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Originally Posted by merpk View Post
Was gonna suggest Ilan, oh well. Yeah, there are a lot of them now, aren't there. I think there's an Ilan Ramon connection with the sudden proliferation of them, though.
I have a second cousin born on Tu B'shvat with Ilan in his name for 2 reasons. One being when he was born. The other being that he looked like an astronaut since he was in the NICU for a bit.
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Thanks for the birthday wishes!

merpk, my username is from that Smee, actually. Before I was married, I had one of those monogram LLBean backpacks with my initials on it, and everyone called me by my initials: "SMO." People were joking that when I got married to DH and my initials would change to "SME" that they would start calling me that, and lots of pirate jokes went around. So hence the screen name "sme is not a pirate" because this SME isn't one.
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Sara, that's hands down the best handle (username) explanation I've ever read

How are you feeling? How about you, jR? I'm not updating my ticker anymore. It is too stressful to look at.
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Feeling good - I've turned very Zen this pregnancy, which I wasn't expecting. The first half flew by, and now I'm almost 23w and feeling like I've been experiencing pregnancy as it was meant to be experienced. It just feels really normal. I'm anticipating labor with a lot of excitement, whereas I was terrified with DS. I'm getting my homebirth this time (DH agrees, now that he's seen the way our local hospital operates, that it's the safest place for us to be), and I'm just so happy to be here now.

That being said, GERD sucks. But if that's my only complaint right now, I'm in a good place.

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love your smee story LOL!
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Originally Posted by smeisnotapirate View Post
It's my hebrew birthday today.

I'll probably spend it cleaning. Enjoy the sales today if you have the courage to go out of the house.
Happy belated Birthday!

Nothing too exciting in my life right now. I spent the day taking DD2 shopping- she tried on bras in 3 stores before finding any that fit. At least now we know that she can no longer fit in "cheap bras" and to just take her to Macy's next time, but if I'd known this time, I could have taken both girls together instead of having to take DD1 shopping by herself later this week.
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I kwym about this feeling much more normal than the first time... I'm beginning to wonder what it's like NOT to be pregnant. Don't I always look like this?

Other than my organs feeling all kinds of disorganized, I feel good. I can't complain. Davening for a healthy baby, centered labor and delivery... for all of us Congrats on the HB!
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Grrr - got unsubbed again.

Parents drove up for a very unexpected visit. Told me less than 2 hrs before licht bentchen and showed up Monday afternoon. They stayed in a hotel so were with us from about 2:30 until 8:30 on Monday. Tuesday they showed up around 10:30 and left around 8:30. I had a wedding that same night so went to it after they left. We were thinking we'd go just for the simchas chassan and kallah, but they were running behind schedule so we got there in time for the meal. LOL

They left this morning, but did not come back to us to say good-bye. I worked like crazy after Shabbos getting ready for them - was up late each night and now have a little cold as a result.

Ruthla, I always start with a fitting - it just saves so much time.
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Where are all the Jewish Mamas?

It's been too long since I was connected to this thread. Can someone please direct me to the right one? Many thanks...
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I got the flu. Who knows what strain (swine? "regular" seasonal?), etc...of course, everyone wants to know why I didn't get the vaccine
First time I've had it in my memory....but either way, elderberry ROCKS. A day of taking it every 2-3 hours, and poof, fever was gone. Cough a lot weaker.
Flu for one day sounds like a good tradeoff rather than all the cons of the vaccine and the lack of guarantee it comes with.
It wasn't fun, but I'm perfectly content with my decision.

Have a good shabbos everyone! (I can't believe 10 years ago everyone was freaking out about Y2K on this shabbos!)
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Rivka, I'm pretty good at the "bra fitting" part myself. Besides, it's not too rough to figure out "hmm, the 34 Bs are too small. Let's have you try on 34 Cs and 36 Bs, and let's grab some 34 Bs anyway, in case another brand is cut fuller."

We started out at Sears, where she tried on the exact same bra she's just outgrown, that fit her so perfectly in August. In the next size up, it didn't fit right. Neither did anything else in the store. So then we headed out to Target, where she tried on a number of bras in the same 3 sizes, but none of them were cut quite right for her. We ended up in Macy's, where we discovered that Warner's bras are cut well for her, and we spent some time deciding between a few different styles that ALL fit her well, trying to select the best.

We had fun last night, celebrating NYE with just the 4 of us. I ate way too many sugar cookies!
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It is in Spirituality http://www.mothering.com/discussions....php?t=1174256 I am merging your thread with that one.
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Originally Posted by Nickarolaberry View Post
I knew Ma'ayan was a girls' name but I thought Hodaya was a boy's name (knew a boy named Hodi once, short for Hodaya). Just goes to show you...

I had a camper (girl) named Odelia (along the lines of Hodaya in terms of meaning I think). I really liked that too.
Hodi (or Hudi) is a common nickname for Yehudah.
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Originally Posted by Kmelion View Post
Hodi (or Hudi) is a common nickname for Yehudah.
ONe of the reasons I was reluctant to name my ds Yehuda was the nicknames, but I've been pretty clear - no nicknames for my children. My only problem is is that Yehuda nachman will only go by Nachman and Gedalya sometimes gets his name shortened to Dolly - um, by me . I can't believe I've done that when I was so careful. But, my grandma always called me dolly - and now I've passed it on.

Any further on the naming?
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aw, Dolly is cute

as for our naming quest, well, we're back at square one. No idea. None. Nothing sticks. No particular name energy or words following me around. I had a dream once during DDs pregnancy where my son introduced himself to me as Amichai, which I like. If DD had been a boy, she might have been named that. I like the meaning....


interesting thing I learned about DH: we were discussing names last night and I was disgruntled that DHs Hebrew name is the only name we like and why does he have a separate Hebrew name when his name name is the first Hebrew name ever used?? Turns out he was gonna be Mark Isaac but then a great grandfather passed 2 days before his birth and he ended up as Adam. I got chills when he said Mark - like it was his destiny to go by that name - the energy fits him. I don't personally care for the name... but I had such a strong, visceral response, it was unexpected
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ooooh, that's creepy about the Mark thing.

I take it you're still pregnant. Me too.
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hey ladies, a friend/acquaintance (somewhere in between, I guess, kwim?) from shul just had a son. They announced when the bris would be to the congregation, and I had a few questions about expectations at a bris.

I assume its fine/good to go right?
Do I need/should bring a gift? If so would a homemade stuffed animal or something be ok? We're very strapped for cash right now, and I've got fabric and stuff on hand, but can't really afford to buy anything, as much as I would love to.
I've never been to a bris, anything else I should know before I go? (It's a conservative synogogue).

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I'm sure the family would love to see you there!

Many families wait until the bris to give baby gifts, so a handmade doll would be a fantastic gift. We were swamped with them at DS's bris.

Mazel tov to your friends, and gut Shabbos to all of you!
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Yeah - the bris is "announced" because it's a big mitzva to go, and so it is considered proper not to "invite" people who are then in the position of declining the mitzva. Once you know about the bris, you are expected to go if you possibly can.
Whilst gifts are appreciated, it's your participation in the simcha that is most valued. And as for handmade, I think that's way more special than a purchased gift - unique and heartfelt.
As for what to expect - first the baby is brought into the shul/room on a pillow to great fanfare, like welcoming a special guest. It is considered an honour to do the mitzva of bringing the baby to the bris and is often bestowed upon a childless couple - the wife will bring from the mother, and hand over to her husband who brings to where the mohel is. The sandek is given the honour of holding the baby on his lap while the mohel actually does the bris, and there are brachos, then kiddush and announcing the baby's name (might not be the exact order, and I may have missed out some small details - I'm the woman who hangs out right at the back!). After that, and mazal tovs, baby is returned to his mother, and there is the seudas mitzva. Everyone finds a place to sit and washes for bread and eats (usually salads and bagels kind of food, depending on how fancy), and then maybe the father will talk about the choice of name during the meal, and afterwards there is the special bentching that has many additions praying for blessings for baby, mohel, parents, etc.
Think that's "what to expect" in a nutshell!

To all the mothers still waiting - b'shaa tova. The right time should come without too much difficult waiting, and should result in an easy birth and good health for mommy and baby!
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Originally Posted by npl View Post
To all the mothers still waiting - b'shaa tova. The right time should come without too much difficult waiting, and should result in an easy birth and good health for mommy and baby!
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