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Even though I wouldn't dress my own sons in dresses, I think that people's discomfort with his style of dress is their own issue, not the kid's or his mom's.
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I agree with most PP's, it's not a big deal, and I wouldn't worry about the town at all. Them being uncomfortable is their problem. Tell your friend that she's an awesome mom.
My boys have worn dresses at occasions too, in public, and tiaras, and nail polish etc.
I don't care what my kids want to wear, as long as it's weather appropriate, boys or girls.
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Originally Posted by RiverSky View Post
It is no big deal at all. Probably means nothing, with the regard to the child's orientation, too. I think it's WONDERFUL that your friend lets her son choose what he wears (I'm assuming it's his choice, not hers, right?) . I bow down at her feet for being so loving and accepting!!!! I think it's a fabulous lesson for the town, too. If you can support her in your town, by saying a little something whenever someone expresses their discomfort, I'm sure it would help. Stuff like this can spread around quickly. If you were to say, "Yeah, isn't it cute that he does that? I just love him. He's such a unique kid.", purposefully misinterpreting what the uncomfortable villagers are saying, chances are your comment will be spread, too, and people will agree with you.
This is a great idea. (In fact, I'm visiting relatives for the holidays and I think I'm going to borrow it as often as I can. Really good tip and one I wouldn't have thought up by myself!)
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