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Pennsylvania autism services

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Any comments/ input? Specifically interested in Poconos/Scranton region, but overall interested in learning more about services- community-based as well as school-based.

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There are several Pennsylvania autism groups on Yahoo Groups. Type in Pennsyvania and autism into the Yahoo Groups search function, you'll see the groups. Maybe someone in one of those groups has some information.

It's also one of the few states where insurers are required to pay for autism treatments. It's such a great benefit, in my opinion.
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definitely apply for medicaid as well- they will pay for tons of therapies, for free;
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Thanks! Any other experiences? I'm wondering if providers are available- I am worried that even if there is a right to services, there will be looooooomg waitlists etc. for the good ones....
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Hey therdogg... I am in the area and have a son with an ASD dx.

There is a HUGE wait list for initial services. We waited almost a year for an inital consultation. We chose to go to Danville rather than Scranton for services (even though Scranton is a little closer for us). There are a few highly recommended providers in the geisinger network... when I get home I can provide the info for you. Forgive me though, I am not on MDC as much as I was when the kids were very small so my reply might take a few days. If I remember to log on to MDC this weekend I will PM you if you would like.

We are in a very small, more rural school district but they adhere to the state-wide services that are mandated. So far, they have been *wonderful*, very supportive and helpful. There are mandated services available. Unfourtunatly, a lot of the services only take medical assistance. I was pretty bent out of shape over having to choose between our existing medical insurance (which I was very happy with) and huge out of pocket expense for therapy/support and crappier over-all coverage for my son and no co-pays. In the end, we did apply for MA because the co-pays were killing my pocketbook. I feel like I traded good dental care and easy access to specialists for therapies and support services!

Locating local services was pretty difficult for us because of where we live. Living in Luzerne/Lackawanna counties where there is more money per capita, it may be easier for you to find services.
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Thanks, that would be great! I also sent you an email...

Anyone else in PA?
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