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Haha, I love that fornicating deer. If I lived in a cold climate I'd totally make one of those!

Iowaorganic - your coat turned out really well! And the needle rolls look so nice and neat and well-contained. This thread is giving me far too many good ideas for more projects

I'm nearly finished a couple of peg baskets ... hopefully I'll get them done this morning and I can post some pics.
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Another project was to scan some pictures/pages for some friends. While I was at it, I thought I'd share a few.

Here are a few for y'all....

DH says I get extra credit because I figured out the scanner and the software and getting the scans from the desktop to my laptop all by myself. I didn't call him once!
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Awesome job scrapping! I finished up a pair of baby socks for a baby shower- but that shouldn't really count as a full project. And I have been working on a pair of socks that have been otn for almost 2 years. They are awesome- I don't know why I haven't finished them yet. Oh yeah- they are 2 at a time ml and are taking forever with no gratification!
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
Am I the only person at 1 down, not enough hours in the day? I know I have a newborn, I knew I was going to be doing most of my crafting later in the year, but ... but.... WAHHHHH!

OK, I feel better now.
Nope, I've only got one thing done, and don't have the wonderful excuse of having a baby to cuddle, only a 3yo and 7yo. So you're not alone in not having enough time in the day.

I'm close to finishing two baby kimonos for my Grand-Nephew, due in April. I'm holding off on the blocking/seaming until I have both knit. I have only a few rows to go and I'll have two more things to knock off my list. I keep falling asleep with needles in hand...I'm going to poke my eye out as I nod off one of these nights.

I was digging in a bag of fabric yesterday, and found a small wall quilt that needs finishing. Another UFO that I didn't even remember making.

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Finally fixed the waist band of DD's favorite sparkly skirt. It's a homemade hand-me-down from friends, and her absolute favorite ever, but the sparkly fabric is kind of scratchy and was making her waist red each time she wore it. Rather than take it apart I just sewed a new layer of fabric over the waistband. It works great, looks cute, and is much softer now. Glad to have it off my list.

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A friend and I are meeting at her church Sunday evening to do some sewing. Between now and then, I need to figure out what I can accomplish in 3-4 hours and pack it up. My rolling bag is filled with scrapbook supplies, so I either need to empty it out or find a different transportation method for this time. No flights of stairs (a few random curbs and such), but plenty of walking to get to/from car. Any ideas?

Then, on Tuesday, my bedroom decor sewing class begins. I need to have my designs and measurements and fabrics ready for the first class. I have the fabric for both DD's bedroom (Ikea line of 5-6 prints and coordinating bright solids) and our master bedroom (batik FQ I collected on a road trip). I had designs (handmade patterns) for several items in DD's room, but am not sure where they are now. Measurements? If I have them, they are with the missing graph paper designs. She has a new curtain rod, though, so needs new measurements for that. Also, I want to add a flannel or fleece layer closest to the window just in our coolest months. Gotta think about that a bit more. For our bedroom, I want to do a Turn Twenty quilt top and create a reversible duvet. I haven't figured out what I want on the other side, though. I was originally thinking the batiks would be for our cool season and then have whites/creams for our warm season. Washing the duvet would be troublesome if I did that, though. A friend suggested having the two sides completely disconnect for washing separately. Gotta think about that more, too. Any ideas?

While typing, I remembered what I need to sew first. DD's shower curtain. Any leftover fabric from that will end up in her duvet. In fact, her curtains also need to be finished before the duvet, as well. Well, pretty much everything in her fabric needs to be completed before I start the duvet. Her duvet is going to be a Take 5 quilt top on one side and a solid sheet on the other side (I think -- gotta see what I saved for it). I want the Take 5 to include all her fabrics, which is more than the original pattern calls for....hence my homemade graph paper design floating around somewhere...

I think my mission for the rest of the week is clear:
1) Straighten up scrapbook supplies.
2) Dig out bedroom/bathroom decor projects.
3) Verify shower curtain measurements.
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Well, I have NOT finished a single project on my list, and Saturday I will be going to JoAnn Fabrics to pick out fabric to make new drapes for my living room. I guess I better get to finishing at least 1 project so I end up even for the week
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Just updating my list w/ more projects:

-Fornicating Deer hat for BIL (this is going to count as 2 b/c of the time required w/ stranded knitting)
-4prs lounge pants for DS1
-4prs lounge pants for DD1
-4prs lounge pants for DS2
-knitted rag rug for bathroom DONE
-wool felt birthday crown for DS1
-wool felt birthday crown for DD1
-wool felt birthday crown for DS2
-wool felt birthday crown for DD2
-6 VB fitteds for DD2 (these are currently cut out- they need elastic, serging, and snaps)
-quilt for DH
-felted basket
-felted basket
-felted basket
-felted basket
-felted basket
-felted basket
-sand/ paint curio cabinet
-sand/ paint computer table
-throw pillow
-throw pillow
-felted wall hanging for DS1 (these will be Christmas gifts)
-felted wall hanging for DD1
-felted wall hanging for DS2
-felted wall hanging for DD2
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When I went into the project room to unearth the bedroom and bathroom decor projects, I found the dishcloths project in my way on the table. I decided to just do it instead of moving it off the table and then back on and so forth. So, I sewed up 16 dishcloths this afternoon. My DD watched me and asked a bunch of questions and then ran off to start her own finger-knitted scarves business. I helped her finish her first "for sale" scarf, too. She has made several for herself and gifts and has been complimented many times. When she learned I used to sew custom crafts for clients, the light went on in her brilliant mind and she is off and running.

I still need to locate my designs, etc....but it was satisfying to start and finish a project in one afternoon!

I have decided to post pictures of my completed projects on Flickr: Dishcloths
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Finally finished the knitted rag rug for the bathroom. Think I'm going to move on to the felted baskets next, they shouldn't be too hard or involved.

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After searching through my patterns box last night (and removing 10!), I still hadn't found my bedroom & bathroom designs. Hmmm... I searched the project basket today and found the fabric...all neatly organized and washed and folded and packed in canvas bags by room, but no designs. Hmmmmm...

I came upstairs to do some more clean-up on the scrapbook supplies, which I started last night. I looked in all the usual spots for "project paperwork" and nada. Then, I noticed the clipboard I recalled using. Viola! I finally found the work I had already done for these upcoming projects. Now, to review them and continue on....
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Finally finished knitting dd's longies.

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My grandma bought some fleece and bias tape. She asked me to make some double layer fleece blankets for my lo and my cousin's lo. I finished one yesterday and the other is half done, yay! They're pretty cute, rubber duckies on one side, yellow on the other. Also finished sewing a katrina soaker for a friend several days ago and forgot to post it.

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While posting an "offer" ad on freecycle for the patterns, I posted a "wanted" ad for Turning Twenty - Just Got Better. I gave the patterns away a few minutes ago and am hoping someone has the book/pamphlet.....

I'm headed to the church for craft time with friends in an hour and a half and I still don't know what I am working on.... (In my defense, we have been under the weather all week and I am usually MUCH more organized. )
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Hurray for finding project plans!

End of Week 5:
My tally is 43/52. I finished the Oliver+s kimono pjs for dd2 (flannel; I like the pattern, will order the next size up and will be making this pattern again (and again!). And, I made my first Redondo skirt today (yay! ) - this was pretty much the test run but turned out pretty well. I made the mistake of doing 5/8 inch seam allowances; for those twisty seams, it's better to do a 1/4 inch seam allowance (which I transitioned to midway through sewing the skirt). And while this time, I did a turned-up folded hem, next time I will do a narrow bias tape hem, which will take less time and be more manageable. Also, I've no idea why she had the waistband attached the way she asks - I'll do it differently on the next one (she makes the casing separately, inserts elastic, then sews it on after sewing the ends together - unless I misread the instructions. IMO a lumpy, ragged way to do it when I could turn the raw edges inside and have a finished seam with no raw edges at all, on the waistband.

http://www.sewmamasew.com/store/ecom...ow/PTOSBS.html (Oliver+s)

This is someone else's version of the Redondo skirt pattern (Studio Tantrum):

Mine was on a lime-green fabric with colorful animals galloping all over it (it was originally planned for a different project, but dd1 has outgrown that so I repurposed the fabric).
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That skirt looks like so much fun to wear!!!

I took a baby quilt UFO to craft time tonight and got it quilted and trimmed. I have no idea how long it has been in my project basket, but probably several years. My plan is to press and stitch the binding tomorrow. It'll be sooooo nice to get that out of the project basket!!!!
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finally! i don't know what my problem is, but i finally finished a couple things this weekend

- quilt square (contributing to a group project)
- crocheted baby hat

i have so many things that are so close to being done - if i can carve out a little time this month, i'm sure i will more than catch up.
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Finished the baby quilt this morning!
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Current Projects List
small longies (mustard & paprika stripe)
fingerless mitts (1/2 finished, probably on hold til next fall)
alpaca baby blanket
valentine cards for kids exchange(20 each, count as 3) 2 sets done
knit owls (mostly done, need new tapestry needles)
felted easter baskets (1 done)
baby blanket #2 (imperial stock lopi)DONE
baby pant blue & green (just started)

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I finished a hat the other day! It's a one skein Noro, top down with k2p2 ribbing around the edges. I LOVE the Noro yarn, it turned out so beautiful. One project down, 500 more to go!
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