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I'm going to give this a try. It should help with my simplifying and decluttering goals. But I refuse to get down on myself if I'm not able to stick to it 100%. (Just a reminder to myself to not be so hard on myself.)

I'll allow myself to buy necessary quantities of new: shoes, socks, undergarments, groceries, toiletries, medicine, supplements, gifts, and any clothes my daughter needs that I can't find used (should not be an issue).
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I've been meaning to post on here for several days to say that I am joining!! I even told DH about it and when we went shopping the other day he even challenged me about one item and asked why I hadn't bought it at the thrift shop like everything else we had gotten... it was one of my exception purchases. I had a good reason, but was glad he challenged me..

I like the idea of the month long commitments and I think that is what I am going to try to do.. Exceptions that I can think of at the moment, groceries of course, medicine, toiletries, cleaning products, curtain for DS's room (I bought 1 piece over 2 months ago, to make sure it would go with the paint color and never got the 2nd bit I need before I can hang them!)... And a flannel slip for me that I have been meaning to buy for almost a year! (I almost always wear skirts so this would be used a LOT!)

Unfortunately one of my friends posted on facebook about her fleece sheets today and they sound sooo yummy.... especially since it is so cold out and I get cold easily.. (and I found them on sale online....)and DH is on board with the idea... Ummm... debating..

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ds1 had an appointment with the nurse practitioner to figure out why he has been coughing. he mostly coughs when he wakes up in the morning and it's a little noisy - duh, he has been congested, and he coughs in the morning because of his sinuses draining. she recommended a few things to lower the number of possible allergens (as we don't know right now what is causing his allergies) and one of the things was to not have him sleep on feather pillows or use a down comforter.

normally, this would involve a trip to target.

because of the compact, i had fun thrifting a cozy wool blanket and i'm motivated to finish a quilt i had already started for him. we do have some non-feather (polyester?) pillows so i'm just giving those a good washing and drying to eliminate dust or possible dust mites, and i will be thoroughly vacuuming everything (his bed, my bed, the couch). it does take a bit longer than regular old shopping, but in the mean time, he is taking otc children's claritin and it's working!

i heart you, compact. also, thank you, compact, for preventing me from using the quilt as an excuse to buy more fabric. lord knows we have plenty at home.
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I am going to join for January (starting now since I just read this for the first time ) and I'll work out the details as I go this month.

Like others have posted, I already informally do a lot of these things as a way of life. My main issue is stocking up on certain items just because I found them at a really good price. In theory, I believe in abundance! I am living certain aspects of my life as if I believe in scarcity. My purpose in joining the compact is to live my belief. Abundance is everywhere! I don't need to stock up on anything because it will be available when we need it, even if it isn't in our home.

Meshing my various goals for 2010 will be exciting!

In January, I am committed to prepping our backyard soil for growing our own organic food. I will be buying a few things for this purpose. We already have worms doing their job and we compost veggie/fruit waste directly in the soil, so I don't need a lot of stuff. Plus, our backyard is teeny tiny! Our soil was just really, really bad and we've done everything possible the cheap/free way thus far and it is time to get started growing food. I may be buying some food plants, too, depending on what is available right now.

I am also committed to thoroughly cleaning and decluttering our family office this month. This is not likely to require any purchases, but I haven't checked my supplies for finishing the decorating of this room. The compact will help me evaluate decor options quite nicely.

I loosely committed to removing 2010 items from our home in the year 2010. I'm not really into counting, but felt it might be motivating to keep up with my room a month goal. My room a month goal is technically cleaning top to bottom and finishing the decor in each room (mostly sewing). Decluttering is part of the cleaning, IMO, but not the goal per se since I've been doing that for years and our possessions are pretty pared down. I just know I let another layer go each time I go through an area, so maybe it will add up to 2000+ items... although that *does* seem like a really big number. What is 2010 divided by 12? Holy cow, that is ~167 items per month! Well, if I count every single piece of paper I shred (and then feed to the worms) when I clean out the file drawer, maybe I'll remove that many items in January from the family office.

My other purchases this month will be food and possibly supplements. We do NOT need any household items for at least a month, if not more, and that is where the compact will really help me. DH got new undies at Christmas. He seems fine for clothes, socks, and shoes for a few months...maybe a year. I got new undies and bras mid-year 2009 and new socks and pants for Christmas. I should be fine for all clothing/shoes for the next few months...maybe a year. DD received a whole new wardrobe from Santa since she had outgrown everything (7 panties, 7 pairs of socks, 5 pants, 7 tops, 1 jacket, and 2 pairs of shoes). She'll be fine until our warm season hits and then she'll need shoes (again) and bottoms. Oh, a pair of rain boots would be nice, but I don't know how necessary they are. Depends on how rainy our rainy season is going to be this year. We've typically done every other year and this would be the year to buy a pair.

Our current furnace is not usable, so that is a need by most standards. We've lived without it thus far this "winter", but would like to replace it sooner versus later. Not sure if it'll be done in January or later.

That's all for now... I'll report back in as we move along in the month and set a new goal for February at the end of January.
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Originally Posted by CariOfOz View Post
My committment for January: To buy nothing *new* that isn't consumable and that isn't needed.

We are putting ourselves on a VERY strict savings plan for 2010 so I NEED the accountability to keep from buying STUFF!!!
So far, so good.
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Originally Posted by meandk0610 View Post
my exceptions:
presents: i will only get non-crappy-plastic gifts for dd (i.e. wooden, solid construction, etc). i will try to buy locally, sourcing further afield until i find what i need, with China being the. last. option.
clothes: only to replace anything that gets ripped or too badly stained to wear, or if i drop another size
business expenses: shipping supplies, material supplies, printer ink, etc.

i can't think of anything else. our microwave broke last week and i tried to convince hubby that we should just use the toaster oven and not replace the microwave but he insisted. since we just replaced our washer about 1-2 months ago, i was not pleased. hopefully, we'll be out of this house and into a new one before anything else here breaks.
OK. i forgot something that i had discussed with dd and i just bought on ebay - LED christmas lights for the tree so we could actually leave it turned on for longer than 5 minutes without me freaking over the electricity.

but, that's it. i'm pretty sure.
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Originally Posted by meandk0610 View Post
OK. i forgot something that i had discussed with dd and i just bought on ebay - LED christmas lights for the tree so we could actually leave it turned on for longer than 5 minutes without me freaking over the electricity.

but, that's it. i'm pretty sure.
Compacting is all about being a thoughtful consumer. Whatever limits or guidelines you use personally, if you are thinking about purchases and overall using less, than it is good! LED lights will help you consume less electricity so sounds like a good choice

About a week in and I realized I didn't really set any goals myself so here's my list -

*purchase consumables (food, toiletries, office/art supplies), replacements for current household items and clothing that cannot be repaired, and gifts only
* obtain in this order - free, barter, buy used locally, buy used online, buy new sustainably produced locally, buy new sustainably produced online

With the addition of this year's Christmas gifts and a good post holiday purge I feel pretty good about what we've got in the house. I think my only challenge is going to be books. We are voracious readers here. I do utilize the library but #1 it's small so not a huge selection and #2 I have a really small window of time to get there each week - and during that time I have to do all my other errands. I'm going to go month by month, I think, for books. I'm going to try making a list for interlibrary loans and see if that satisfies us.

I've been asking myself a question for distinguishing between need and want. I think to myself "Is this worth using resources that could be put toward x,y,z to get this? Is it worth the pollution, the possible human suffering, etc? It is pretty amazing how much is not worth it!

Also, keeping off the internet is really good! I don't watch tv and we don't get newspapers or anything so very little to catch my eye and tempt me.

Here's to a great January!
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i returned some fugly xmas gifts to old navy last week. no receipt, so they sent store credit in the mail. socks were on my exception list and i need them. question: do tights count as socks? please let me get a new pair of tights.
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Originally Posted by doubledutch View Post
Great article. Thanks
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Okay, so far, so good for me. The only non-food items I have purchased were a couple school supplies that I had already promised DS and my nephew to go with the Kumon workbooks I got for them through a co-op in December.

I've come up with a few exception so far. There are a few purchases I've decided on, but they will actually reduce our spending/consumption in the long run.

All the normal ones, groceries, undies, socks, and shoes.

Hygiene/clean items - I've recently discovered Dr. Bronner's. I've been using it (way diluted) as baby wash, shampoo, cleaning spray, dishwashing liquid, whatever. So all I'll need is deodorant, conditioner, and toothpaste (deodorant I will not compromise on the brand, but the other two I can get for free or nearly free on a regular basis).

Homeschool supplies - We are SET on workbooks for the whole year (participated in a Kumon co-op recently and stocked up) but we may need to restock art supplies and other consumables at some point in the year.

Carseat - I am a CPST and a total carseat nerd and its hard to resist new seats, but we really will need this purchase. SO is joining the Air Force and if we wind up having to fly, DS will need a new seat as his current one will unlikely fit on a plane.

Gifts - All gifts will be handmade, or local (or both), or an experience, with one exception. I promised DS a marble run (made by Quadrilla, its really nice) for Yule and Amazon.com sold out. So he'll get one for his birthday.

SO really wants a Kindle, so I've agreed in the event that he will allow me to ebay and/or donate the bulk of our books. SO is an avid reader and brings in 4+ books/week. They are taking over our house! Not to mention the expense because he will NOT go to the darn library. So my plan is to put all of our books on amazon, with a few exceptions (like the really nice hardbacks that one or both of us read at least yearly) and using the funds from that and my Swagbucks $$$ to fund the Kindle. This will save us TONS of $$$ and space in the long run.

I plan to simplify the DVDs, CDs, and video games as well. I have lots of things ready to go to gamestop now for credit so the goal is to trade in everything and to spend little (or hopefully nothing) on new/used games. We don't buy new games that often, so it shouldn't be that hard. There is one SO has been anticipating for a while though that comes out this month and I know the damn thing will be at least $50 and there's no way I'll convince him to wait until he can find a used copy. So I'll just make sure we have enough credit. New DVDs are forbidden as we have netflix. Those things take up a lot of space too! We already get our music online (legally) so we don't buy CDs either.

Clothes - My goal here is to buy everything used, AND only what we need. I have tons of things for the children's consignment shop for credit, but DS barely grows as it is so he doesn't need anything at the moment (and he still has things that are too big). I love shopping thrift for myself and really need to get back into it. I love knowing whatever I buy has already been washed and won't shrink the first time I wash it.

The only large purchase this year will be a new (to us) vehicle. We NEED it though. We will be trading in our older vehicles and using tax return money for the down payment. The van I have decided on will be much safer, better on gas, and much more reliable than the ones we have now.

Also, we will be moving this year and are in need of some new household items. I really just can't stand the idea of moving to a nice house with a ragged couch, old mattress, chipped dining ware, etc. And we don't even OWN any dressers, just crappy plastic storage bins. So yeah, we'll be needing to outfit our new house, BUT I am going to buy second hand or handmade as much as possible (with the exception of mattresses because that just squicks me out).
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Doing well so far here! I tried to make a fairly exhaustive list of compact exceptions, and DH and I feel reasonably confident that we can stick to it. When I discussed the whole concept with him, he was like "we pretty much do this already!" I agreed, but there is ALWAYS room for improvement!

Our exceptions list:
-Food (obviously!)
-Personal hygiene stuff and detergents
-1 pair of shoes for DH and me (got mine on Tuesday - I really needed slip on flat shoes due to giant pregnant belly and some back issues)
-Birth kit and homebirth related items
-Possibly DS's birthday present and "present from baby" - probably a bike for his birthday which I will definitely try to find used
-gardening incidentals
-craft/art supplies - we're making a concerted effort to be more creative and to MAKE rather than CONSUME. Of course I'll always check the goodwill for supplies, but I don't want to limit ourselves too much in this area.
-A few stainless steel water bottles for the kids
-A carseat/booster of some kind once DS2 outgrows the infant seat
-A nursing bra (or two) - found one used at a consignment shop Tuesday, score! Got another brand new one that I love. Unfortunately my body has changed (er, grown) so much from last time around that none of my old nursing bras fit anymore even while I'm pregnant.

I've been totally amazed with the used stuff that I've been able to find on craiglist and at consignment stores!

Of course, when buying new, we'll look first at locally-owned businesses and only as a last resort go to the big box stores.
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Originally Posted by doubledutch View Post
i returned some fugly xmas gifts to old navy last week. no receipt, so they sent store credit in the mail. socks were on my exception list and i need them. question: do tights count as socks? please let me get a new pair of tights.
since no one gave me permission, lol, i just got the socks. i tried to justify tights by telling myself they're socks that go all the way up, but the truth is, tights are a want and socks are a need - and tights don't fulfill the sock-need. so now i have socks, which is great! besides, our local gw gets 'new' clearance stuff from target all the time, so i can probably find a pair of tights that way. i do have a pair or two as it is.

it sounds like everyone else is doing great too!
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Well I said I would come here to post anything purchased outside of my exceptions, so...

I bought a few resuable lunch containers for myself and the kids. While they weren't on my exception list they are definitely in line with what we are trying to do. They are stainless steel so they should last a good long time.
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Originally Posted by meandk0610 View Post
how does this work out with holiday and birthday presents for kids? especially for the craft-ignorant folks.
This is something that is one our exception list. As are some homeschooling supplies and such.

Sometimes quality is more important than used for our family since we do hand me downs within the household.
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I'm doing pretty good.

Ran to Target for a handful of groceries, hair dye and cat food...and didn't get a single non-consumable item, nor anything that wasn't on my list.

I dropped off an entire car load of things to donate at Goodwill - I came home with 2 small bowls that I love, which are on my list of things I'm on the lookout for.

Just to clarify for myself...

Ultimately, my goal is to obtain what we are looking for mindfully and responsibly (repurpose, repair, do without, freecycle, craigslist, thrift stores, local stores, online, buy new).

When making purchases, choose long lasting quality items after researching the process of manufacturing, to be conscious of how us purchasing the item are affecting others and the environment.

Maintain our possessions at the level where we are happy taking care of the things we own, and are only spending our time managing the things we love or that helps our home function efficiently.

Because I am at the point where my house is pretty much decluttered of items we don't need/want/use, I am ready to shift my focus to creating a home, one carefully chosen item at a time. (Decorating plans: make curtains, braid rugs, grow plants, hang pictures, have quilt made).
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We're doing very well.

Our stove has been down to 3 burners for about a year, well the large one is no longer safe to use, so now I'm down to the 2 small ones. I sent DH out to get new ones, as I cannot function on 2 little burners. I cook a lot!

DH is also getting a new Ac/dc cord for the Leapster 2, Annabelle has 3 new games for Christmas and can't use them b/c the cord was negligently decluttered.

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Originally Posted by catscharm74 View Post
I'm in!!!

My exceptions:
2 Cardigans
2 pair of Jeans- 1 each for myself and DH
3 V-neck t shirts- 2 white and 1 black..for self
2 pairs yoga pants
Interview Suit (but only if it becomes necessary)

This excompasses a "new" wardrobe for me..I have lost 25 lbs and I need some new things...everything else has been worn for at least 2-3 years and is worn out. I am going to cut up my old long sleeves and sew them onto my old short sleeves and get some longer where out of my shirts. I am setting my clothing budget for the year at $250 for the whole family. I like a challenge!!!

Shoes for DS and anything as need be because he is a growing toddler. I am consigning a bunch of clothes tomorrow. Wish me luck!!!

Bike for DS birthday- he is graduating to a big boy bike BUT I am selling 2 items to make room AND I am using his Christmas gift card to make the purchase.

Undies, Socks and Hair Color- and basic toiletries- soap, toothpaste, razors
Haircut every 6 weeks...I can't become shaggy...

2 Large gallon size jars for flour and sugar..transitioning out of plastic containers and this will free up a lot of space in my cupboard.


Set of reusable napkins--thinking 12 would be good..3 year old is MESSY Marvin..

There is nothing else we need and I am actually purging as we speak.

I am going to print out a pretty copy of the compact and paste it to my fridge. I am very excited about this. It is our goal to knock out 50% of our CC debt this year...rather than taking 5-6 years to do all of it. This will really help.
Hey, I buy pickles in gallon glass jar at Sam's. I eat the pickles and then store stuff in the jar. You can get napkins at garage sales or freecycle if you ask. If your heart isn't set on a certain brand of skillet I bought a whole set from our restaurant supply store for at least half the price of Bed, bath, beyond and I think it is better quality (stainless). Good luck!!
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Originally Posted by MonkeyPrincess View Post
Okay, so I was tested today...
Went into Target and I almost caved at the 75% off holiday candy. But I didn't buy ANY!

At one point I was admiring some really cute turquoise retro metal bread boxes, and my dh was like, "Don't even think about it. You'll just donate it in a few months!" I wasn't even consider buying them, but that reminder immediately popped that "oooohhh, these are nice!" feeling I had while looking at them.
I bought the red one as a birthday present for myself
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I am doing pretty well thus far!

I've been in Costco twice (maybe three times) since deciding to compact this month/year and purchase nothing beyond the gas and car wash and lunch we went there for...moderate challenge accomplished.

I went to the nursery, as I had planned, and got exactly what I went for: compost and romaine; and broccoli and asparagus, which I had not specifically known ahead of time, but in general "food plants available now". I also let the guy talk me into mulch, but it isn't organic. Does mulch need to be organic when it is used around food plants?

Today was a bit of a test, also. We went to Trader Joe's without DH (he keeps me on track with humor and love) and I kept my purchases to food!
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