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Food storage

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My pantry is a mess and has some things stored in pastic bags. I can't even see what I have so I need a better system. What do you do for food storage. We only have one smallish pantry.
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The pantry is the only area of my house that is clean and organized! It took forever to get it that way though.
I put all dry bulk goods into glass containers. Usually jars from canning or store bought pasta sauce, etc. So rice, beans, lentils, etc. goes into those. They are easy to see and easy to move around. That was the best rhin I did to get it organized.
I also have a hanging canvas shoe holder that I use for loose things like granola bars, bags of popcorn, and for pasta and bags of beans.
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It helps to have a "theme" according to which you're organizing. You could have categories for breakfast - lunch - dinner, or canned goods (tomato sauce etc.) - dry goods (legumes, rice, pasta) - snack items (granola bars, ...) - baking supplies, depending on what works for you.
There are some good hints here: www.flylady.net and www.organizedhome.org.
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I have been collecting gallon sized glass pickle jars for a few years now. My MIL works at a retirment home and they go through quite a lot of pickles! They are really great for storing things because they are big and you can see what's in them.
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