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Pelvic pressure already at 17 weeks?!

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I have read, here and elsewhere, that twin pregnancy can result in some pretty serious pelvic pressure in the last trimester, so I'm expecting that. However . . .

I am only 17 weeks and I am already having pelvic/groin pressure! It certainly isn't constant, it is usually after I've been sitting at my desk for an hour or so and then get up to go the the photocopier or whatever. Anyone else experience this so early? I stand up and waddle a little for the first several steps until things start feeling a bit better . Makes me wonder what it will be like 10 weeks from now!

With my singleton I didn't have any pressure at all until close to term and even then it wasn't much to speak of.

Thanks for listening to me whine .
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With my two singletons I never had a pregnancy complaint until a week or two before birth. And I carry low, in my pelvis, it just wasn't a big deal.

But I am experiencing what you're talking about. I just can't remember how soon it started. Definitely not 17 weeks, as at that point I didn't know it was twins and had no indication, but I'm going to say sometime in the last few weeks. Maybe 24? It just hasn't happened often.

The other day I got up at my daughter's gymnastics class and literally couldn't walk right. I called the dr because of the pinching pelvic pain and pressure! But I'm 29 weeks.

I don't know the experience of others but so far it hasn't been constant for me at all. It doesn't happen every time. And I'm pretty sure that the night before the gymnastics class one of my LO's turned head down (they've been all over).
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Yup! I had some serious pressure, swollen veins (vericosities), etc from a very early stage. It actually got better by about 30 weeks! Toward the very end, it was occasionally there, occasionally not. All is not lost!
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for sure! i felt like my pubic bone was splitting in half very early in the twin pregnancy... my midwife recommended a belt at the time - and i am a massage therapist so would just work on the areas that felt most tender for some relief.
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I had a lot of pressure from about 20 weeks. Sometimes I was sure I had broken my pelvis. I felt a bit better after baby B turned breech.

Resting helps.
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yes, i had very early pressure and pain but it didn't get proportionately worse as the pregnancy went on. i just hurt a lot, early
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Thanks all! It is just so weird to feel 6 months pregnant when I'm only 4 months. Good times

I think I will try to follow my Chiropractor's advice . . .sit no loner than 30 mins at my desk before I at least get up and take a few steps on the spot. I'm sure that will help my SI pain (that appeared around 12 weeks?! I normally don't have back trouble or chronic pain ever) as well.

I can hardly believe that I am almost half done this pregnancy. It is flying by in a way my first did not. So excited to meet them, so terrified of twinsanity
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