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Hi all

I just wanted to introduce myself..i am 25 yr old (almost) single momma to zoe who is 7 mos old. we live in huntington beach, calif. we practice ap parenting, family bed, sling, bfeeding, etc. i am pretty new to the single parent scene (we still live together) so i am still scaird, nervous, etc. glad to know i am not alone! its been great to see how all you ladies have managed to stay home with your child..i am working on that myself..
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Hi there!
You are not alone! I'm not exactly new, I used to frequent the boards, but it's been quite a while, so I had to re-register.
Nice to meet you!
I'm also a single mom, to a beautiful 13 month-old. It is scary. His dad and I never "officially" broke up, our relationship just died. We are both commited parents, though, which is good, but we've been fighting a lot lately about where "babylovecake" spends the weekends. "Dad's" demands keep increasing, so I am seeking legal advice to find out what my rights are, and to determine what's best for my lovecake.
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greetings and blessings


I am a 28 year old mother goddess to a 3.5 year old, totally energetic, off the wall in fact, boy. I am technically single, though I became involved in a pretty serious relationship last year. Partially because of this relationship, but mostly for fincancial reasons, I am planning on moving to the LA area. It has been a difficult decision because my ds's father is involoved in his life on a regular basis and he is a decent guy.

Anyways, I would love to get to know any young ap moms out there. I have plenty of time for my ds as I work part time right now, but I don't have plenty of energy. He zaps it out of me within a half hour! And I'm no slug.

But I do find the more ladies I have to chat with about my mothering role and the choices I make with it, the more energized I become.

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