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biology lesson, please?

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What are the usual reasons for a couple NOT to conceive if intercourse occurs on or near ovulation?

I am still bf my 2 year old. I have been ovulating for almost a year. We don't use any BC but I have not gotten pregnant. I am suspecting endometriosis due to a lot of spotting before and after menses...also a defective luteal phase. But since I have one child I'm not sure what's going on.

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For a healthy couple with perfect timing the odds of conceiving are 20-25% in any month. throw in the occasional bad timing, demands of nursing, maybe an anovulatory cycle and it may be that it just hasn't happened yet. Do you have any pain or other symptoms of endometriosis? How do you know you're ovulating? what makes you suspect a defective luteal phase?

It certainly couldn't hurt to go see an ob or midwife. Usually for women under 35 who have been trying for a year they want you to come in.

Good luck!
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It's not uncommon to have a short luteal phase when nursing. I think it may be part of nature's way of child spacing even when preiods return. If your luteal phase is 10 or less days it could be that you are getting pregnant but your period comes before the embryo can fully implant. Do you chart? Do you know for sure that you're ovulating? How long is your luteal phase? I'd start with those things before looking deeper. I also wonder if there are other signs of endometriosis because I think spotting is just some women's normal.
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Thanks for these posts - just the info I was looking for. I believe I am ovulating because of mucous observations. The endo is a guess because of 3 days spotting before and after menses. I was checked for progest but at the time it was normal. I think the subfertility is probably due to the bf-ing, then.
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Could be the bf-ing. Menses did not return for me until I night weaned DS (18 m a the time). Then I atarted ovulating and my period came back. Almost like my body decided I wasn't getting enough sleep to start the process again. Once we started trying to get pg again it took 10 months.
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Spotting like that usually indicates low progesterone. Some women are helped by taking a good B Complex.
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Can you get your prolactin level checked? If it's too high, it can prevent an embryo from implanting once it's created.
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