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Just about all my holiday stuff is put away. Only thing left is to pull the lights off the tree and pop it off the stand. Will do that after the kids go to bed, they wanted it up all of Christmas day...

Looking forward to things back to normal!
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Mine is all gone!

I love the clean and airy feel the house has now. And I don't even decorate much at all.
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Mine will stay up until the end of January. I put it up Thanksgiving weekend.

I love it all. The trees are so pretty - but I also don't have to move any furniture for them so nothing is rearranged or too cluttered.

I never get around to it until the end of January but this year all of our holiday entertaining got moved to January for one reason or another so this year I have an excuse to leave it all up.
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Ours only stay up for a couple of weeks.

I love the decorations, but love the extra space there is when the tree has gone!
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I'm definitely ready to take down the tree and Christmas village. They went up earlier than usual this year (at dh's request) and I'm tired of looking at them. I will keep out the simple wreaths (they are more winter wreaths than Christmas) and my bowls of scented pinecones (again, winter more than Christmas themed). I'll put away my Santa that's sitting on my front porch seasonal table but the rest of the stuff can stay out there for a couple more months. I usually have Christmas packed away by New Year's. I'd pack it away now but I think dh would have a breakdown. He loves Christmas decorations.
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Mine will be coming down Monday. I admit---from October to January, I am not a Holiday person. We do have a small tree with the trimmings, lights outside and few Christmas items to decorate. I do this for our son with a healthy dose of going to see Christmas lights and decorations and make special movie nights with cocoa and cookies or donuts. Easy crafts are fun too.. I am not a grinch...I just feel so much pressure this time of year and I feel like the real reason for the season is being forgotten more and more each year. I enjoy watching my son open presents and the delight that Santa did indeed show up and the wonderment of him trying to figure out HOW those reindeer fly. And, of course, reading the Christmas stories. BUT...as soon as it's over..I am MUCH happier and anxious to move into the New Year. This week, I will be deep cleaning and organizing to prepare. It helps me center myself for the coming year. Ok..I ranted there..but thank you..I feel better.
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catscharm74, I completely understand and feel the same way. Although, I actually am a holiday person. But by the time the holidays are over, I am SO ready to go through everything, pare down and get it all "just right" again.

Um, I feel like I should confess that my tree and lights are still up. The kids are apparently not ready for it to come down, I'm hoping for tomorrow. Look at me being all flexible and considerate of my family's wishes as well, when all I want to do it rip the lights off and chuck the tree out the door!
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I love how clean it all looks when it goes away. We are still celebrating but come Monday (after all seven of us have dentist appointments) I'll start on it in fits. It will only take a few stolen moments to get it done.
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We took ours down first thing this am. The tree that is. The village my mom and I took down and packed away yesterday along with everything but the tree.

LOVE how open and airy things feel. And clean. LOL
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Oddly enough, no I'm not ready to take it down! Surprising as I have had a bit of trouble FEELING the whole holiday spirit this year (I had a very very traumatic holiday season last year so it's haunting me) BUT... I've really enjoyed my tree, christmas cottages and few other decorations I think it also helps that my kids have been really good and even the 3yo has not destroyed the tree

I'll probably take them down on 12th night.. although I would love to just have a year round tree and decorate it for the season at hand (I told you, I love my tree!)
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I got rid of the tree this morning. I had to. I'm all done.

Just waiting for the holiday tablecloth to be finished in the dryer, then my one and only (yay!) Christmas bin can finally go up into the attic until next year. Woohoo!
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I'm oh-so-ready to put away all the stuff under the tree and such, but the tree and Christmas decorations (lights, nativity, etc) will stay up until the Epiphany if I can keep DH from taking the tree down on New Year's Day!
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How many of us didn't even put up all the decorations because we ran out of time due to "ahhh, we'll get around to it." uh, no! We didn't!

We did have a tree with ornaments, stockings, wreath on the door, and lights outside. Plenty!!
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Everything is down and the new things have found a home. We also have quite a pile of donation stuff gathering by the front door!
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Mine was all gone by Saturday morning. Once Christmas is over, I have no desire to see the decorations anymore. I almost always take them down the day after Christmas.
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