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Craft area logistics - help me think this through.

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I have a small, not-well-used space in my bedroom. I'm thinking about setting it up as a craft space.

- decent size (about 10x10)
- I have a bookshelf I could use to store supplies
- currently my craft supplies (sewing, stationary stuff, scrapbooking) are all scattered around the house; putting a button back on requires a search and rescue mission first
- a better choice than the basement because I can supervise the kids/leave the sewing machine up

- the only table I have is a small card table - not the best for drawing or including kids or cutting fabric
- dh will be annoyed; this is not necessarily a deal-breaker
- lighting isn't great and I don't think I have a lamp that's not currently in use to bring in

Am I silly to consider this? I'd love to have my various supplies all in one place, and this spot is under-utilized (I did have my desk in there but dh wanted to move it into the office; ditto a comfy reading chair, which is fine, I read in the office). But I don't have a bunch of money (or any, really) to spend, with the possible exception of getting a lamp.

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are you sure dh will be annoyed? maybe he will be supportive of you having a space (and will be happy about your crafty/sewing stuff not being everywhere else in the house).

for the table, you might be able to find one free or very cheap, or maybe find someone who wants to trade because their table is too big for their space but your card table would be perfect for them. mine is just a cheap ikea table top & legs, which is perfect because it's so plain (smooth!) and i didn't even get it from ikea - i got it dirt cheap from craigslist. i will cross my fingers for good thrifting luck for you.

do you have pictures?
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I have come to this thread thinking of things to try to help you. The only thing I can think of is that there are tons of great ways to organize crafts. First and formost is a good table/desk as you know. and depending on the size of it you can keep several things on it to organize all the odds and ends. I keep thinking of jars for buttons, rubber bands etc. You can even decorate the jars in lots of different ways to make them pretty as well (thats a craft project in itself). You can do things like this to condense ribbons http://www.marthastewart.com/good-th...SLO-GOODTHINGS then you can stack those.
Above the desk on the wall can be a great place for any number of things. A pin board or something like this: http://www.potterybarn.com/products/...e-organization. I'm thinking you could find a way to make something similar for cheap.
And there are so many shelves and things you can buy to put next to the desk. Like a taller one like this: http://www.crateandbarrel.com/family...c=4500&f=33441. Obviously not expensive from Crate and barrel..these are just the things I keep finding when googling my ideas for you. You can find similar things at Target, Walmart, garage sales maybe.
I know you said you don't have a lot of money, but these are ideas to get you going and obviously you don't have to do them all at once, yk?
And if having it in your bedroom works for you, then why not go for it? I have my craft desk and area in our office. I am sooo happy I have a designated place to keep all my stuff and not make a mess on the dining room table anymore. I absolutely love my "craft central" and it's always evolving.
Good luck and I hope some ideas inspire you!
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Currently, my craft center is at the area at the top of the stairs, maybe 5x3. I keep my stuff in those plastic bins, stacked. I have a small desk with my sewing machine. I have some shelving units that haven't been put up yet (that will make a huge different). It's tight, but it works and I'm soooooo thankful to have a space away from my kids! I can't even imagine how cool it woudl be to have a 10x10 space!
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It sounds great.

What about it would annoy your dh? I personally wouldn't take a piece of the bedroom if I knew it would annoy my dh, but maybe you can arrange things so it's not bothersome to him.

Buy furniture and stuff as you can afford them. I say snag that space now.
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