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Low Carb/High fat pregnancy, will it help avoid weight gain?

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I gained about 30 pounds with first baby however, after nursing for a year I still have 15 lbs to lose. I am about 4 weeks pregnant with 2nd baby and I would like to keep weight gain to a healthy minimum.

Does anyone have experience with low carb/high fat during pregnancy? Did it help keep the weight gain down?

Any other suggestions?

Thank you
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why would a high fat diet help you in any way? The healthiest pregnancy is an active one full of fresh foods of all kinds. A 30lb gain isn't much, and beginning only 15lbs over ideal is better then where the average mom starts out.

Personally I wouldn't follow any fad, but focus on balanced nutrition and stress reduction. I don't think there is any negitives to lessening the white or junk carbs, but fresh fruit, bean and veggies all contain carbs as well.
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Not to answer your question exactly, but I'm doing & feeling really well on this kind of plan as I prepare for pregnancy. It has so many overlaps with a traditional fertility diet! I'm led into this lifestyle for that reason, as well as from a sense that my family has issues with grains, AND b/c I need to lose some bodyfat...

Here's one collection of preggo Q&A's from marksdailyapple... Honestly, it's nothing too comprehensive, though I love this site generally and use it as my main guide for primal eating.

I'd also recommend Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck - very similar to primal eating if you just drop the grains. And a quick link on "why go grain-free?"
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I did want to add that I agree with PP that your previous weight gain and current weight don't sound bad at all, and I would focus more on health than trying to keep your weight gain as low as healthily possible

Did you exercise during your previous pregnancy? I think that did a lot for how quickly my body bounced back after baby! (The current extra weight I'm working on is my "toddler ten"!) I started slowing down on things like the elliptical trainer in third trimester, but still did "Perfect Pregnancy Workout" several times a week, as well as walking and jogging in the pool as often I could, right up to DD's birth... Started gentle walking and doing simple postpartum exercises within a few days of the birth.
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I was around 30-40 lbs over weight when I got pregnant. I developed gestational diabetes and immediately began to follow a diet for diabetics. It's basically eating small portions. For example a portion of rice is about a tennis ball size and beans are about 1/2 cup. Meat is 4 or 5 oz. or the size of your palm.
In the end I actually lost a couple of pounds. I never gained any weight through my whole pregnancy. My baby was very healthy and scored high on the apgar tests. She did have low blood sugar at birth, but that is standard for gest. diabetic patients.
I was very strict with myself and rarely ate any sweets, only a bite or two here and there. My doctor told me that the baby grew very well even though I didn't gain.
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Just wanted to agree that 30 lbs. is a perfectly acceptable weight gain and what is really important is the quality of food being eaten. That being said, there is nothing wrong with a high fat/low carb diet and there are many good reasons that it might in fact be especially helpful during pregnancy provided your sources of fat and protein are of very high quality. I remember my first midwife telling me that baby parts are made of fat, protein, water and salt and that those ultimately should be what I focus on eating--not carbs. I really wish I would have listened. 2 miserable pregnancies later (first one was 16 weeks of intense nausea and ended with PIH, second one I was nauseous and dizzy the whole time) I now am on a low carb/high fat diet and will not consider changing that for one second when I do get pregnant again. I have never been healthier or happier. My blood sugar is stable, my weight is finally stabilizing for the first time in 10 years and I have a ton of energy. I'm also winning the battle against candida--something I never would have imagined was feasible.

Good book for high fat/low carb: Primal Body, Primal Mind.
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I wanted to add a few more comments.

First, I wouldn't worry about being fifteen pounds over weight.

Second, I believe a diet higher in protein and fat and lower in carbs is excellent as long as it is high quality as a pp mentioned. By lower carbs I mean throw away all the processed stuff (even the so called healthy, processed stuff is not that nourishing, and deceptive in nature). If you are a bean and rice lover make it a small side and up your veggies. More veggies! Eat some raw veggies everyday. Lots of them! Getting your carbs from veggies and fruits is the most excellent way to nourish your body.
Completely agree with dogmom. I am following the Paleo Diet now and feel great. My acid reflux is GONE, no more Rolaids. My energy level is up and I don't have those lethargic, I have to lay down right now moments. I haven't been on it long enough to see a weight change, but I am expecting it to happen.

So, while the diabetic diet helped me when I had gest. diabetes, this time around I will eat a diet of meats, eggs, good fats, lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, and minimal dairy (cuz I love it).

Wishing you the best and happy gestating!
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