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Janome Sewist 500

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Anyone eny experience with the brand , maybe even this model in particular. It is on sale right now in our local Quilting store for $319 from $499. It sounds very nice, but I know so little about machines with my used brother for $20
I am beginner still, love sewing and quilting, and have seriously outgrown my machine. THye teach you to use the machine at the store, give you a lesson only for your machine, and you can alwyas come if you have a ?
Thank yoU!
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I have one, and I love it! My skill level sounds about the same as yours, and I've found it very easy to use and easy to troubleshoot. I bought it from a local store, too, and they gave me one lesson on it, which was nice. I could have called back with ?s, which was also reassuring. It sounds like the price they are offering is a good deal - I've had mine for 2 years, I think, and wasn't able to find it that cheap then (I got mine for around $350).

You did mention that you like quilting, though (I don't quilt), and the saleslady at my store said most quilters generally don't like top-loading bobbins like the Sewist has, because you have to remove your work from the machine anytime you want to change bobbin thread colors. Personally, I love the top-loading bobbin, but I can understand how it might be a pain if you change thread color in the middle of a work.
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I love my Janome, which is more basic than that model. It was a WONDER when I switched from my cheapo brother, and now I can't sew on anything else. I cannot stress enough how amazing the janome machines sew.
BTW, I AM a quilter, and have never wished for anything other than the super easy top loading bobbin on my janome. I cant imagine that you would be anything other than in love with sewing on a janome, especially after learning on a brother.
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I got it and I AM in love. I sewed two dresses on it and it was so easy and wonderful, incl. buttons. I have mu lesson on Saturday and I am just so happy with it right now and I think you can still change the bobbin with your fabric on it, we will see how I feel about it when I actually try it. But so far, bliss!!!!
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