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BORN! @ exactly 32 weeks (+ PHOTO)

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Had no contractions the 2 days in the hospital after my water broke (gushing, not leaking), but they started about an hour after we got home last night. Drank tons of water, took magnesium, then tried beer. The beer worked. Enough that I could sleep for three hours, anyway.

Contractions came back shortly after I woke up, around 8am. Exactly 8 minutes apart, except more often with movement. Bath did not help at all. I felt overwhelmed. It H*U*R*T. So I can now say that faster DOES hurt more! Also, I couldn't shake my fear of what would happen with a premature baby. Fear ALSO makes labor harder.

My midwife and her backup doctor (who managed to get special permission to attend our birth at this hospital! YAY!) were both already at the hospital when we arrived, somehow. We live three blocks away; they live a 20-minute drive away with no traffic!

My midwife was my doula. She was amazing. I love her. I adore her. Love. Love. Love.

Was 4cm at arrival. Checked heartbeat, was good... Lots of pain... Then on to the labor room...6cm. Lots of pain... Then suddenly 8 and pushy, so on to the delivery room. The "suddenlys" I can say with hindsight, because of course each contraction took forever in the moment.

Vibration felt really good. The car ride, the wheel chair, the rolling beds...all felt SO good. With each contraction, I was stomping my feet on the floor; I could feel the rhythm and vibration bringing the baby down. It didn't feel good, but it felt necessary.

I had my eyes closed as they rolled the bed to the delivery room. When we stopped, I was surrounded by unfamiliar faces in a tiny room. Everyone was in scrubs. Including a really weirdly menacing-looking anesthesiologist who didn't say anything. Finally my team showed up -- they had all been put into scrubs as well, including my husband. (Hospital with 90% cesarean rate) My midwife later told me some nurse in the hallway commented to her, "It will be a cesarean, of course?" (But I was almost done!!)

My midwife had brought her birth stool, which was WONDERFUL. I could NOT lay down flat for ANYTHING with this birth. Again, I guess because it was happening so fast. I also did a LOT of LOUD vocalizing, almost from the start.

Anyway, I guess we left for the hospital around 9:30 or 10am. JULIANNA was born at 11:45am. She cried right away. She has hair. She is tiny. She came out breathing on her own! She is 1.9kg, which is something just over 4 lbs, I guess? Did I mention she is breathing on her own? I felt her head several times before and during her birth, which was something I really wanted.

Amazing. She is in only semi-intensive care instead of the NICU. She is in that plastic dealie that provides a richer oxygenated environment (I'm not clear on terms as everything is in Portuguese!). I held her immediately after birth. I held her again a bit afterward.

My husband has not been able to hold her yet, though. He went for a walk to cry afterward and missed his chance. Parents have 24-hr access to their babies in theory; it just happens right now we can't go in because another baby is in there as well, and that one is having some trouble right now so shouldn't be disturbed. (?)

They don't give the babies formula, and I requested no vaccines. She is getting an antibiotic just in case, which I am okay with. They have a milk bank down the hallway, and I will be able to pump. I also got to keep my placenta.

Not my ideal birth, for sure (by the way -- NEVER again). But Julianna looks great, and the pediatrician says we can probably go home in just one week, rather than the month we were expecting for a 32-weeker!

So. Wow. I just had a baby????? Not pregnant anymore??????
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Congrats mama- what a great outcome for such a small little one. I hope everything turns out great for you and your little one. And sorry about your DH not being able to hold the baby- but there will be plenty of time for that- especially being that they're a preemie.
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Aww congrats mama!! So glad she is doing so well! Sounds like a pretty awesome hospital birth all things considered!
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Congratulations!! Glad to hear that all is well
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Welcome baby! I feel all teared up reading this! You did such a great job aramat! I am so glad your little girl is doing well- and breathing on her own- and that it all went well
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Wow! You did so amazing!! I am so happy that your baby girl is healthy and that soon you can take her home hopefully. Please rest up! Did you end up getting the c-section?? I can't believe that scary looking anstheioligist there... eeek! You are amazing!
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Sounds like she is doing awesome to be so early!!
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I'm so happy to hear everything is going so well! Congrats on your new little girl!
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yay!! I'm glad she is the special care and not the NICU. 32 weeks is fantastic!!

Good luck and I hope you can bring her home soon.
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Teary eyed here...so happy for you!
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Congrats! So wonderful that she's breathing on her own. Giuliana is a beautiful name! So glad everyone is doing well, and hope that she does indeed get to come home in a week. Hooray!!
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Congrats! I'm glad she is doing so well and breathing on her own.
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Coming from June DDC, but fellow Paulistana (at least for the moment!)...
Congrats!! How amazing! I'm glad Guiliana is doing so well.
Dying to know if it was Dr. Kuhn that assisted???

I hope you are home soon!
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WOW WOW WOW! Congrats!! Hope you get to hold her and be with her more soon!
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CONGRATS!!! What an amazing story, and she is doing SO well! I am totally impressed and you are an inspiration.

Tis the season for holiday miracles and it seems like we will have a slow trickel of babies for the feb DDC!

Rest up, love on that little girl and when you have the time and energy, keep us updated (it's uplifiting!)
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DDC crashed to say "flipping amazing"....she is BIG and healthy and your experience sounds honestly like the very next best thing to what you wanted that you could have asked for! I'm sure there's some disappointment in there and I hope you heal and process to wholeness again rapidly!

Congrats on your beautiful healthy baby who couldn't wait to meet you!!!!
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amazing birth mama! So proud of how strong you are and what a strong little baby!!!!!

Hoping everything continues to go well and that you are off soon to enjoy your babymoon!
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Congrats! I'm so glad to hear she's doing well.
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CONGRATULATIONS Tamara. It sounds like you have a feisty wee girl there.

I hope everything continues to go really well.
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Oh what an awesome birth! You are amazing and I am so happy she is so healthy and strong! Congratulations!
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