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Can I strengthen my uterus before pregnancy?

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Speaking of post partum hemorrhage, are there things you can do for a "boggy" uterus that results in pph BEFORE pregnancy? Like drinking RRL tea? or other herb/minerals that help to strenghten the utreus?
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I would recommend a focus on nutrition now and during pregnancy.

In pregnancy, be sure to consume enough enough protein, complex carbs, and plenty of produce along with nutritional herbs (traditional pregnancy tea herbs such as RRL, nettle, oatstraw, lemon balm, peppermint/spearmint, etc). Another pregnancy favorite of mine is chlorophyll. Also, adequate salt intake to assist in necessary blood volume expansion.

In labor, be sure to stay well-hydrated, well-nourished and empty bladder regularly. Physiological pushing to avoid exhausting yourself and your uterus pushing may help. Bonding with baby with as little interruption as possible to get that nice hormonal cocktail going.
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I second all the nutritional ideas from busymomma.
Do herbs like nettle, oatstraw/or milky tops, red clover, RRL as infusions. That is steep for at least 2 hours or more. It will be very strong. You can add honey or other flavored teas, use in soup, as ice cubes, as mix with juice. They really make a difference.
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You should pick up Susan Weed's book Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Years. She also has a great website and a message board. Here's a great article on Uterine Tonics. I'm sure you can find many more!


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