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Who has actually gotten a - at 9 dpo BUT been pregnant

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I know that it's not wise to test so early, but you know how it goes.

AF is due Christmas Eve, I tested so I could get the obsessing and face the obvious negative tests early and not ruin my Christmas and therefore my families, when the hag ends up showing.

So, honestly who has tested with a clear negative at 9dpo with FMU and a FRER or equavalant and than later gotten a positive and had a healthy pregnancy.
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I see it happen ALL the time!

Even with a FRER... even being pregnant... you only have about a 63% chance of a BFP at 10dpo. No matter your luteal phase. No matter how early you got a BFP in previous pregnancies. You have the same chance.
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i got a BFN at 11 dpo with my daughter with a sensitive test - despite having symptoms starting at 7 dpo! she just turned 2 last week.

not all embryos produce hcg super early, and not all mamas metabolize it in such a way that an early BFP is even possible. a mama on here was getting BFNs at 20 dpo and was pregnant, had a u/s that confirmed that her O date wasn't off. a BFN at 9 dpo is nothing to worry about.
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Me! I never get a + until AF is late and I always spot a little and think she is coming. I am currently 16 weeks with a negative at 9 dpo.
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Me! I had implantation spotting starting at 8 dpo, BFN 9 dpo and then a BFP (faint) at 11 dpo.
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I didn't test until 10 dpo with DS but it was sooooo faint that for sure it would have been negative at 9 dpo.
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I had a snow white BFN with DD at 9dpo and a decent BFP at 10dpo! There's still hope!
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Nothing, nada at 9, 10, 11 dpo, finally a positive on 12dpo.
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I don't think it's very common to get a + that early.
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Everyone will get a negative before a positive if you test early enough.

I got negatives on 9,10,11 and 12 dpo. Ran out of tests and tested on 14 dpo. It was faint and confirmed it with a darker line 15dpo.
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I can see how you want to get the "negative" out of the way for Christmas morning. Hopefully you'll be happily surprised for AF to not come at all that day.
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It just happened to me! I got snow white BFNs at 9dpo (and at 6, 7 and 8dpo) and then the morning of 10dpo a cheapie test was soooo faintly positive. A FRER later that same day was clearly positive.

Good luck to you!
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Never got a with any of my pg's at 9 dpo. I always tested from 5dpo on
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Twice! But not with FRERs. Once with an icheapie and once with a CVS digi, I think? And the digi was more like 11DPO by my count. I tested again at 14 and 15DPO, not in between, and got +s!
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with my middle daughter I had a bfn at 12dpo and an extremely light line at 13dpo (so light that no one else could see it, and I was deemed insane )

I went to the doctor and got a positive 15 or 16 dpo..

with my other two, I was completely surpised and wasn't paying attention at.all

Hoping you get a bfp!!
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Oh thank you all so much for sharing your stories. I've gotten positives before at 10dpo with middle of the day urine, so the - at 9 dpo with FMU made me feel like it was a no go, but you've let me know that I'm just being a little over anxious or silly at this point lol.

Thanks again, I really appreciate it:-)
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I don't know how many DPO I was because I'd just come off BC and wasn't charting, but I got very faint BFP on September 13th and had had a snow white BFN 5 days before on the 8th. It is VERY possible tto be pregnant and get BFN's at 9 DPO. Baby bean may just need a little more time before he or she is ready to tell you "I'M IN HERE MOMMY!!!"
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I got a BFN at 12 DPO. Got my BFP at 18 DPO. Was at the beach in the in between time, and have no idea when that BFN changed over to a BFP. Was just waiting for my period to show up and annoy me at the beach!
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