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horrible congestion in 4 year old. please help

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My ds just woke up, crying and so upset because he could hardly breathe. He was gagging, and I could hear the congestion in his nose and throat. He was also complaining of a headache. Poor thing seemed sooo uncomfortable!

Well, I put the vaporizer on his room, and it has some eucalyptus and mentol oil in it. Do you have any other suggestions for me to help him clear up>?? Besides conventional cold medicine, which I gave in to,already, because he was in such distress... but for next time..
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Saline nose drops! They work wonders for my little ones congestion.
Also up his fluid intake.
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I'm so sorry! We went through this last spring and I learned a lot!

Breathing steam in the bathroom, preferably with over a sink of hot water with a towel.

A tablespoon of raw honey as needed.

Lots of garlic if possible (we love Dr. Schulze's Super Tonic).

No milk products or processed sugar to help with immune function and keep the mucus down.

Chiropractic adjustments did wonders...immediate results! We just stumbled on this one.

Vicks Vaporub on the bottom of the feet with warm socks.

Hot chest compress for 10-15 minutes, alternated with very cold wet compresses.

Lots of Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate is easy on the stomach; we also love lipospheric C).

Pro-biotics, Vitamin D drops

Hope you find something to help!
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There is a mom in my group that swears by this "Goot"


I didn't make the oil but I did mince a clove of garlic twice a day and put it in a spoon of honey for ds when he started coughing the day after Thanksgiving and I noticed improvement. Warning though ..its still hot for little mouths so LOTS of honey and a big glass of gingerale to wash it down after.
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