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August 2010 roll call!

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Late July:
Kristeremy -Kristen -expecting #3
two_sets_of_twins -Janet -expecting #7

Late July/Early August:
Neptune2 -Val -expecting#3
AmyKT -Amy -expecting#2
Fruitful4Him ~Ruth ~expecting#6
somegirl99 ~Paula ~expecting#1
violet ~Violet ~expecting#1

Sometime in August:
osker ~K&H ~expecting#1
MommaLura ~Lura ~expecting#2
momtoafireteam ~Nikki ~expecting#5
geekgolightly ~Kathy ~expecting #2
miss_nikki ~Nikki ~expecting #4
lunarlady ~Carlyn ~expecting #2

Early August:
meredyth0315 ~Meredyth ~expecting#4
jazzybaby9 ~Jasmine ~expecting#2

Mid August:
gingerbane: ~Caitlyn ~expecting#2
maryrocha3 ~Mary ~expecting#1
nmelanson ~Nicole ~expecting#2
Suka ~Sarrita ~expecting#1
yankee mama ~Abby ~expecting#2
franjapany ~Franziska ~expecting#2
BlackSheepPDX ~Ali ~expecting #2
bendmom ~Becca ~expecting #3
dara00 ~Dara ~expecting #3
MonP'titBoudain ~expecting #3

Late August:
AutumnAir ~Lisa ~expecting#2
rightkindofme ~Krissy ~expecting #2
ashleymarie ~expecting #1
MyFillingQuiver ~Andrea ~expecting #6
Parker'smommy ~Heather ~expecting #3

August 1st
jorona -Shauna -expecting#2
KempsMama ~Heathyr ~expecting #2
colleen2851 ~Colleen ~expecting #2

August 2nd
LaFlaca1226 ~Bethany ~expecting#2
livsmom ~Maddie ~expecting#2

August 3rd
Esky -Esky -expecting #1
MJB ~MJ ~expecting#3
smerkin ~Stacy ~expecting#2

August 4th
teamsalem -Sharon -expecting #3
momongeon -Meghan -expecting #3
amanpea ~Andie ~expecting #1
Taylah ~Laurie ~expecting#1
Sprouterific ~Sprout ~expecting#1
momcani ~Allison ~expecting #3

August 5th
Evie's Mama -Elizabeth -expecting#2
carrierenee ~Carrie ~expecting#2
lisalulu ~Lisa ~expecting#3
lindsayb ~Lindsay ~expecting #1
.Elle. ~Elle ~expecting #1

August 6th
gaudynight -Cathy -expecting#5
isras1 -Rebekah -expecting #1
justmeandfamily ~Julie ~expecting#4
mamacassafrass ~Cassie ~expecting #2

August 7th
Finsmommy ~Ashley ~expecting#2
lmheartsmm ~Lisa ~expecting #2
rguthrie ~expecting #1

August 8th
LindsayK ~Lindsay ~expecting#2
kdaisy ~Rachael ~expecting#2
colorbywords ~Nicole ~expecting#1
MammaB21 ~Roberta ~expecting #2
RabbitRabbit ~Stephanie ~expecting #1
MamaToGoose ~Vanessa ~expecting #2

August 9th
mamabearsoblessed ~Em ~expecting#4
akgrown ~Kelsey ~expecting #1
mystify42 ~Jessa ~expecting #2

August 10th
LZP ~LZP ~expecting#1
Dahlea ~Autumn ~expecting #2
UmmIlyas ~Darcy ~expecting #3
craftmuffin ~Jena ~expecting #3
newmomma7 ~Holly ~expecting #1

August 11th
Leonine ~Amelia ~expecting #1

August 12th
piratemonkey ~Beth ~expecting #1

August 13th
moumo321 ~Kari ~expecting#1
amyrobynne ~Amy ~expecting#3
SoxMama ~SoxMama ~expecting#2
Mama Mko ~expecting#3

August 14th
maciascl ~Cheryl ~expecting#3
Diyan ~Lydia ~expecting#2
newmommy7-08 ~Kelly ~expecting #2 and #3

August 15th
Nicole Starr ~Nicole ~expecting#1

August 16th
tanyaR1024 ~Tanya ~expecting#2
Woodland ~Melissa ~expecting #2

August 17th
elphaba826 ~Jen ~expecting#3
the elyse ~Elyse ~expecting#3
mrstorres2005 ~Mary ~expecting#5

August 18th
Kimmiepie ~Kim ~expecting#5
sweetiebird ~Wendy ~expecting#2
mzmum ~expecting #3
kimkim ~Kim ~expecting #1
Vandi ~Rhys ~Expecting #1
*Jade* ~Jade ~expecting #1
vulnerable ~Jenn ~expecting #2
einalems ~Melanie ~expecting #4

August 19th
limette ~Limette ~expecting#3
Lily Bea ~Lisa ~expecting #2

August 20th
MissMorgan ~Morgan ~expecting #1
andtay23 ~Andrea ~expecting #2

August 21st
PixieLittle ~Kristi ~expecting#1
VillageMom6 ~expecting#6
moxielou ~Cindy ~expecting#2
babscapo ~Barbara ~expecting#1
melis79 ~Melissa ~expecting#4
Grover ~expecting #1
otxena ~expecting #2

August 22nd
trimestersdoula ~Jaclyn ~expecting #2

August 23rd
secondimpression ~Emily ~expecting#2
em123 ~Emily ~expecting#2
seattlemamma ~Kylie ~expecting #5
gunnarsmama77 ~Lindsay ~expecting #2
squiggy ~Laura ~expecting #1

August 24th
autumnfairy76 ~Cherie ~expecting #2
holz ~Holly ~expecting #1

August 25th
babycatcher12 ~Erin ~expecting#4
megan sacha ~Megan ~expecting#2
SunshineSwirl ~Sunshine ~expecting #4
McK.E ~Elaine ~expecting #3
laughymama ~Jamie ~expecting #2

August 26th
rlandnl ~Nicki ~expecting#2
Vaquitita ~Rebekah ~expecting#3
detroitgirl77 ~Michelle ~expecting #3
DreamsInDigital ~Lydia ~expecting #6

August 27th
thenaturefreak ~Beth ~expecting #3
graciegal ~expecting #1
Pixie26 ~Sally ~expecting #3

August 28th
russsk ~Shanna ~expecting #2
meganlisbeth ~Megan ~expecting #2

August 29th
onemomma ~expecting #3
nyteacher ~Jessica ~expecting #1
dannic ~Dannic ~expecting #4
naturalmomma1 ~Danielle ~expecting #3

August 30th
Pyrodjm ~Dana ~expecting#2
couponmom85 ~Melinda ~expecting #2
Meeks ~expecting #3

August 31st
Underwhelmed ~Christina ~expecting #2

September 1st
nlhousewifey ~Sarah ~expecting #2

Always in our thoughts
~organic-mama~Momof3Nic~leurmaman~birthdancedoula~gentlecow girl~Suzannah~finnegansmom~IdentityCrisisMama~oute rspacemama~FarmerCathy~lab80~Demeter~
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EDD: August 18, 2010 I think it will be on August 27, 2010
Name: Rhys
Age: 24, 25 next month
Location: on an island
Family (partner, other children, etc): DH
Gender preferences/inklings: Thinking PINK!
Names you like: seven letter C or N names
Birth Plans/Preferences: water birth w/ my midwife
Anything else you'd like to share: feeling very blessed
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joining in

EDD: August 11, 2010
Name: Amelia
Age: 26
Family (partner, other children, etc): DH, stepson (10)
Gender preferences/inklings: I had a dream that it was a girl, but I'm afraid to do any wishful thinking
Names you like: not there yet
Birth Plans/Preferences: probably at home
Anything else you'd like to share: feeling very nervous as I've had 2 miscarriages. One was at 12 weeks, the second very early (2 or 3 weeks). But I'm ready to start believing this is real, even if I'm not ready to talk about it with anyone in real life yet. The nausea and smell sensitivity sure is real!
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EDD: mid August, maybe 8/15
Name: Dara
Age: 31
Location: Kansas City
Family (partner, other children, etc): married, have a 4.5 yr old girl and a 2.5 yr old boy
Gender preferences/inklings: feels like a girl
Names you like: not sure
Birth Plans/Preferences: trying for a vba2c
Anything else you'd like to share: ?
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I added you three! Welcome!
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EDD: August 23... the date's a bit squishy so I'm going with "mid-August"
Age: 29
Location: midwest
Family (partner, other children, etc): DH (8 1/2 yrs!!), ds, 4y, dd 21mos
Gender preferences/inklings: none... it usually takes me a while to get an inkling but I've been right both times so far!
Names you like: we don't share!
Birth Plans/Preferences: homebirth w/ my midwife
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EDD: August 30th
Name: Melinda
Age: 24
Location: South East USA
Family (partner, other children, etc): DH and DS (2years Old Almost 3!)
Gender preferences/inklings: Really want a Girl, BUT i am Just Excited for a New baby!
Names you like: "A" names
Birth Plans/Preferences: VBAC? But might have to have 2nd C section.
Anything else you'd like to share: I CANT WAIT
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EDD: August 18, 2010 I think it will be on August 27, 2010
Name: Jade
Age: 29
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Family (partner, other children, etc): DH, 2 cats
Gender preferences/inklings: Thinking girl, but happy either way!
Names you like: Too many to list!
Birth Plans/Preferences: Hoping for waterbirth at home.
Anything else you'd like to share: Happy to be here and trying to be less anxious every day after a miscarriage last March.
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EDD: August 25, 2010
Name: Sunshine
Age: 27
Location: Northern Virginia, USA
Family (partner, other children, etc): DH, DD (5.5) DS (3.5) DD (13 mo.)
Gender preferences/inklings: Need a boy for my son to be rough with! Otherwise, I love them all (and it will be a surprise when it is born)
Names you like: Something toward the end of the alphabet that is older, but not popular right now
Birth Plans/Preferences: VBAC, hopefully first at home
Anything else you'd like to share: I hope I don't have another placenta previa. I'm only 7 weeks (ish), man it's already taking forever
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My name is Kylie. I am 34. Pregnant with my 5th estimated to arrive August 23, 2010. I am hoping for a girl. We are choosing an A name. This pregnancy was a surprise. My chart says I should not be pregnant, however I did have the flu and was on medication for a pulled chest muscle. Somehow I think this interfered with my stats. Based on the Shettles method I should be having a girl. I ovulated on the 1st and did the deed 6 days before that. My last child was at home unassisted if all goes well I am planning the same.
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Hi there!

I'm 25, and found out a week ago that I am pregnant with my first child - due late August. I'm excited but insanely nervous about it as well.

I'm a vegetarian, hoping to find a midwife, and someone pointed me towards Mothering as a fabulous place to learn lots. I'm excited to be here!
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EDD: August 28, 2010
Name: Megan
Age: 37
Family (partner, other children, etc): DH, DS (20 months)
Gender preferences/inklings: hoping for a girl with the usual disclaimers that anyone healthy is a-okay.
Names you like: not yet. have a girl name but feels too early to share.
Birth Plans/Preferences: hospital due to a crazy experience with DS. hoping for as few interventions as possible though.
Anything else you'd like to share: cautiously hopeful that this is for real.
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EDD: August 06, 2010
Name: Cassie
Age: 37
Family: Daughter Ruby age 6; Soon to be divorced
Gender preferences/inklings: I want a girl but daddy wants a boy. I'm a twin and I seem pretty big...
Names you like: Jax Andrew. girl...???
Birth Plans/Preferences: hospital midwife
Anything else you'd like to share: my relationship with the father is extremely rocky, I have NO family except my brother who lives across the country. The same for the father. I feel extremely alone. Still I am looking forward to a new baby!!!
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Me! Me!

EDD: 8/31/10
Name: Christina
Age: 28
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Family (partner, other children, etc): DH, DS1 (2.5)
Gender preferences/inklings: none
Names you like:
Birth Plans/Preferences: water birth w/midwife
Anything else you'd like to share:
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EDD: August 12th
Name: nikki
Age: 27
Location: kentucky
Family (partner, other children, etc): DH, 2 dds, and ds
Gender preferences/inklings: I'm open
Names you like: just started thinking about it
Birth Plans/Preferences: home water birth
Anything else you'd like to share: I'm still in shock, but feeling blessed.
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Can you adjust my EDD to Aug 4th please
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Originally Posted by Taylah View Post
Can you adjust my EDD to Aug 4th please
Welcome to the 4th
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Updated to here, including you ladies that sent me a PM.

Welcome to all our new additions!
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EDD: September, 1 (but I'm thinking late August)
Name: Sarah
Age: 23
Family DH, DS, 2 DSD
Gender preferences/inklings: We don't care- just a healthy baby.
Names you like: DH and I can't agree on any.
Birth Plans/Preferences: Probably un-medicated but in the hospital.
Anything else you'd like to share: It has taken us nearly a year of ART/IVF treatments to get here- I couldn't be more excited, or terrified!
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EDD: Sometime in August
Name: Carlyn
Age: 32
Location: Colorado
Family: DH, DD (3yo)
Gender preferences: Either is fine by me!
Names: Not even close to there yet
Birth plan: Homebirth #2 with a midwife
Anything else: It's been a rocky start with a lot of bleeding, but the bean is hanging in there and so am I!
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