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I would if I could, but a) I have none and b) my kids don't take naps. I don't see how it's any more irresponsible than having a half a glass of wine or smoking a cigarette, and *lots* of people do those things. Even more people swallow a pill to help them relax-- tens of millions of Americans must be taking various medications as anxiolytics. I think a hit of green is probably better for you, your kids, and the environment than the drugs. Like I said, I would if I could-- I'm absolutely certain.
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Thank you Eilonwy. and if you were here, id be more than willing to share we only have a bowl or two left...but i am never stingy with it.
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Originally Posted by BettinaAuSucre View Post
Do any other moms smoke up during naps?

sometimes i need a mid-day break...and i feel a bit bad and only smoke a tiny bit, not enough to make me unable to function but just enough to relax. i hope i dont sound irresponsible.
You don't sound irresponsible at all! I don't have kids yet, but have worked w/them enough to know that sometimes you need a break--it prob makes you a "better mom" even, by just being able to relax you can deal w/the stress of raising 2 kids!
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Running low, getting a little nervous b/c i've been having morning sickness like i'm still in 1st tri and haven't slept through the night in a week now (it's the only thing i've found to help me sleep!)
I've heard you can use what's left from a vaporizer after smoking it, so we've been saving it. Has anyone tried? it's almost all black...if anyone knows about it fill me in! i was thinking of cooking it w/butter like normal.
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It's like the Sahara here and DH & I don't know enough people in this area to be able to find any more. I am going to have family staying with us this next week and I know it would definitely come in handy. I've had some stomach issues lately and used up what I had to relieve that. I'm hoping it's pregnancy related and not just some bug.
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i smoke during naps. i don't feel it ever makes me non-functional. I've even smoked in the morning while baby is still sleeping. I do not smoke in front of the baby though. His wee-bitty lungs don't deserve that. I wish we could afford a vaporizer.
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Hi, can I join?
I don't smoke (anymore) but I have no objection with anyone else smoking.
Although, the nice way you keep talking about it, I'm seriously thinking about it again.
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so smoking during preg can help w sickness and the pukes? i was soooo sick when preg w ds...
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Does anyone have a good, natural way to detox?

I have been smoking again for med reasons and I filed for disability. I am worried that because I filed for back and neck injury, I will be tested to make sure that I'm not a pill seeker.

I have been thinking a juice, fruits and veggie fast, but not sure.
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check out the health food store.. they may have a detox formula for that, I know the one here does = D
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If you have a medicinal herbal shop, they usually have tinctures that can help detox pretty fast.
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i have been on mdc for over a year and haven't subbed to this thread...what?!?!
thankful this thread exists...

i recently heard a news clip that oregon is talking about opening dispensaries for med marijuana so people with the med marijuana card don't necessarily have to find a grower or grow themselves. yay for progress. if it does happen, it won't be for a while, but glad that the talks are happening.

in repsonse to other posts...mj helped me so much with the moring sickies in both my pregnancies.
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My grandmother is staying with us this week so we're having to smoke out in our car like criminals and I hate it. She has cancer and absolutely no appetite from all the meds she's on and I wish so badly I could cook something that she would eat so she could feel a bit better but I know she would freak out if she knew.
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So don't tell her. Heehee. There is a pill now called Marinol. It's legal but some people say it's much better to smoke a joint as the pill is not that effective. It might help her though.
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Great Documentary!

The Union: the Business behind getting high

I even learned some new things from this movie. It sheds light on not only America laws but also our own true north.

They got some great great people to interview, ex-police chiefs, tommy chong, marc emery etc.


hehe, highly
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The Union is great! It is available on netflix instant, if you have that. I've seen it 3 times. Very interesting to show to people who aren't into mj, it can be a convincing film.
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I'll third The Union.

I know I'm at my wits end with the state I live in. So much in fact, that we are moving in the fall to one of THE states.

Fall isn't coming soon enough for me!
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Hi everyone!! I just wanted to stop in and say a quick and to you ladies I've not met before. I've been subbing this winter thread and the discussion is great!!

One thing I wanted to add about the pp's question about detox - make sure your pee isn't all funny colored or too diluted when you drop b/c they will notice. I had that happen to me once and almost lost the job. I had to re-take the pee test and luckily all was ok. Just my

The situation here is good I have a steady supply thanks to DH's nephew. Anyone have suggestions on how to keep my supply from getting too dry? It gets so bad that it turns into dust when I break it up
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Hi everyone!

I always lose track of this thread, but I'm back.

Lets see, I think last time I posted DH had just gotten his MMJ card and I'd gotten him a vaporizer for his birthday. We love it! The medical industry around here is insane, there are between 20 and 30 medical marijuana dispensaries around here, with great deals and plenty of product options. DH is loving it, too bad there are lawmakers in CO always trying to drag ya down, eh? I just hope there is no regression with the acceptance of medical marijuana, but fear there will be.

Just enjoying life over here, I have a little boy due in April and am thrilled! We'll be moving here soon so I'm just enjoying the calm before the storm haha.

Hope everyone is well!
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Originally Posted by ~D~ View Post
The situation here is good I have a steady supply thanks to DH's nephew. Anyone have suggestions on how to keep my supply from getting too dry? It gets so bad that it turns into dust when I break it up
I'm not sure how well it would work, but have you tried a little humidor, like they keep cigars in?
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