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Natural Cures for Yeast Infection

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I was diagnosed with a yeast infection by my doctor a week ago. She gave me two tablets of the generic of Diflucan of 150 mg each. I took them and things got a little bit better for awhile but now I woke up this morning and it seems the burning and irritation is back. I have been researching natural cures and I would like to go the natural route and avoid meds if I can.

Do any of you have any ideas for some natural cures for yeast infection? I plan on getting some plain, unsweetened yogurt with the live cultures to start eating but other than that I am not sure what else to do? Do I need to go to my local health food store and buy some stuff there or is there some stuff I can use at home?

I would appreciate any and all suggestions and advice. Thanks in advance for your help.

Mom to Rebecca (15) and David (5)
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I've used coconut oil with success. Add it to your diet to battle yeast in the gut and also apply it to the area of discomfort. It has amazing antifungal properties. Be sure to get the unrefined, organic, food-grade coconut oil.
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Do you have/had any mercury fillings in your teeth? Candida binds with excess mercury to protect us.

Where to start? Help 101

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Thanks for your replies. I will try the coconut oil and see if that works. Thanks for the idea. Also, I do have mercury fillings so I will check out the link you gave me.

I wanted to add that my doctor also gave me a prescription for Cipro and told me to take that if the generic Diflucan didn't work. I have always heard that antibiotics can cause more yeast infection. Should I go ahead and take the Cipro and see if that clears things up?

Thank you again for your help,

Mom to Rebecca (15) and David (5)
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You can try coconut oil topically for comfort. Or yogurt topically. But, with mercury fillings, I wouldn't want to do diflucan which could release stored mercury into blood circulation to redeposit in your organs or brain.

"Candida is our friend", as Susan Weed said. Candida protects us from toxin overload by binding with heavy metals, especially mercury. Candida is a symptom of an imbalanced nutrient/detox/gut microbial system. That can be addressed. Killing off candida doesn't correct the nutrient/detox imbalance; it actually taxes it further. Antibiotics destroy the 'good bacteria' further.

There are nutrients to support toxin excretion, vit C, selenium, B12, molybdenum, zinc, magnesium, sulfate...

I'd focus on *adding* nutrients, improving stomach acid and recolonizing the gut with beneficial microbials.

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WHAT?!? CIPRO?!?! for a YEAST infection?!?

Yes, I am yelling. Cipro will GIVE you a yeast infection, among other potential complications. And a systemic antibiotic is complete overkill for a bacterial infection that is contained to the vagina. Cipro is SOO, sooo strong - it will kill every good bug in you (except yeast). What Pat said...


Garlic suppository - peel a clove of garlic, and insert it into your vagina. Replace every 6-8 hours. You should have relief within 24 hours, and it should be cured within 3 days. If you are concerned about retrieval, you can thread a thread through the clove (like a tampon).

Garlic will cure/kill yeast OR a vaginal bacterial infection.

Best wishes. Sorry to come across so strong, but Cipro was given to me 15 years ago, prophylactically for a poison ivy reaction, and I had yeast infections - among other things - for years afterward.
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Oh Wow! Great information and I am so thankful for both of your replies. Now I am scared as I started taking the Cipro last night and this morning because the pain and burning would not stop and I was just plain scared and I so want this feeling to go away. So, should I stop taking the Cipro immediately?

I will go and get some garlic today and do that and see how it goes. I hope I have not caused any more harm by taking the Cipro.

Have any of your heard of D-mannose? I have been researching about it this morning on the internet. Do you think that is something I should try also? Also, someone told me to start taking Culturelle. Should I do that also? I am just so confused as to what to do and how to start.

I also have a prickly-like, scratched feeling in my urethra area. Is that normal with a yeast infection? It feels like my urethra has been scratched or something and is irritated. It is a weird feeling.

Again, thank you both for your help and advice.

Mom to Rebecca (15) and David (5)
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Do you or the doctor think you have a bacterial infection? Basically, bacterial/yeast are the opporsites of each other - an imbalance in one will create an overgrowth of the other. Kill off the bacteria = yeast. Kill off all the yeast (make it inhospitable) = potential for bad bacteria. I was in a bad cycle of treating yeast (OTC creams), then going to the GYN for SOMEthing, which was treated as a bacterial infection with a topical antibiotic (never an oral antibiotic). Back and forth I went , until I found MDC and read about garlic...and I was hooked, both on MDC and garlic (and later other) natural cures. I can't speak to currelle or the other that you mention, as garlic - with coconut oil as something that feels good - has always worked for me. Tea tree oil is something else you could consider if it doesn't respond to garlic. Again, TTO is something that will kill either yeast OR bacteria.

After a treatment (garlic or TTO or otherwise), you should consider recolonate your vagina with things that WuWei suggests - acidopholis capsules can be inserted vaginally, for example.

Do you or your dr suspect that you have - or are getting - a urinary tract infection and that's why the Cipro?

I would think the bacteria OR yeast could make your external uretheral opening feel ouchy.
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Both D-mannose and Culturelle would help with a urinary tract infection. The Culturelle will help if it is a yeast overgrowth also.

TTO (dilute with olive oil or water as it is strong and stings raw skin) has both antifungal (yeast) and antibacterial properties. Coconut oil does also. The coconut oil will be soothing.

Adding probiotics to your diet will help to strengthen your immune system. Personally, *I* would not take the Cipro further, unless you had a culture and sensitivity done on your urine which indicated it was an appropriate antibiotic for a diagnosed infection.

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Thank you both again for your advice and quick replies. I am so thankful to have all of you helping me and giving my some advice. The reason my doc gave me the Cipro is because she said if I didn't respond to the Diflucan then I would need to take the Cipro because it could mean that I might be getting a UTI or some other infection. She did a urine culture the day I went to the doctor's office but it came back negative. So, she is basing everything on my symptoms and prescribed the meds she did based on what I told her. Since I am Type II diabetic she thought I might be more susceptible to an infection.

I will definitely go and get some garlic and coconut oil and take the Culturelle. I am hoping the things you all suggested will help me. I will keep you updated and I just want you to know how much I appreciate your help. I am so glad to have the information on this group available to me.

Have a great day!

Mom to Rebecca (15) and David (5)
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Hi Kristy,

I see you have lots of helpful replies, but wanted to pass along this article from Women to Women on Systemic yeast / Candida. Lots of great info and if you scroll to the bottom, you will find a ton of tips for foods to avoid/include to get rid of yeast. Good luck!
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Thank you subtlycrunchy for the link. I was going to ask that next as to what foods I need to avoid in order to keep my body clear of yeast and such. This is great information and I am sure with all the help and advice I have received here this yeast infection should clear up soon. I just want to feel better and not get one of these again.

Thanks again for your reply,

Mom to Rebecca (15) and David (5)
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I just wanted to add that I use garlic frequently to treat YIs and it works great. I usually start it as soon as I feel it coming on and it's gone after the first treatment. If the YI is worse it takes a little more. If you have external itching, you'll need to either apply some cream to get rid of that or carefully rub some raw, peeled garlic on it. The garlic can burn so just start on a less sensitive area to see if it bothers you. It doesn't bother me at all and cures the YI more quickly than anything else I've tried.

(I'm also very surprised Cipro was recommended!!)
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Thank you mommyfied for your reply. I went and bought some garlic from the grocery store yesterday and have started to use that today and some TTO and it has relieved my symptoms tremendously. I appreciate all of your replies and for your excellent advice.

Mom to Rebecca (15) and David (5)
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