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PDX-Waldorf Education

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I am interested in learning more about PDX schools that are holistic in nature, or that have a strong arts or environmental focus.


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Originally Posted by ensoularts View Post
Greetings Mamas,

I'm interested in learning more about your Waldorf Schools. I'm looking into Portland Waldorf School (and High School) in Milwaukie, Cedarwood, and the public charter Portland Village School.

Can anyone share personal experiences and/or what you may have heard through trusted sources about these communities?

Thank you!
Oddly, I don't know any one going to these schools! Which is actually very weird. Sorry, just couldn't read and not tell you what I don't know good luck!
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Thanks for the reply!
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Hi! I'm not sure what age group you are looking for, but the Mother Earth School is Waldorf inspired and is a bio-immersion pre-school and kindergarten.


My son is currently in the Faery Garden and LOVES it!

Good luck,
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Living Wisdom School has an environmentally based curriculum and an "education for life" philosophy.

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I've had direct experience with The Portland Village School and our family really loves it there. My son is in kindergarten and he is so happy. The parent, teacher, school board and administration really care about the school and you can tell. Since it is a public charter school you have to put your application in and keep your fingers crossed for one of the spots. You could PM me if you have more questions. I highly recommend it as a very good public Waldorf school. I went on tours at Cedarwood, PWS and The Village School. The bonus was that The Charter School is public which helps with getting our sons through school.

I also have experience with Living Wisdom School. Two of my sons went there for preschool and kindergarten. If you're interested in hearing about Living Wisdom I'd love to chat with you as well.
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