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Just needin a bit of support...

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Soo, I talked to my mom today and realized that I havent gone through a preg or birth without at least seeing my mom and sisters every few months and that isnt possible this time due to finances. I kinda feel like a loan ship at sea.

I try to engage my partner in conversation about this preg and the birth, but it seems like I mostly talk at him because I really dont get alot of eye contact or conversation for that matter. Dont get me wrong he is a doll, and takes excellent care of me, but he is 52 and this is his 2nd child. With his first (29 yrs ago) he was in the waiting room with playing cards waiting for the nurse to come get him, so he really doesnt see what all the fuss about having the baby at home is about. Although he seems supportive MOST of the time. The other night for instance I made the comment that I believed having the baby at home was safer than going to a hosp and he replied "thats debatable"

Le sigh....Plain and simple I just really dont have anyone to talk to about my birth with out defending my plans. Hopefully soon my insurance will go through and I can get a bout finding a MW, whether or not I call her for the birth. Until then, I'm not really sure what I'm looking for other than an "I understand".

Thanks for listening!
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I am from Sorrento if you ever need to talk. Just PM me.
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Hi, I know what you mean about needing your mom. When I became pregnant I needed to talk to my mom. My fiance is the greatest man I know but there is something about being pregnant and wanting to be around and talk with the woman who carried you in "the warm loud dark place" for 9 months. I know that my fiance likes to hear facts and statistics so we read "Birth the surprising history of how we are born". Now that we've had our natural birth he comments about how weird and not normal it is for the hospital births shown on tv. I'd reccomend reading that and quoting it to him if he won't also read it. I think you are doing a great job and wish you the homebirth you are hoping for.
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thanks so much ladies!!
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hello mama. this might find some support in the "im pregnant" forum.
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I know what's it's like to have almost no support during your pregnancy. I don't have family near me and don't even have contact with my mother or 2 sisters that have children. We have no relationship at all. So it's really hard for me,but I found that this section of the forum is great for support and answers to all my questions. I hope you can find what I found here.
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