm in! This is good timing for me. We are planning to put our house on the market in February, so I need to be doing de-cluttering!

My biggest problem is that I feel wasteful to just throw things away, but in reality I know probably no one wants my half-burned candles! I tend to keep things because if it isn't something that is donatable, I just keep it in case I may need it later. I sew, and fabric scraps tend to take over my sewing space.
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I'm joining in too. I hope I can remember! Definitely need to get rid of some things.
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I'm in!
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count me in! decluttering is my biggest goal for the new year. its also the hardest thing for me- i just walk around and don't know what to get rid of, there's just SO much! i think i can do 5. 5 is doable.
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Not much time to update today, but did manage:

5 bottles essential oil
2 keys to nothing
2 pieces of fabric
handful of cds
cd holder

so I'll say seven items. That brings me to 100/150
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3 pieces kids clothing to rags basket
1 bath towel cut up to rags
Note I am very short of rags due to our renovation project so this a good decluttering thing for me...

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Last night I put my mess of papers outside the bedroom so I could get to it, but never did. Not the best start- will definitely attack it tonight!

Boxed and ready to go:
8 toys, mostly stuffed, that weren't getting love
a bunch of too-small outfits of D's.. I'll guess 10.

EDIT: After posting this, DD woke up and as I was walking her a little before nursing back to sleep, I was able to fill a laundry basket with stuff to sort!
On the living room floor and must be dealt with before morning or it is toddler bait:
1 laundry basket full of clothes, blankets, and some junk too useless to even name that was hanging out in my closet
3 piles of papers, books, & similar

my sort of unique situation is that I am living somewhat minimally here (in my mom's home) and I still have a whole bunch of stuff at my ex's. On Christmas Eve I went over there for the first time in months and I got a nunch of Dahlia's board books (she wasn't old enough to appreciate them when we split), a pair of jeans (I've sized up since leaving :/), and of course, all the presents that his family got her for Christmas. Luckily it wasn't too bad- some clothes that are very roomy now and will probably fit next year (yea that's stuff to keep around, but it's an improvement because he always used to buy her clothes in the size she was about to grow out of!), a toy boat for the bath. My daughter has very few toys, but they no longer all fit in her "toy chest" (intended function: TV stand, works just fine for our purposes) so it is time to pare down! Really her favorite toys are a bowl and spoon, or whatever random objects in an old oatmeal canister... but some of those random objects have lost their charm and are just clutter, so they can go. Like the stupid "hunny" pot that came with her high chair and refuses to stay attached! GONE!

-> 19/150 and much more coming soon... again, I really get into this when the baby is asleep in the bedroom where all of our stuff is .
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I am in. I am so glad I found this thread. I just rejoined MDC after a long absence and need this so much right now. I am going to work with my 18yo dd so we are going for 10 items a day. So if we really wanted to catch up we need to do 30 items by tomorrow. I think I might go tackle my closet right now so that should do it. I might come back later to update. Thanks so much for the inspiration. This is for starting this thread....

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I'm in, but since I just now read about it and I'm a few days late, I might have to make up for that tomorrow. Or I will tonight, if I get a second wind, but it's pretty late. Subbing! I'll be back!
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I would like to join this challenge, especially in light of the over the top Christmas gifts my relatives lavished on our son. I won't be able to begin until the 29th, but I can quickly catch up! My biggest challenge will be the 5 item penalty for each new thing brought in. I have planned to get a few things for the kitchen that I have been needing for a long time so I will have to be extra diligent about tracking them!
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I'm in! I'm not on the MDC forums much, but this challenge sounds challenging and rewarding...and it's definitely something I need to do!!!
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I'm in too!
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Perfect! I just boxed and bagged up a whole C@*p load of clothes of my sons. I am not entirely sure how to keep track of the "things" but I know I have at least 50 articles of clothing alone just packed up today to list on craigslist and/or go to the consignment store!

And for the record...I don't think EVERY day I will hit the 50 mark so 5 sounds good.
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I sooooooooooo need to declutter!
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