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Missed you guys! + pics

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Sorry I've not been around lately. After a tough time nursing, and that horrible c-section I just feel sort of out of touch with the rest of you natural minded mama's.

I'm a little more over it, and I wanted to share pics of my little guy before this ddc closes.

Happy holidays to all of ya'll!
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he looks like such the little man! what expressions!!!
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Tex, he's BEAUTIFUL!!! And please don't feel that you don't belong here...you DO!!! There are other moms here who had unexpected and even planned c=sections. There are also moms here who had unexpected nursing problems, and even those who just chose to formula feed. It doesn't matter!!! I myself CHOOSE to use disposable diapers, even though many people here choose cloth. I CHOOSE to give my baby a pacifier. Heck, I work full time so my baby takes a bottle!

Anyway, welcome back, thanks for sharing pictures It looks like you're doing a wonderful job being his mama!!!!!!!!
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i'm with 2boyzmama, i had meant to say something similar but ya' know....brain fart. basically, csection or not, planned or unplanned, everything happens for a reason and as far as i can see, that reason is an awesome healthy baby.

ya know, for me, being "natural minded" doesn't mean "cloth diapers + ebf + home birth = natural." there should be no prescription. to me it just means doing what's best for your baby and your family and being conscious of your options. now...off to fetch my 2nd diet coke of the morning!!!! he he. take that, "natural!"
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He's beautiful... and I also agree with 2boyzmama and tzs.
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I with everybpdy else! Welcome back!! And your son looks adorable
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texmati, he's gorgeous! what wise eyes he has

i agree w/everyone else- it doesn't matter how he got here, or what you've had to do to keep him fed you belong here, and so does he! he looks great and i'd say that's a testament to you doing a great job
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texmati...he is so adorable!!!

and again, don't feel bad about anything non-natural,we don't care one bit. if it makes you feel better i had an epidural and i totally can not follow through with cloth diapering even though i really wanted to. haha.
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Thanks you guys! I don't know what it is, I keep trying to tell myself I don't care, I didn't care, and he's here and he's fine-- but sometimes at 3 am a little voice inside will think "I didn't get to see him being born... I don't remember the first time I nursed him... I wasn't there when DH saw his son for the first time."

I never thought of myself as such a sap, but that last one really gets me.

Anyways... we are also not doing cloth diapers. DS is a crier, and he cries when he's wet in cloth. We also gave in with the paci. I'll do anything to keep him from crying. It's so wonderful to hear from all of you-- I'm considering joining face book just so I can see your little ones!
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i think alot of us probably feel that way about something...that we missed out or messed up on something. i ended up getting pit and an epi and even though i'm the first one to say "great, she's healthy and she's amazing," i do feel a little cheated out of that natural endorphin rush, i wonder if the bonding would have been more instant or more intense...or just what a natural labor would have felt like. you're not the only one. life never goes as planned, ya know?
anyway, congrats again.
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What a cutie!

Ultimately, we all have to find the path that works best for us, and being ok with that is the best thing we can do. I breast and bottle feed, use pacifiers, work outside the home, etc and so on. Oh, and it took my having the epidural I swore I didn't want in both my previous delivery and my most recent to actually allow my body to do the work it needed to do. My first baby was sans epi, and while there was a difference and I wish I could have done that- I love my kids, and doing what we needed to do at that moment to make things work was the most important thing.

Whether or not I'm crunchy enough is never a concern these days.
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he is sooooo cute! AND yeah you can't predict your birth so i hope you don't feel bad anymore about the way things went. it's hard though i know, i wanted a homebirth and i didn't get that, i didn't want to be induced and i was plus i tore like no-bodies-business and was separated from my baby for about 38 grueling hours after suffering a blood clot in my lung and i was on medication for 3 months that i didn't really want to take, how un-natural is that??? LOL but you know what we did get?? beautiful, beautiful babies, THAT IS FOR CERTAIN!!
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He is gorgeous. And I feel the same as everyone else here. The important fact is your son was born! You are a Mom and he is here. All that other stuff, is just stuff. Having what you want isn't always what we get.

I wanted a water birth, I ended up with 60+hours of labor and a c-section. But now I have Sophia and how she got here isn't what is important. She is here and I am a great Mom, that is what matters.

Hopefully from now on, at 3 am, it will be our voices you here and not that one that has been haunting you!
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Thanks all of you-- I really needed the pep talk today. It's true, the most important thing is that he's here, happy, healthy and whole. Thanks so much, and a big hug to sugar pop and octobermoon. s
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Originally Posted by texmati View Post
Thanks all of you-- I really needed the pep talk today. It's true, the most important thing is that he's here, happy, healthy and whole. Thanks so much, and a big hug to sugar pop and octobermoon. s
hugs back!!! thanks. i definitely have my days when i am like why me?
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