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Oh my stars - how to deal with bad astrological influences?

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So while my intentions were gold - my personal life exploded in a massive snafu with my husband's family. Reading Tracy's new moon report has pretty much dictated the disaster step by step and it looks like more is to come. I am a wreck! I am trying to keep my emotions & communication honest & open, but no matter what I have done to keep the peace, everything just keeps getting worse and worse. I just desperately want to salvage Christmas and make a lovely day for my kids regardless of how angry my BIL & SIL are with me, but the forecast for Christmas day is not good.

I am actually scheduled to go be with the other side of my family that day and they are extremely difficult to deal with on a good day. I almost welcome the relief from the anger of my inlaws - at least anger from my family is more familiar. lol.

Even when astrologically things are bad - is there a way to pull it together and create a lovely week regardless of the influences in the air? I almost wonder if it would have been better to never read the new moon report and close my ears and eyes to it, so that I don't inadvertently create what I am dreading.

Do you think if I focus with enough intention and positive thinking I can turn this train wreck around? How do I survive a day that would have been hard under a favorable astrological influence? It seems almost impossible under a bad sign.

Sigh. I read once that Aquarians fight with their hat.... they put it on and leave. Good God -would I give ANYTHING to be able to do that, but I am stuck here. Any help????? Advice??


Wendy - trying to be the cold, impersonal sun in Aquarius but keeps getting mired in the mud by her Pisces moon.
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Sounds like a pretty tough time!

I believe the planets don't determine our fate, they predict our choices. Point being, you get to choose.

Also, you're much better off for having read your forecast, because if you don't know what your choices are, you really can't choose. However, sometimes the planets simply do indicate we will go through a time of stress. In that case, what you get to choose is not how to avoid it, but what gifts to take from it.

Under stress, we tend to live through our moon. So try to flow with the power of the compassion of your Pisces moon - starting with compassion for yourself. Let go of any self-judgement and just accept you are where you need to be, and consider the possibility the anger projected at you might be a gift.

I'm sure it's a very hard time for you - be kind to yourself, and the universe will do the same!
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Are you very sure that the aspects to YOUR chart are ALL unfavorable that day?

The aspects Tracy talks about are more concentrated in certain areas of your chart so I can't see it ALL being bad.

The stars don't "make"us do anything, they simply mirror back to us what energies we are dealing with.

In the end we have free will, so decide what kind of Christmas that you want for the kids and focus on creating that.

And know that ALL of the aspects that day probably are not "bad"

Good luck!
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