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If your ferritin is low and you're eating a reasonable amount of iron rich foods, you might want to look into gut damage - iirc, ferritin is stored in the gut lining, and so higher turnover would lead to iron loss. I've never had my ferritin checked, but I have *good* hemoglobin levels for the first time ever, since being on an allergy elimination diet for dd.

I made a liver pate before without the food processor - lamb liver plus lots of onions and mushrooms. I can't say I'm a total convert yet, but it's definitely edible
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Iron: also lentils. I make chicken liver pate by sauteing w onions in butter, then I add a little mustard, S&P and process. Before I got my blender (which has a processor blade), I used a hand-crank gadget with blades. You could look at rustic pate recipes.
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Just checking in.
Went to visit my side of the family this weekend. It was the first time all of us have been in one place in... 3yrs? It was nice but hectic.
I hosted a Birth Circle last week! I brought my specialty- zucchini bread.
Crocheted 2 scarves this last week.
Two days of catching up after the weekend away. Still loving my washing machine. Three loads in 2 days. Made a big pot of lentil veggie soup for DH's lunches. Made stew in the crockpot. We had a big salad, cashew quinoa and sauteed swiss chard tonight.
I've been mall walking with my MIL a couple of times a week. It's tedious, but she likes the time with DS.
We've been looking around at houses. It's so exciting! It feels unreal. Oh, the garden we will have!
I want to be musical too. and travel. and decorate my bathroom. and recycle wool sweaters. and knit... You ladies ROCK!!!
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My mum used to make chicken liver pate every christmas as a child I've been wanting to try. Post if you find a good recipe
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subbing for all these awesome ideas!
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So...the beer is fermenting, and we already ate all the bread I made with the spent grains. It was tasty! Garden is on hold for another week or so.
My parents are coming for a visit (today!) so that is a great impetus for some quick cleaning/organinizing/panicking about my house. And I have been re-inspired to knit! Just cast on for a spring vest for my daughter, and need to come up with gifts for 3 babies due in March. I love knitting for new babies!

And I haven't picked up my mandolin; there's always tomorrow right?
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see you again from england, off to prepare everything and pack up my stash of yarn!

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Safe trip artparent!
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I made another pair of sweater pants !!!

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those sweater pants are super cute!
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hi mamas. back in england, terrifically jetlagged. our space is so much brighter with the refinished floors, suddenly all worth it. we are ever so slowly restoring order here. it is going to take some time.

how is everyone feeling, mid-winter? projects on the go? or just getting regular things done?

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between bizarre hours of sleep i've managed to get things done. i love reorganising these things i've been waiting so long to do. my gigantic yarn stash is laid out (that $2/skein sale was very productive for me ) as well as my fabric stash + sewing tools. we've turned our bed and i may have found a little used side table for one side, i hope so. i've created a clothing closet for my girls, two ikea hanging shelves, and folded away all of their clothes. i put an over-door row of hooks for a few dressed on hangers, belts..and hung a large pink bag, so that it is low enough for them to reach to throw laundry in. i've rearranged the upstairs closet so that i have guest bedding + pillows up high, a couple of shelves for my love, one for me + overdoor hooks for long pieces, and a shelf for towels + bed linens, and the iron, then on the floor a couple of sturdy bags for each of our socks, with extra bathroom supplies behind. so great to have a place for linens! we just got our beautiful music stand, so that is exciting, we can start violin next week and have a spot devoted to it. i've managed to unpack and put away nearly everything, hurrah! there's lots of furniture to put back, after the renovation, and some dusting despite having a cleaner through, but i have our table set up now and chairs round, and lamps...i have the compost and the cloth wipe buckets set up now, though i need to sort out where we'll put recycling before it goes out to the boxes. this is just a bitty place! there are still a million details to sort out before this place is running really well..we're getting the girls beds set up next weekend. everyone is very excited to have a children's room instead of a studio - for now we'll park the studio in little nook under the stairs..they are open, so i'm thinking about putting up some muslin just below that area to keep the dust off. i need to make a lamp shade for the girls room, and i hope to get started on making quilts soon. lots of fun! i'm hoping to have things running smoothly soon. these floors are a joy, i'm enjoying the light, and how easy they are to clean now.

the cold spell seems to have lifted a bit, but i really need to get some winterizing supplies for this draughty old thing. any tips?!

once there's some order in the house i'd love to get back into knitting projects.

there's garlic coming up in the garden i need to get started on the lasagna type layering to develop the soil.

now if we could just sleep through the night

what are you working on?

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oh no! have i lost you to february bleak and chilly? to too much work and early to bed? come back!

we have adjusted to the time, and we're slowly piecing our home back together. there's more to do, but we have a children's bedroom now. not that they sleep in it much hopefully also just a short adjustment. i'm enjoying simple + accurate solutions to things: my reading lamp on an old table i found on ebay is making me so happy, to sit in bed and read + write + knit. our music stand is elegant in the corner and has made my playing SO much more focused. we had a mishap with the children's room, a combination of the wrong size truckle, wrong size mattress, . it couldn't get more wrong. but it should be sorted soon!

i've knitted a glove this week, slowly between being very busy designing logos for my partner, putting the place in order, and getting back into classes.

what are you all into? tell me go on, just a little bit

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I'm here artparent!
I bought some zebra stripped fabric and adhered it with starch to ds wall (he has a jungle themed room) and it looks so cute! I have enough left over to make a little curtain for his lower bunk so that it will be "like a fort" when he pulls it closed. Just have to go get a curtain rod for that.
I have started an embroidered christmas stocking. I used to do counted cross stitch and had done stockings for me and dh before kids, but just couldn't get back into it for the boys. But oldest ds asked this past christmas if he could have one (the boys all have nice store bought plain ones). So I have decided to make three and not give anybody one until all three are done. I chose embroidery because it takes a little less concentration on my part than counted cross stitch (which I ALWAYS count wrong and then have to fix). So far it is going smoothly!
I have the challenge of eating out of the pantry the last few days due to a massive amount of snow (24" is unheard of here) and am proud of how creative and great the dinners have been
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that's a lot of snow - it is snowing here in london right now, not sticking though. i am really loving embroidery, i have some napkins to do next.

i'd love to help my girls make friendship bracelets, i used to love that! we just bound up a couple of signatures and they are writing + illustrating. very cute to see my 4 year old's writing, she has me write dots for the letters she isn't sure about, to trace, and has that gorgeous E with 13 horizontal strokes.

livingroom dancing.

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I'm lurking It's not chilly here but it is bleak. It's been raining solidly for two weeks. We've had um, about 700mm in two weeks. Which is ridiculous even for up here in the mountains. Australia is supposed to be you know, drought land. Our poor chickens are sick to death of it. They give us this sad look every time we go outside that says all they want to do is have a dust bath but all their lovely dusty bits have long since passed mud and become deep deep puddles.
So we've been stuck inside. A lot. DH has been more the traditional home-maker lately. He made cheese yesterday. It's yummy but it has to mature for a month now. Then he made ricotta from the whey
All I've managed is finishing a scarf/cowl thingy for DD.
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I'm home with a sick child (and something of a tummyache myself), so anything can happen...maybe I'll get nervy and cast on for something. Dd has hands that always want to be working, so we'll just wait and see.

I used to love making friendship bracelets...

Softmama, that sounds like a wonderful bedroom. My dd wants a tent for her bed...she has a full size bed, and we are frugal types, so this could be a building project. Of course, by the time we get it done, she'll have outgrown the idea.

I baked our bread for the week last night, and the chickens are laying like CRAZY!! So I am squeezing in what I can between work projects. It's been busy and I am looking forward to a bit of a break in a week or so.

Also have learned that dh will be gone the entire month of May, so I will be struggling to get the garden in. I just want to show him I care and can do it... So I am making plans now, have to buy seeds and get going.
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1jooj- if you do the tent let me know! My two little ones share a queen sized bed and I was thinking of making them some sort of tent over it. But I was thinking more of those hanging things (http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden...5/product.html) which I was hoping to make with a medium wire wreath and a bunch of fabric. IF I get anywhere with it , I'll let you know!
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Yes, let me know. I think this will have to be a co-op between me and dh. Maybe a foam wreath, fabrics and glue gun?
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is it bad that my home-making has mostly been looking for places for us to live? seriously, one needs a home to home-make! LOL

we are staying at the YHA, so i do get to cook for us, and i'm doing laundry right now. I rule! LOL

looks like we found a place and we have another place to look at as well, but i am thinking we will go with this first place. I actually really like it and the location can't be beat.
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