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So long, 2009. Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out. - Page 3

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count me in too. The first half of the year was good and then went down the **** tubes from there... Left a teaching job that I enjoyed for a job in my field that sucked. worked for a boss that made sexist remarks on a regular basis and who was not concerned that I was experiencing pregnancy complications from work stress. Moved my family 460 miles for said sucky job. Got hosed by former landlord. Had dd2 (she is the highlight of the year), but hemorrhaged and tore when she was born. Took far longer to get back to full strength than expected, ended up with 8 weeks of maternity leave. Went back to work and was told to quit since boss didn't want to and refused to accomadate the restrictions on my work release. Still working on getting unemployment. Had to move back in with my parents as we have NO money. Dh and I are both looking for work. Sister promised financial help and then yanked it. Also promised to get me to a seminar and yanked that. DH is depressed, I'm depressed. He has been deliberately mean to me several times in the last day and I've not been the most pleasant either.

Bring on 2010... it's gotta be better.

s to everyone else who's had a bad year too.
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Yeah, I'm glad to see 2009 go. While it was NOWHERE near as difficult as 06/07, it was still more challenging than previous years.

HUGS and best wishes to all of you...MAY YOUR 2010 BE FILLED WITH CONTENTMENT AND LAUGHS!!

I really like the calendar burning...maybe i'll pull out the one from 06 and burn it as an offering to Father Time.
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I'm ready for 2009 to be over, too. My FIL died in June, my dh has been unemployed since July (he quit his job, so I am not as sympathetic to him as I could be.) I missed the marathon I'd planned and trained for because of an injury, and of course that's small potatoes, but it was hard. Dh has been in a depressed funk for several years, and this year has been bad for him. We're pretty broke, my dd has been struggling with some behavioral issues, and our marriage has been in better shape (although I think our marriage high point was 2004, tbh.)

Upside: I love my job, the kids are doing well in school and enjoying life, physical therapy seems to have worked on my injury, and at the moment we're more or less healthy. I don't think we'll lose our house, and we've got health insurance.
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Count another in the "2009 sucked a$$" camp.

Dh got sick in Jan, which lead to him being on sick leave until March or so. Never got a proper diagnosis. Still having some of the same issues.
Lost our chance to buy the house we were living because of the time he took off.
He then got laid off a month later.
We fought alot over the summer, we were just plain poor most of the year and I think I need to have our youngest checked for either a sppech delay or hearing impairment. Not to mention, she seems to be pigeon-toed

I'm all for getting drunk and burning the calendar. Sounds like a hot time to me
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Although we didn't have much of the major stuff folks here have mentioned, 2009 did include: 3 rounds of stomach flu in 2.5 months, chicken pox, H1N1, more colds than I care to count, cancelling dd2's first birthday party, bedbugs and a leaky roof, car accident, whiplash, dental implant in our little family. We also had a major falling out with my BIL and family. As well, 3 very dear members of our religious community died and another one, who is like a grandma to our kids and a 2nd mom to us is dying. Oh and I am finally emerging from 1+ year of depression following the birth of our 2nd dd.

So yeah, I'll join in!! Buh-bye 2009 and welcome 2010!!!
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I hear ya. Spent the beginning of 2009 job hunting/ trying to get in to grad school. Got into grad school and found out I couldn't go because of my husband's lies and mismanagement.

Decided to separate in April, but had $0 to do so. Found a job-- but make dirt for money. Had to give up homeschooling and put the dc in school. Broke 2 teeth that I can't afford to get fixed.

Found out ds1 likely has Asperger's Syndrome. Also, the public high school I hoped he could go to next year will be non-existent (he'd never survive a big school experience).

Right now I'm waiting for our last Christmas as an "intact" family to be over. We're separating in January. The boys and I will be moving to a small apartment. Stbx is trying to buy a cheap HUD house. Our wonderful "family home" will be put up for sale in a terrible market. I feel sick just thinking about it, though I am grateful for all I do have (especially my boys! ).

I'm not sure I'm up for 2010, either.
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I hate '09, too.

Lots of crap has gone down, but we had to move from our home, a community that we all truly loved to someplace that just doesn't feel like it fits, iykwim. Hopefully we can get back there eventually, but I still feel displaced after almost a year of being here and that makes everything seem off.

I'm optimistic that 2010 will be a great year for us.
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Originally Posted by caneel View Post
dh insists we stay awake until 12:01 am to make sure the year actually ends.
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2009 hasn't been very nice to me either - particularly the last half.

Looking forward to 2010. I know a few other friends who are having a rough time of it as well. I tell them we should all start buying lotto tickets because 2010 owes us big time.
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well lets see,

DH's mom passed away unexpectedly in June, and they live in another country so she hadn't met the baby yet- we were planning a trip for later that summer and then DH had horrible feelings of guilt over not being there for her last days on earth, plus the general engulfing sadness we all felt over her passing.

+this one could have been so much worse, but it still sucked.+
DS was born in january 3 weeks early via induction, so i had to kiss my beautiful home water birth goodbye (yes, i know i was very lucky to have him at all, and I could have had it much worse.. but i am still sad over not having my perfect birthing scenario.) which my mom was in another country for, and I really wanted her to be there.

We haven't had TOO much other drama, but I'm ready for a new year. one in which the cash starts coming in because we are b.r.o.k.e.

oh, and 18 year old BIL was robbed at gunpoint the other day. poor kid. it just keeps on comin.
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Ok, normally my life is boring and uneventful. I so wish I could say that about this past year, but include me in the 2009 sucked donkey toes party.

-In July I got fired - after my boss threatening it for about 6 months. Spent those 6 months looking for a job and sending out a million resumes but didn't get many bites. Also worked my butt off at work to try and improve my performance, but the truth is that telemarketing sales is NOT my forte. Shouldn't have ever taken the job. Lesson learned. Still looking for a job. At least I get unemployment - but it's only about 1/3 of what I was making before. I've only had 2 interviews since July - and I'm not sitting @ home eating bon bons and watching Jerry Springer - I'm sending resumes out like crazy.

-My body didn't have an af between March and Sept., which would normally be a good thing - unless you've been ttc for 8.5 years. Then not so much (this actually turned out to be a blessing I think).

-In Sept. my dh of 8.5 years was rushed to the hospital while at work (he's a paramedic) at 2am, but didn't bother to call me - because he'd decided he hated me and wanted something to be about him for once - because the last time he was in the ER it was for his heart - 2 years ago on my birthday and I was worried about him!! SELFISH.

-I didn't find out about the ER visit until the next night, when he FINALLY came home after spending 12+ hours w/ his former female partner - "fixing her car". (she's an emt). And that's when he kicked me out!! Was so shocked at all of the hate and lies coming out of his mouth, that I did leave and then went to stay w/ my sisters in CA for a few weeks. Knew we were having problems but didn't know things were THAT serious and didn't know that he wanted kids so badly either (big part of this whole thing - me not wanting to do IVF). I lost 21 pounds in that time - because I couldn't sleep or eat.

-During which time he took the opportunity to move an emotional affair w/ his former partner to a full blown no holds barred, we're in love and going to run away together affair. For her part, she was 26 y/o on hubby #3 (they were married in JULY!!), and my dh was the THIRD guy she'd cheated on her dh w/ in six months. But ok, plan your life w/ her, because she's going to have a baby with you. Serioulsy? Furthermore they had this whole fantasy world planned where he just loved being mistaken for her 2 y/o dd's dad. He said 'divorce' to me more times than I can count and I did try to get a lawyer, but on unemployment, I didn't even get enough in a week to sit down with one.

-Then the lying took over. First he lied about WHO he had the affair with, lied that it was over, lied about using protection, and lied about supposedly wanting to work things out - and completely ruined a counseling session talking about how awful I was. I of course have NO WHERE to go, so I moved back into our house - in the spare room. And about 2 weeks later, after talking w/ the ex partner's hubby figured it all out - kicked dh out. He used it as an excuse to run away w/ his mistress for one night - cancel my credit cards, change his cell phone number and clean out the bank account. He came back home for the next 2 nights (no where else to go, I guess?). I had a dr's appt on day 2 to get tested for STD's - (turns out I only got an infection out of the whole deal - two rounds of antibiotics have taken care of it, but given me a hella yeast infection). When I got back from the Dr. I expected him to be gone, but she was dumping him over Facebook IM. Classy. And thanks for messing up our marriage for that crap. Right now we're supposedly working it out, but honestly idk if whenever I get a job and get back on my feet that's going to be the case. Depends on the day. Sometimes he seems like the man I was married to for 8.5 years and he's very remorseful and some days I want to strangle him with the phone cord.

-She then proceeded to drag out a pregancy 'scare' for THREE weeks. And had the gall to text me and ask that I not tell her dh that she dtd w/ mine. I told her where to go and then she had the further gall to act like I was overreacting. Seriously?

-In that time I couldn't concentrate on my grad classes - duh!! Should have just dropped them, but was withdrawn from several and now owe my school about 3k.

-My favorite dog died on 12/02/09 suddenly. He was only 6 y/o and he was my baby - I guess not having a job was a blessing here too - because otherwise I'd have left in the morning and found him dead when I got home - not knowing why. He had hemolytic anemia - if you share your life w/ a dog you need to read up on this disease, because most people don't know about it until after their fur kids are dead.

-Oh and 2 weeks ago I suddenly developed MRSA. idk how that happened, but it was the perfect end to a truly magnificent 2009.

Now, 2009 can sink into the muck and mire for all I care. If 2010 isn't better I'm quitting!!
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Not our best year!

DH lost his job in February, could not find another for almost six months. We moved over a thousand miles away and are stuck with a house in NY that we can't seem to sell.

He travels for his job and has been away for close to three out of the four and a half months we've been here in TN. The "every so often" travel part of his job has turned into three out of every four weeks in China. He leaves again on Jan. 3.

The in-laws expect us to just fly on up to Pennsylvania and refuse to understand that the airfare costs more than our mortgage in NY. They've decided that I coerced their son into moving so far away from them.

We're doing okay, though, and I can only hope that 2010 makes us even stronger.

And if sci-fi movies have taught me anything, it's that 2010 is the Year We Make Contact!!!
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On my side brother and BIL got cancer, but both survived well. Then in October on DH's side, BIL died very suddenly of pneumonia. We didn't even know he was sick. DH has been just about impossible to live with due to stress and horrible, horrible politics on church Board of Trustees, which I encouraged him to do (it was kind of my church....). I feel completely broke! Had a milestone birthday that culminated in me heating up a quarter of a leftover burger in the toaster oven for dinner. It was truly awful. House is a total wreck - overwhelmed with stuff and no place to put new baby. (See 30 boxes of 30 year old comic books in basement...)

Positives - we are both employed, healthy and expecting a "hard won" baby in 2010.

My church does a burning bowl ceremony on New Years eve. It's nice, but I'm DONE with that place for the near future.
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2009 was by far one of our worst years, yet. DH had medical issues, went into liver failure, lost his job, yadda yadda yadda..

There was some good things, but for the most part, it stunk.

Bring on 2010!
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OMG! Now the vacuum smells like it's burning! :cry I vacuum 2-3 times a day. I can NOT go without a vacuum!
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Originally Posted by KatWrangler View Post
OMG! Now the vacuum smells like it's burning! :cry I vacuum 2-3 times a day. I can NOT go without a vacuum!
My six-year-old is barfing and I had to cancel our gingerbread house making party tomorrow. It's as if 2009 heard us.
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
My six-year-old is barfing and I had to cancel our gingerbread house making party tomorrow. It's as if 2009 heard us.
I hate barfing! So sorry about that as well as your canceled plans. What a bummer.

2009 has been very sucky, esp the the last part. In fact, for several of my friends 2009 has been pretty awful. One friend just lost her mom last month and had to have her dog put down today!

My 2009 drama includes:

* Found out my sister was a meth addict.
* My mom started having all sorts of mental health problems which have created much havoc and stress in my life since this is a totally new thing. She wasn't like this while I was growing up.
* My mom also had all sorts of physical health problems.
* Hugely expensive car repairs have plagued us.

Hopefully 2010 won't get worse. I feel somewhat doomy and gloomy about it though. I guess I'm fearful it actually can get worse!

I'll join in the drinking and burning party on dec 31.
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Originally Posted by aprildawn View Post
I'll join in the drinking and burning party on dec 31.

to everyone who had a truly awful 2009.
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Originally Posted by Ellien C View Post
See 30 boxes of 30 year old comic books in basement...
I so hear you on this... we have moved dh's comics (and lost friends over them). When we first moved, he had about 15 long boxes. Move before this one he had around 40. This time, we moved 32 long boxes. I'm starting to threaten him with burning the stupid things. They may have a theoretical value, but no one will buy them for that price (or even 1/2 that price). It is just a ton (or more) of paper to move and store and find a place for.
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Yep, 2009 needs to end!

Its been another fine day in 2009!
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