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I have finally gotten the gingerbread mix I got for christmas out of the freezer and have it all mixed up and in the oven. The boys are used to quick breads and muffins as part of breakfast and recently I haven't gotten any made. So this makes up two nice loaves and they'll have that in the morning.
The baked ziti for tonight is cooking also and I have the bananas from the freezer out defrosting so I can make some banana bread tonight after the boys go to bed (I usually make several loaves and keep them in the freezer).
It feels good to be doing again! I have spent the last few weeks taking it easy because I sprained my back. It's nice to be up and about
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oo, we have had a sweet morning..we started embroidery yesterday, the little one i made a card with hearts, the older one a hoop with pencil dot hearts to follow. she's trying out different stitches. we looked up a youtube of french knots and they are so darling, i just want to do that all day now! her work is very sweet on the front, just working out how to clean up the back. i love it. then my little one decided to make a book, had cut little papers and folded them, wrote her letters on them, and wanted to tape it, so i showed her how to sew it up, she chose origami patterns for end papers, and we glue sticked them to the end pages and the card cover. she found a sticker for the front and had her sister write out for her the title she wanted. so very cute!!

now a busy day with friends over, art openings and knitting circles. just the way i like it!

i've been looking at continental knitting on youtube. to be honest, i don't believe 'throwing' is exactly how i knit -perhaps it is an english variation? but i will learn continental anyway. also a very cute 'bobble' tutorial, i LOVE those, i'm planning to make something like that for the girls - maybe bobbly leg warmers!! and of course we want to embroider everything.

so much fun.

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I really do love reading all of your trials and triumphs!
earthnut got me thinking about garden planning! We're house shopping, so I really hope we can sign papers and move in time to get veggies in. Around here the last frost isn't until Memorial Day, so I think we'll be able to do it.
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I have not been able to keep in touch as hoped and that bums me out. I didn't realize my business would get so busy right at the new year. But I'm not complaining.
Things are finally back to normal. Now life is about staying warm (we are having a major cold spell by Mississippi terms) and getting creative to keep the kids amused. I have to say that I actually enjoy the challenge of keeping my children amused and having fun and learning when we are stuck inside. Last week my son wanted a rocket ship to play in so I bought a wardrobe box and made him one. Then he needed a space helmet and I made one out of taking saran wrap, putting packing tape over it to make it stiff and taping it to his bike helmet. He wore it all day long for two days straight and the rocket ship is still in use.

This morning, in a little bit, I'll be making a couple of loaves of banana bread from bananas I've been saving. Does anyone else get a lot of pleasure out of being able to make something out of food that could have just gone rotten? For some reason I find this very rewarding!

Also, I have finally gotten to use my new bread machine I got for Christmas. It makes huge loaves compared to my old one I got on Freecycle. I've made honey pecan wheat bread and it's really delish.

It's the little things that make me happy Have a great weekend everyone!
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Me, too, on the little things. I got home yesterday and cooked up a storm, making a beef stew dinner for the family and a chicken, white bean and green chile chili, and then baked 14 round loaves of bread for the week ahead. Dh did barn chores so I could get it done, and that felt good.

Hoping to enjoy home over the weekend.
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wow, that is some serious baking!

my tall one finished her 4 hearts of embroidery, they are so pretty. she can't decide how to use the piece so we may just hang the hoop as art for a little while. i could make french knots all day long, they are such a pleasure.

it finally ! stopped raining here so we took my sister outside and all the sisters did some skipping. we love the rhymes and my tall one is finding predictive rhymes completely enthralling, particularly the romantic type...the alphabet..her skipping is improving all the time and so is the little one. my tall one and i both figured out how to run in, what a great accomplishment speaking of little things!! great to get some fresh air.

i feel like *small holding* of a very small sort is quite possibly in my foggy, far away future. is anyone else (aside from you folks who quite easily are juggling a farm right this moment!!) thinking about this?

i thought you might enjoy this transformation - scroll down for the play kitchen. if i had a lot of room and my children were younger i might have done something like this. at the moment my *actual* kitchen is more functional for them. but isn't it cute?

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Easily?! Oh, artparent... We're mucking out pens this afternoon. A friend came and picked up the kids yesterday for a sleepover so we got started on it, and today, I'll be going to the Y, then picking up the kids, and dh will get right to work on pitching. It's really, really heavy work, and he has the upper body strength. But I picked up a lot of extra lime when I got the feed yesterday, so we'll set it up nice and keep the doors open at night for the next week (January thaw ), and then we have another half of winter to get through before kidding and lambing season. We have two big manure piles ripening for May.
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That kitchen is adorable!
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artparent- that kitchen it great. I've been thinking of a little kitchen for DS. Sometimes I need to be reminded that those type of projects can be done.
1jooj- you have my sympathies, animal husbandry in the winter is such hard work.

It's been a good traditional week. I mended 3 pairs of DH's work pants, made dinner from scratch each night, froze leftovers for quick dinners, mopped, dusted, vacuumed, did laundry almost every day (I love the new machine), kept the kitchen pleasant, did the grocery shopping, filed our taxes, played inside and outside with DS, walked to the library and post office, and found time to crochet (I had to try one of those little stars) and draw!!! I think I'll let DH take us out for dinner tonight.
So, I'm wondering- who does the finances in your households? And, what kind of system do you have?
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That kitchen is adorable!

Well the weather here is nice (for winter) and apparently I've gotten DH hooked on MDC. He was surfing through posts & threads when I left it up and noted somthing for him to look at. He's a flutter to declutter.

In other news - its DS2 (Sam) 1st birthday today and we are all pitching in and making some simple decorations (paper chains & flags) for the walls and putting up our homemade (paper) birthday sign. Its fun for everyone and Jack (DS1) is learning how to use scissors and making confetti for us with the scraps (or whole) pieces of construction paper we have leftover.

Angelique - DH manages our finances in general (there are spreadsheets, numerous accounts and etc. involved), but I handle the taxes for us. I've been doing since forever and a song. Its a nice division of labor between the 2 of us.
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Originally Posted by AngeliqueW View Post
So, I'm wondering- who does the finances in your households? And, what kind of system do you have?
I do the finances. DP can't keep a balance in his account. We have a joint account, and I have a separate account. All the bills are paid out of my separate account. When he gets paid, I leave him some money in there that's "his" to do with as he pleases, and I take the majority and add it to mine.. and then I pay all the bills. It is just easier that way for me, and leaving him some money to play with makes him feel like he is still getting paid.

I use almost solely electronic checks now.
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Almost to the letter, we do what Pinoikoi does.
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Happy belated Birthday to Sam! The decorations sound nice!

Finances. We work together on it. I get the mail each day and stack the bills by the computer. His pay is deposited each Wed after midnight (when he gets home and I'm in bed) so he tends to pay the bills by himself. Sometimes we sit together on a weekend to see what's up. I also keep a calendar near the computer dedicated to $$ and write down when certain things need to be paid. Once the bills are paid, I take them to my beautiful (seriously!) file box and put them away. I do our taxes. We each have our own bank accounts and when I need money (usually for gas, groceries, car repairs; things I'm usually running after, fun stuff) he transfers money to my account.

We kind of fall into the roles of Maker of Money (him) and Saver of Money (me).

Speaking of which, DH said he can see a big difference already moneywise because I've been making lunches for him to bring to work.

I went grocery shopping yesterday and spent $120 on staples. Hoping to stay out of grocery stores for the next 2-3 weeks. We went from empty cupboards to full. I love that feeling!
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teeny tiny little victory to report! I have hated the set up with my baking stuff as it's all heavy (many stone kind of pieces) and hard to get stuff out of the bottom of the stack. I have been meaning to do something about this for 2 years now. I finally bought some tension curtain rod things today, mounted them in my larges cabinet, and now have all my sheets and stuff standing up on their sides sliding easy in and out I'm deliriously happy about it!!
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that is no small victory, that is amazing! great work.

i'm glad to hear that you all handle money i alternate between attentiveness and . i must admit i am confused by living in two places, these days. handing over to the citizen, is how we do things - here, you know what a retirement savings plan is called here, right?

a dear friend on mothering lent me one of soulemamas books, i am enjoying it. we are learning SO much about embroidery on this site.

i went to yoga yesterday, and for a wonderful long sunshining walk with my girls, visiting friends, but i am still so exhausted
i have been fairly consistent about getting my kitchen clean every night, so that's impressive

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I do/control all the finances in our home. Yippie for tax time right now. (Not).
I dont love the duty, but it's just sort of how the cards fell in our house. I have attempted to get dh involved or passed it on to him and it was a no go. So I'm stuck with them.
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Surprisingly productive day to report on the wee farm. Dh cleaned out the sheep/goat pens completely, and all I had to do was lime them and fill the water tank. Sunday is a good day for me lately. Kids go to Sunday school and I get to do an extra-long workout, relax in the whirlpool and sauna, and yesterday we even got coffee before picking them up. Early in the morning, before Sunday school, I scrubbed kitchen floor, downstairs bathroom, dining room floor, kitchen sink, and did 2 loads of laundry. Dh oversaw room cleaning. Then, in the afternoon, I cooked several family favorites for dinner + cottage pie for today's dinner.

I feel OK about diving into another week with outside-the-home work.
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being in a transitional place is such an odd spot.

i can't really home-make here, but i do my best to keep our room clean and organized. and, we're going through our final purge. it is the final countdown to the plane to NZ.

i've also been looking for housing there--next to impossible as co-housing options do NOT want us there (as a family)--and the apts are *very* expensive! so annoying. I"m back to looking for house-sitting gigs!

but, we did find a place that we are seeking to buy that will be ready in May 2010. very simple, small place. . .400 sq ft, 2 bedrooms. should be great. might be able to have a roommate as well.

anyway, that's all i can think of for now. just getting ready to go.
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Zoebird that sounds so exciting! When do you leave?

I have to say I am *loving* this thread and the support here! I've been feeling strong and able lately with all the cooking and organizing going on in my home.

I am so happy for tax time! Well, I'll be glad when it's over. We should be getting a nice amount back due to homebuying, renovating, school credits etc.
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well, we leave as late as Monday/Tuesday and as early as Friday. we are waiting to hear whether DH is a finalist in the film contest, because if so, then his ticket will be paid! it's nice to save some coin.

finances around here--DH handles it. He finally transitioned to online bill pay, so we only get billed via email and he knows when they are all due anyway, so that's how we do it. no paper to mess with!

But, i do the taxes because i'm the one with the weird tax situation--a small business. so, i record my own income and expenses, put it into the right accounts (student loan auto withdraw, checking, and savings). i keep receipts for the expenses in a small plastic divided folder (size of a big letter envelope) for each month, and then at the end of each month, i print out that month's balance sheet and put it in the file with that month's receipts.

at the end of the year, i do a tally--itemizing by type such as "yoga clothes" and "yoga books", and then i turn the whole file over to my accountant with my 1099s, w-4s, and of course DH's w-2, and then all of our other tax-related things such as housing, educational, etc.

it's pretty easy to do that way, and i actually enjoy gathering everything together.

and, it makes it especially easy for this year. since we are leaving before all of our paperwork arrives, i have organized everything into one large mailing envelope, and then my MIL can drop in the other forms as they arrive (her address is our US address because they don't move), and then the envelope is labeled and has postage to be mailed to our accountant. he'll then do online tax returns for us, and we'll be golden.

that reminds me, i need to email him anyway.

so, in a way, we both do finances. what i earn runs my business, pays my student loans, and creates savings for us to spend on fun things like dining out, vacations, etc. DH's income is what supports us, with money going to retirement, housing, food, clothing, car, etc.

of course, that is about to change. in our move, we bought a business--a holistic health center--so we will be running that business together. so, our finances will really be combined.

I have about 4 months saved into the student loan auto-withdrawal account, and we're going to take some from my savings to put into that account so i have a whole year's worth as a buffer. All of our other debts are completely gone, so no worries about anything else.

i think the only thing left to do here is roll over the 401k into retirement funds, and then we'll just add to them once we're down there and we have it set up to do so.

so, everything will come through both of us, i guess! LOL
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