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Any other PP mamas starving?

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I could eat a horse. I'm trying not to- it's blindingly obvious that I did not gain a lot of weight this pregnancy- but would really like to. With a side of turkey and stuffing and stuff.

Has anyone else got the freaky appetite thing going, and what are you eating? Typical seasonal fare, or ?????
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yes me!

I actually am so hungry I have to get up at night and eat 1-2 times, sometimes/usually I have cookies, yogurt, fruit or just drink a few glasses of whole milk.

Its crazy. I am losing weight really fast PP, its almost concerning if it continues at this rate.

I am not sure if it has to do with the BFing or what, but yes, I am starving and constantly eating- - much worse then pregnancy even!
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Yeah, I am starving too - though in my case some of it may be that no one knows how to go to the market here... Just buy food! Lots and lots of food!! I try to keep an apple or luna bar by the bed and I am always thirsty so lots and lots of water too - but thankfully no one has to go to the market for that!!
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Me me!! By the end of this holiday season I am going to weigh more than the end of pregnancy. LOL
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yes, but I read that Bfing moms need 500 extra calories more than late preg (when I was eating everything in sight) so I didnt think much of it. I lost alot of weight initially, which I think was water weight. Don't know about now since I wear loose pants b/c of stitches (and no scale). My tummy is almost totally in (tho stomach muscles are weird).

I'm trying to eat healthy tho, not like the last 2 desperate weeks of preg.
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Oh yeah! I have always been a big eater, and thank being able to inhale inhuman amounts of food when I'm 35 and not gaining weight, to being pregnant and breastfeeding nearly continuously for the past 8 years! It's going to be a big shock a few years from now when I'm 40 and no longer nursing or pregnant, and I actually need to watch what I eat!!!
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I'm starving all the time and I'm eating huge meals and lots of snacks. My baby breastfeeds almost constantly so I'm sure my body is just trying to keep up.

Before my mom left she stocked our fridge with all kinds of healthy yummy food and dh has been cooking and serving me and it's great.

Yesterday we took the kids out to lunch and I can rarely finish all of my food at a resturaunt and I ate evrey single bite on my plate.
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It seemed worse the first couple of days post partum, I think because I was so hungry and at the same time, I actually had room for the food and it felt great to be able to pack it away. For the first couple of weeks it felt like I was always either feeding the baby or trying to find something I could eat while holding the baby.
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I gained little enough that I was back into my pre-prego XS clothing the next day. I didn't have much of an appetite. But since birth all I want to do is eat. I'm having to be careful not to overeat.

Is that 500 more than was eaten while pregnant or before?
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Me too! Except I wasn't hungry at all the first week or two PP. I read that's common, though...probably nature's way of making you forget that you don't have time to feed yourself! But I've found that my milk production seriously suffers from any combination of not drinking enough water, not eating enough and/or not destressing enough, so it's good that I'm starving and thirsty all the time now. It makes it a lot harder to forget to eat like I was doing at first.

I need to eat healthier. I've been putting most of my emphasis on things that I can eat with one hand, which tend to lean toward the junk food end of the spectrum. It doesn't help that we haven't managed to go grocery shopping since before the birth, and Nimbus is a month old now. It's a great way to clean out the pantry, but fresh fruit and vegetables would be nice, among other things.
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