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what size is your baby wearing?

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I find it incomprehensible that people have babies that are in a 3-6 month size out of the womb!! Kieran is 7 weeks old today (and he seems so big to me), and is just getting out of newborn and into 0-3 months. Most of his cutest clothes are 3-6 months so I am looking forward to dressing him up in them!

He is in sleepers 90% of the time and in long-sleeve kimono type shirts and footy pants the other 10%. I like him to be good and cozy! Oh- and for the record, I am good and cozy too- I live in yoga pants. I own one pair of jeans to wear to holiday parties- I refuse to buy any new clothes till I lose some weight!
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Grayson is 6w5d and is wearing some 6 month stuff. I have no idea how much he weighs now...I'd guess around 11-12 lb range. He is long and has long arms too. Most of the things that fit him well are labeled 3-6 months. He wasn't able to wear NB stuff for more than the first week. And that stinks in the diaper department too, as he outgrew his KL0s in no time.

He is wearing outfits that DS1 wore when he was 4-5 months old. Just last night I had to remove a ton of clothing from the drawers and store them back in the garage. Seems every time I reach for an outfit it is too small.
He's my last baby, I really wish he'd slow down and stay little a little longer.
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Liam is almost 4 weeks, and is now at 11lb, 2oz. We NEVER had him in newborn clothes! He's still comfortable in most 0-3 mo. clothes, although some of the Gerber brand onesies are too small. We've already opened one row of snaps on his Thirstis duo wraps.
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We started in Preemie clothes, so now at 7 weeks (tomorrow), Clarke is starting to wear the 0-3 and Luke is still in the NB sizes. I have packed away the preemie's and made a bag of clothes to pass along. Everyone loves buying them clothes, so now I get to be picky about the hand-me-downs that I have. I don't think I will have to buy them any clothes for a while ... which is nice! Well, except for the special occasion stuff, like the outfits I just bought off of etsy for their Dedication Ceremony .... I can't wait to get them in the mail!!

I DON'T WANT THEM TO GROW UP!!! I can't believe I've had them for 7 weeks now! I'm already talking about the next baby!

To those of you with your BIG 'ol babies ... I look at mine, and think, 'I can't believe people birth babies this size! lol. You momma's are amazing!
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kayleihg is almost 4weeks old and Still in newborn lol shes a lil love bug!
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My little girl is six weeks old today. She's still in NB and weighs about 8lbs. She's a petite little thing. I remember telling people not to buy me any newborn stuff because of how quickly my son outgrew his stuff, and yet I've actually gone out and purchased a few more because she was wearing the same three nb outfits everyday. I didn't buy any newborn cloth diapers at all and had to wait a few weeks to even start cloth diapering her!

CarrieCo- it's funny you mention talking about the next baby... After having a rather uncomfortable pregnancy, I told my husband NO MORE. Well, the other day I was driving around town and I suddenly got a funny feeling that my family isn't quite complete yet. I totally chastised myself and brushed it off, but later that evening my husband confided in me that he's exhausted with the newborn and the boy but he couldn't help but notice a nagging little feeling that our family isn't quite complete yet.
So I'm not sure what that means...
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Hannah will be 6 weeks on Wed and is just starting to wear 0-3 months clothes. She was 8lb 11oz at her appt today.
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Glenn is 5 weeks and still fits in newborn clothes he is about 10 pounds but he is mostly in 0 to 3 months some 0 to 3 are small some are really big so it really depends on the style I think he fits better in the BG diapers and than he did when he came home because I've fattened him up nicely he's a gooshy little lovey. I thought I absolutely did not want anymore babies but I look at him and think will I really never do this again? and we make beautiful babies we should have one more in like 5 years
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Adam is 5w2d, 11lbs and out of the 0-3 and in the 3mo clothes. He has outgrown his orange edge prefolds an wears infants now. *sniff*
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Our little guy is 8weeks old, most of the NB things still fit him. We had some preemie stuff given to us and he has definitely outgrown these. 0-3 months clothes fit him, but some are still relatively big. No way does he fit into the 3-6 months cloths yet.

It's still amazing how quickly they grow And how quickly they learn!
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Zander is moving into 3-6 month clothes today at 3 weeks 1 day. I had to put him in 0-3 month clothes one more time yesterday to get a picture for the grandparents. Z was one of the biggest babies here at 10 pounds 10 oz. so I'm not surprised at his size now.

At 3weeks, DS1 was just getting out of preemie clothes and into newborn clothes so this is a big change for me!
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She is 5 weeks old and fits exactly into the 0-3 month size. I moved her out of the newborn size about 2 weeks ago.
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Matthew was 9lbs 1oz at birth, so he was a big boy. He wore a couple nb outfits, but pretty much went straight into 0-3mos, and now he's in those plus comfortably wearing the Carter's 3mos outfits too. And he's 3-6mos in gerber and miniwear, both brand run small. No idea how much he weights, he's 4 weeks now...but I know he's getting chubbier!
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My little fatty is 6 weeks now. Last week she was 13lbs. (she was 9#10 at birth) I am so sad she is growing so quickly. She has been in 3-6 month for a couple of weeks, some of the onsies are already too small. I knew I would have a biggie and did not bother with newborn clothes unless they were 2 peice as they fit longer.
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In just a few weeks outside the womb, my daughter went from preemie size, to the length for 0-3mo, but still has the waist/chest measurements for newborn.
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Piper is 4 weeks, 5 days old now and she's wearing her 0-3 month clothes already and has been for about two weeks! She outgrew her newborn stuff sooooo fast!
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Brenan was 9 lbs 11 oz two weeks ago, but he's a shorty. Still wearing 0-3 month sizes. But I have already sized up to the size 2 Thirsties DUO Wraps because the size 1's were too snug for my liking. Plus I'm too exhausted to do all the tucking required to make sure every inch of diaper gets covered up and with the size 2's I don't have to. Thinking I might like some MEAFs since I seem to prefer roomier diaper covers...
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My dd is 2mos and 2 days and now 10lbs 4oz and in most brands 0-3 but she is tall so the one-pieces are getting too short but still very big width wise. It just depends on the brand and what diaper she has on. She reminds me of my ds they both were very long and skinny with long arms. My ds still outgrows his clothes in thesleeves first lol
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Jude is 3 weeks and 5 days. He outgrew the few newborn outfits we had by 1 1/2 weeks. His grandparents sent him a newborn outfit that I pretty much put him in just to take a picture, it really was too small.
He's wearing 0-3 months now and we'll find out what he weighs tomorrow. He was 8 lbs at birth and 8lbs 6oz at 1 week. With his round cheeks and thighs I would not be surprised if he is 10 lbs already.

Why do they get so big so fast!!

Exuberant Daffodil I know what you mean. Dh and I have always decided on two children. So this one is it for us. But last week I couldn't help but think about whether we were really done. The plan was for dh to get it taken care of.....and now that seems so final. I really think we are done but it is hard to think we won't get to do this sweet newborn stage again.
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My girl is 5w3d today and she's still in newborns, although they're getting snug. Also, the newborn sposies don't totally fit anymore, but we're trying to use them up anyway.

She was 7lb1oz at birth, and was up to 8lb10oz last Tuesday at the LC; I'd guess she must be 9lbs at this point but I'm not totally sure.

I bought her Christmas outfits in 0-3 and they were too big. And here I thought since she was a 42 weeker she'd be 10lbs. Ha!
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