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Finished the second fleece blanket today.

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Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan View Post
Finished the baby quilt this morning!
That is a beautiful quilt!
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Originally Posted by Kritto View Post
That is a beautiful quilt!
Thank you!

I also posted it on my facebook account and was hoping one of my dear friends would see it and comment on it. She is pregnant and I'd love to give it to her, if it is something she would like. She did see it and LOVES it! So I not only finished an UFO but I also have a baby shower gift ready for later this year!
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Love the baby quilt!

I finished up my February Lady sweater last night- turned out awesome.

so I am 39/52

Next week we are going on a mini vacation- so I am trying to line up my knitting so I can knock out a bunch during the trip. Anything but those stupid ml 2 at a time socks- that will just never end. Hopefully I can be wearing them by next wed for my trip.
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Finished a felted basket.

2/52 projects completed. Moving along S-L-O-W-L-Y. Casting on for the "Fornicating Deer" hat. We see BIL next weekend, so I have motivation to have it done.
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I went to class last night - Sewing for the Home. I haven't been to this facility in over a year (went for a knitting class last; used to attend quilting classes way back when). The new building is built and the parking lot is finished (and all the old stuff from the 1940s has been removed). WOW!!! This campus is amazing now, especially considering 90% of the classes are FREE!

That's the good news.

The bad news is the instructor had to take emergency medical leave and there is no money for substitutes, so there is no class until she returns. The program chair for the food and sewing classes held this first class in order to keep the class available for when the instructor is able to return. So, no class for awhile. I'm bummed about that and may rearrange my schedule in order to take a different class (quilting) at least for awhile in order to keep up the momentum of knocking out fabric projects.

Interesting tidbit: For the last two years, the beginning sewing classes have been PACKED with new students. Monday night's class had over 100 students enroll! and The instructor (program chair) is hoping some of them discover they can move up to intermediate sewing, which has 40+ students. It is nice to hear that sewing is coming back! When I was doing custom crafts for clients a few years ago, I was commissioned to sew half a dozen sewing machine covers by different clients! Think about that for a minute.... Yes, my clients had sewing machines and didn't know how to make a cover for it. I thought it was sad and always encouraged them to find a basic sewing class in their area (most of my sales were friends of friends and often long-distance).

Anyway, today is starting off S-L-O-W-L-Y for me as I was up way too late last night. Ironically, Wednesdays are typically my "project day" and I have some painting projects slated for today. We'll see how far along I get...
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Im in... maybe just by joining ILL STOP BUYING STUFF>....

I have more yarn than I know what to crochet with..
I have way too much cross stitch...

Thank heavens I don't sew....

Right now I have 1/2 finished crochet blanket and a much overdue x-stich dresser scarf that I MUST FINISH this week. (was a present due mid january)
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Forgot to add, I have Eeyore pillowcases waiting in line to be done next... UGH.... (X-stitch)
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I hope it's not too late for me to join this challenge. Thanks to posts by Iowaorganic and another member (sorry, I'm blanking ATM) in the Frugality and Finance forum, I think this is a good place for me to be accountable for getting a handle on my crafting stash in 2010 and not adding an 8th bin to my yarn stash. Or another pound of roving. And yes, I did type pound.

I WOH, so, I may not always get a project done a week - especially as I work on projects for myself, but I will make progress. I knit during conference calls and in the lactation room.

So, here's where I am so far for 2010:

Two pairs of recycled longies for ds
cabled longies for ds
LTK Original Longies pattern with feet for ds
recycled sweater dress for dd (although I'm not happy with the armholes, but, she's wearing it again today for the second time)
Very Warm Hat for brother
headwarmer/cowl for me
Felt Ball for ds (supplies purchased) (finish by March 26)
Garter Yoke Cardi for me
Bulky cowl
Lavender filled cashmere bear (with embroidered features)

To Do
Birthday Banner for ds (finish by March 26) - may need some supplies

first waldorf baby doll for ds (have all supplies) (finish by March 26)
Birthday outfit for ds - I have no idea what I want him to wear
Birthday crown for ds (think I have everything for this) - (finish by March 26)
first waldorf baby doll for niece (intended to be first birthday gift 12/6/09 - head is done)

waldorf doll for dd
Valentine gnomes for dc (finish by Feb 13)
skirt for dd (supplies purchased)
blouse for dd (supplies purchased)
pajamas for dd (supplies purchased)
knit purse for me (supplies purchased)
knit rainbow blanket (supplies purchased)
Remember that Knitted Farmyard co-op? Knit my squares together and felt
Knit more longies and shorties for ds - a never ending project
Babywearer - my Ravelympics project - the intended recipient's son is already 16 mos old! And the yarn has been in my stash even longer!
Christmas Sweater for dd (yarn purchased)
cardigan for ds (yarn purchased)
recycled cardigan sweater for dd with needle felted scene (in progress)

Ok, now, for the points. I did go to JoAnn's and bought (and used - yeah!!!) supplies for some of the crafting I finished and some on my list to do. I also just bought some more yarn - my first skein of handspun! I know I need to dock myself for the yarn, but not sure about the other stuff since it's for the birthday projects. Sure, they may not get done.

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I just realized that i FORGOT i have tons of bead making stuff... anyone want bracelets? ugh.... I need to stay out of the craft stores...
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Hi Honeybunmom!

I think everyone is making progress! And that is the main thing! I started a hat for DD last night out of some awesome hand knotted yarn- super cute-and so quick! DS1 is asking for one too. I also need to figure out something for DD for easter. I want to use stash fabric for a dress- but need to clean out my closet first to see what I have that is even close to appropriate. While in there I am going to start tossing out junk. and what isn't junk I think will freecycle. Like the time my mom when garage saling and bought me a huge box of lingerie (sp) making supplies? Very weird and probably won't be using 73 yards of stretchy synthetic knits anytime soon.
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5/6 done with the table runner aka dresser scarf... I could probalby finish tonigh but IDK if i can stomach the thought of sewing again.... too much x-stitch but I have set a deadline of saturday night...
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I'm loving this thread! I've been lurking for a while now, and I'm enjoying all the projects that everyone has posted!

I've got a good number of projects done already. I'm working on projects 45/52 (knit baby hat) and 44/52 (knit DSi case), which are both gifts.
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What is everyone working on right now? I need a little motivation.
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I'm about 1/2 way through my "Fornicating Deer" hat. I hope to get a few more rows done after the kidlets hit the sack tonight. Once I'm done w/ it, I have a couple of mouse pad wrist pillows I need to knit as gifts.
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I knit DS a hat out of hand knotted yarn today- so so fast... Both of them look so cute in thier new hats!

I am stumped now. We are ttc- so I don't want to start baby knitting till I get a bfp- but I can't wait to dig into some malabrigo...... I do have yarn for a cph for myself though.... I am just not quite digging that... I really want to knit this...http://www.sweaterbabe.com/knitting-...t-cardigan.htm I would almost have enough cph yarn- but just short about 100 yds... Hmmmm. Maybe I should check out rav. I am just loving the raglan right now.

OK- seriously. Still have 2 pairs of socks otn.
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I added a few pictures to my Flickr account for fun:

I touched up the bright blue paint on the walls in our project room. We had a major flood back in May 2009 and this room was one of the only ones downstairs that did NOT need all the walls cut, so it didn't get repainted. It did, however, suffer some dings, chips, and scuffs. Plus, we took the opportunity when we had no flooring to install a new slider in this room. The new slider has the blinds built-in between the panes of glass, which is soooo COOL! This room is TINY (a smidgen over 9x9), so taking the blinds down saved us a valuable six inches of space and left nice patches to fill (earlier project) and repaint, which I did today along with all the other white spots I found on the bright blue walls with paintbrush in hand.

Then, I scrubbed the new white baseboards with hot, soapy water and touched up the paint on those (mostly covering nail holes). I spent most of the afternoon painting along the inner casing of the new slider and covering the nail holes on all the casing around the slider. We have a kitten and she had a blast trying to play with the paint brush while I was doing all this.
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Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan View Post
What is everyone working on right now? I need a little motivation.
We just got back from a four-day trip which means I've done nothing this week - I didn't have any hand-sewing ready, and needed to be doing school with Ina while we drove, anyway.

BUT - somehow managed to get all unpacked within a few hours of getting home tonight (other than laundry to wash) - which means that tomorrow, I should be able to do some more catch-up school with Ina, shovel the sidewalks, walk the dog, and still get something at least cut out for sewing.

I'm planning to make dd2 her little redondo skirt this week if I can fit it in tomorrow - it's dark denim embroidered with vines and flowers in rainbow colors. I think she'll like it (she thinks it looks like fireworks). They come together pretty quickly so there might be some hope that I actually get a project done this week despite traveling! We'll see....

I emailed my sister, who's expecting in late May, to see what she wants/needs for this little one (her third) -- I usually make the large receiving blankets, but this would be three kiddos with them, she probably doesn't need more (although another sister requested three with each new babe) - sister doesn't know what she needs yet. Sigh. I understand but wish she was ready to think about it, because I don't live near much for fabric stores - I need plenty of time to shop for affordable flannels or appropriate flannels (something that really fits the family). And it's nice to know far ahead of time, what projects I need to prioritize and finish!
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Originally Posted by sunnysandiegan View Post
What is everyone working on right now? I need a little motivation.
I found some 'lost' sugar and spice yarn and started a dish cloth via crochet tonight. I needed a break from x-stitch for a bit. I am on the home stretch for the x-stitch project. this weekend i really need to finish both the dishcloth and dresser scarf/table runner so I can send them off.

I have 3 more skiens of sugar and spice yarn so there are more dish towels in my future. I dont mind because they are quick and easy and I feel like I've actually accomplished something.

I wanted to finish this yellow and purple granny square afghan I started but I lost my crochet hook so I need to buy a new one tomorrow then I can add that to my mix of things to finish in Feb.

Crochet is easier on my eyes and goes quicker but x-stitch is soooo much cuter IMO....

I wonder what else is in all those bins in our 3rd room...
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I have my next project! My DD loves my feb lady sweater so I am giong to knit her a similiar one out of some hand dyed from my stash. I have 3 beautiful skiens of merino in an aqua blue to purple kettle and it will be so soft and warm for her. That and I believe I will do my cph with the viking cable version.

I also need to come up with a bday gift for my mom. I am thinking quilted potholders.... and maybe grocery bags.
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