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Grooviest iPhone/Ipod Apps?!?!?!

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Please suggest all of your favorite iPhone apps to me! I just got my first iPhone for Xmas and my DH got an IPOD. I would love some AP related apps. Perhaps even something that tracks fertility/periods, etc.? We homeschool so really good organizational and educational apps would be appreciated. I will occasionally let my children 8 & 10) play on it, so anything especially cool geared towards them would be nice, too.

I'm like a kid in a candy shop today! This is so much fun!
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AppBox Pro has a calendar in it that tracks your periods. It will guesstimate the date of your next few periods, tell you when you're most fertile. It also has a currency converter, date calculator (put in two different dates, will tell you how many days between), countdown how many days until ???, holidays, loan calculator, price grab (comparison between two different items as far as price and weight), translator, a unit converter (convert km into gallons).

I really like the Baby Sign app. It has 200 signs that could possibly be used by kids. I have taken Level 1 for sign langauge so I know the basics like milk, drink, eat, toilet, etc but feelings, animals, etc are a little more difficult to remember. Because sign language is something that you teach on the spot, and you don't want to be lugging around the big ASL dictionary, this is a great app!

Flixster is good too....shows you all the movies coming out on DVD, coming out in theaters, coming out soon etc. Tells you who's in it, what others thought of it (% rating), and also shows you the Rotten Tomatoes %. You can also watch the trailers.

Hubby and I have a really hard time watching our spending....so I use the app called Pennies. You can plug in how much you spent, what category, and it'll show you on a gas tank meter how far along you are in your monthly budget. At the end of the month you can see how much you spent where.

There's one titled Christmas...plug in who you want to buy for, your budget etc and you can keep a running tally of your Christmas shopping.

C25K is one I will use in the future. Gets you going from the couch to running 5km. You can listen to music and it'll give you instructions (run 30 sec, now walk). Will also tell you when you're at your halfway mark in the run so you can turn around.

Have fun!
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ABC Animals

A Period/Cycle Tracker

Around Me (saves $$ on 411)


AllRecipies Recipe Spinner

Public Radio

Grocery IQ

PS Mobile (make your pictures super pretty)

NPR Station Finder

Facebook for iPhone
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Thank you!

Anyone else have any more suggestions?
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I'll have to come back to add ones I have (or want). I am on the lookout, too, though b/c I got an app giftcard from my SIL for xmas. Very excited to use it, I just haven't sat down and looked thru the store lately.

oh, kinda creepy but I did recently get been verified - which is free - it's supposed to be a backround check app, though I haven't seen anyones criminal history come up when I search ... but it does show last known address, phone numbers, DOB, home values, etc. Nothing a good google search can't turn up, but still kinda creepy that it's so easy to access.

eta: sorry, missed the AP part . I use the fertility friend app a lot, and my kids love all sorts of flash cards.
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K - well, I mostly play games on my iPhone. but I have some really fun ones:

- Running with Scissors: Pre-season (it's running with your little fingers as legs and you jump/fly over things, really really fun!)
- Peggle
- Gemmed!
- word fu!

I also liked this app called "Halp! the advice generator" or something like that. it gives random, hilarious (and not very useful) advice.
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Originally Posted by Drummer's Wife View Post
eta: sorry, missed the AP part . I use the fertility friend app a lot, and my kids love all sorts of flash cards.
Oh no no, I want ANY and ALL app recommendations. I might or might not be interested, you just never know! I have and like Fertility Friend, too.

Here are some of my favorites so far:

Words with Friends -like Scrabble, can play with friends or strangers, FUN!

RedLaser - scan any barcode and it will list all of the local places and places online to buy that product and at what price, great for finding the best price for something

Amazon Kindle book app - bought a book and read it! weee! I also downloaded a whole bunch of samples (few couple of chapters of books I think I want to buy). I love reading on my phone while laying in DD's bed as she falls asleep.

Stanza - free books to read

Audiobooks - tons and tons of free audio books for adults and tons for children! Very exciting

Google Earth

Ping Lite - free text messages if you have friends who also have it

Bejeweled 2 - fun!

Sleep Diary - keeping track of my sleep

Allrecipes Recipe Spinner - oh my, I love it! Great to use for inspiration or when you are at the grocery store without a list or a plan, just choose a few recipes and there you go

Starbucks Mobile Card - keep track of your Starbucks prepaid card

The Weather Channel - way more info that the weather app that comes on the phone

Take me to My Car - So cool! click it when you park in a large parking lot (theme park, zoo, mall) and it helps you find your way back later

Epic Fail - funny stories

HomeBudget Lite, Mint and others to organize finances

Simply Organic Recipes and Whole Foods Recipes

FREE WiFi (locates free wifi in your area)

AroundMe finds various stuff around your GPS locations (stores, businesses, etc.)

I've got a few Mahjongg apps and so far they all seem about equal

WordsPops is fun

SkyMall is always entertaining to scroll through

IKEA UK - it's the IKEA catalogue in pounds, for those of us who get inspired looking through the IKEA catalogue

Tips & Tricks for iPhone - I learned quite a few things in the free version, so then I paid $.99 for the full version and felt it was worth it

NFB (National Film Board of Canada)


Chain Rxn is a soothing game

Whirly Word is addictive

Mad Libs is a good one for the kids

I've even got a CPR Choking one, but haven't looked at it yet
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You mentioned organizational needs...

I LOVE an app called ListMonger for making lists. It can do many things the other list makers don't and I have found it super helpful (grocery list, library book/movie lists, to do lists, etc. etc.)

Enjoy the iPhone!
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I love Toy Camera and Camera Bag for photos. You can do some really cool stuff. The Fertility Friend app is pretty good, though not as functional as the site. For recipes I like Epicurious. And the Moron Test and Oregon Trail are always fun. Seafoodwatch is a good guide for buying sustainable seafood, and Additives tells you all about food additives. And of course Pandora for music.
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Bejeweled 2 is my favorite (and completely addictive) game

I used to be addicted to Block Touch
And Sheep Launcher was fun for a few minutes
iFart and Fart for Free are my kids' favorites

Here are the others that I use fairly often:
Pandora Radio
Rhapsody to Go
NPR News

For teaching (violin) and practicing, I have Metronome and Cleartune electronic tuner apps.
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I'll come back to read the rest but Words with Friends kicks major butt. It's Scrabble and you can play people you know with iphones or it picks a random person. I'm killing my dh every time, it's awesome!
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