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I just finished up the laundry room/sewing and craft supply room/game storage room. I feel so much better. I have one small box of things I need to finish - yk, stuff that just needs a little fix here or there and if I sit down and do it, then that stuff can go back to its homes.

I'm down to the kitchen and garage.
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Hi everyone! I have 5 laundry baskets of stuff we won't miss lined up in the hallway and hope to keep it coming.

Waiting on a local mom to come go through to see if her cousins (whose house just burnt down) can use anything them will sort for Salvation Army and Freecycle tomorrow.

Hooray for less stuff!!!!
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I cleaned out our back hall closet enough that I can actually fit our extra winter coats and the vaccum in it. It's just been packed full of junk for months if not years. I also sorted through the extra/not right size winter stuff we have for the kids and got rid of a couple of snowsuits, and some clothes the 2 yo has outgrown. Now I actually have space in my bedroom closet.
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I got rid of 4 cook books today. They are in the donation box and ready to leave when dh takes them with him on the way to work.

I like this
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Good job, mommas!

Weekend was just too crazy for me to find time to do much, so I am looking forward to this week - gonna stay home all week and declutter my tail off! (13 years worth of saved clothes! )
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I haven't done any yet, but it would feel really good to declutter in the next 3 days!
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My mom showed up at noon and left at 9. She helped me switch out and pack up all the clothes that were too small to keep, clothes to give away, process new toys/clothes and handmedowns, purge books, switch out small diapers to medium diapers, label the stored items, and clean up the room completely. Poor girl is 6 months old and her room looked like a storage area because I was so overwhelmed with all the 'blessings' (handmedowns) that people gave us.

She is off all next week, so she is going to help me tackle this house room by room. I make "good" coffee (haha) and she mainly plays with HC and keeps me on task while I do most of the hard work. I just need someone to keep me on task. I am very excited about this week.
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Well the bug must of it DH. He was off last week and is off next week too. He cleaned all the carpets and has been cleaning the study today tossing out stuff left and right! I need to buy more garbage bags! It is really not stuff that can be donated and our local freecycle has poofed off yahoo groups and I am not liking the new site they have. I am just happy to have it gone.
I did most of the other rooms before Christmas. I did the kitchen, school room, toys, kids clothes, LR, ect ect. Just did my closet while reading this thread I love getting rid of stuff

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I'm late but here too!

The kids and I cleaned for 2 hours today to un-Cmas everything

This week my plans are...

~organize the bookshelves
~organize/declutter the school cabinet
~Declutter my desk and render it useable
~Organize the bathroom closet. Probably declutter too, but since I usually refuse to look in there who's to say at this point

But today was spent cleaning so we CAN declutter. I'm looking forward to it, a fresh start to a new year!

Thanks for the encouragement everyone!
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Worked on linen closets today. Got rid of towels that were too far gone and organized everything by size and folded it neatly.

My goodwill pile is getting big. I'll have to drop it off somewhere soon.
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i'm doing this too! (trying to catch up on 100 things in december . . . )

on saturday, i dropped off a big bag with 29 articles of clothing.

yesterday, i packed up the knife block, dish rack i never use, an unloved coin bank, and a bunch of other miscellany including some dollar store junk from christmas (brand new!) but that stuff is still in my house.

i have lots in the basement to get rid of too.
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I dropped my 5 baskets off this morning, AND picked up a decluttering foster dog yesterday... she chews stuff we leave out so we HAVE to clean up and get rid of extra stuff that does not have a home. Hooray! We're in Northern Virginia and we if anyone wants Elizabeth the hound next
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I'm in. I'm working on deep cleaning our bedroom today. I went through my closets/drawers last month and got rid of clothing I'm not wearing anymore, so that doesn't need to be done today.

So far I've cleaned out my nightstand drawers, and gone through the pile of DH's dirty clothes in the closet. DH did one sweep through the desk, but I'm going to go through a second time to get rid of *my* crap and I'm also going to attempt to get the file cabinet updated/organized. I was getting a little tired, so I decided to take a break for a couple of minutes and come here for some inspiration.

Okay, back at it...
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Emptied out the hallway of the bins, etc. that needed to go up to the attic. That took me a bit longer than I expected, because I moved everything around to make more sense. We also made and cleaned up from lunch, and I got sucked in and re-organized a few things in the kitchen cabinets.

Starting on the garage w dh in a few (which I'm not really looking forward to!). And doing laundry in between...

Overall, a pretty productive day.
And I love reading about all of your progress!
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Okay, I have two large trash bags of clothes by the front door for Purple Heart and plan to get more there tonight. My room is looking so much better but not great yet!
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I'm attacking the kitchen today. We are limited on cabinet space, so we already have a limited number of items in there. However, I want to get it labeled so dh and the kids know exactly where everything goes (dh had requested this). I also need new shelf liner - which I don't have. So, I think I'll ask the kids to draw/color some pictures on some of our big blank newspaper and cover it with clear contact paper - homemade shelf liner!
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I'm in!
Everything but the Christmas tree is put away. I should focus on toys. All the new ones are piled neatly on the train table without a home. Instead, I'm going to do what I'm inspired by, bookshelves, my dresser, and one cabinet. DH is encouraging me to bring the toy kitchen into the basment. No one plays with it.
Will update soon.
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havent been officially following the thread but last night got into DD's room and cleaned and made some actual decluttering progress...there's a box full of stuff for goodwill and will try to get some more today!
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I signed up to hopefully start a new Freecycle chapter for my area. We don't have one here!! Does that count? I'll be helping other people declutter too.
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I'm taking a break from the kitchen. I'm making good progress but it is taking longer than I expected. You would think a small kitchen with limited items wouldn't take long...but I think it is taking longer because of that. I want it to be incredibly efficient, which is difficult to do with an incredibly inefficient kitchen.
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