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We have tons of snow falling in North Texas & I think it will actually stick around for a bit. I pray that all the mamas due around now will have the birth they are desiring & that the weather doesn't impede upon them!!
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We are expecting around 15 inches here but we are also having a homebirth so we are snug and at peace
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I'm in Dallas and loving the snowy weather, even if it is light! I'm from Milwaukee, WI and this is the first Christmas that I won't be home b/c traveling that far with 2 weeks left is way scary!! So I am so thankful for the little bit of snow to make it feel a little bit more like Christmas even if I can't be with my family!
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My in-laws were supposed to come today from Wichita Falls, and are waiting due to the roads (I am in Houston). No snow here, but we got it 3 weeks ago
! Now it is your turn, I guess.
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