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Buenos Aires Mommas?

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My husband and I are moving to Buenos Aires with our 19 month old daughter. Just wondering if there were any Mothering Mommas there!
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i'm here with my english husband and mexican 2 yo. Let me know when you are around!
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Hi there! I really would love to spend a year in Buenos Aires starting this coming fall. Are you mamas there now? How do you like it? Any idea how easy it easy for an American to get a job there--teaching English, for example? What about for a Spaniard--my dp (who is finishing his PhD in peninsular Spanish studies)? Do you like it there? Is it child-friendly?

Muchas gracias en avance!

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Hi-- I hope this is ok to ask you in this post if you have any thoughts about the safety of the volcanic ash there right now? I am travelling to Rio Negro next week with my 9 month old. . . and I am very concerned about the ash situation for him. I know it's not really a Buenos Aires issue-- but I imagine you know a lot more than I do and if you had any thoughts or advice I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much. 

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