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I made my toddler a pair of sewn fleece mittens. Didn't mean to really, but did, lol. I was tinkering around with making the fleece inners for ds' knit mittens and they came out toddler sized with the first attempt. Ah well, lol.

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Everyone has such fun-sounding projects on the horizon! Thanks for sharing.

I am ill and in bed today (and part of yesterday). I am not ill enough to sleep the day away, so I decided to work on our digital photo library. Three hours later and I am through the end of March 2001. Our DD was born in March 2001 and it is s-l-o-w going from here on out. This project is on every list I have, so I am counting it. I just haven't decided HOW I am going to count it....

I am:
~ reorganizing and creating events to keep them all 100 photos or less;
~ naming all pictures;
~ keywording all pictures;
~ deleting the worst or unneeded pictures;
~ reverting all pictures to "original" and naming any worthwhile copies exactly the same as the original with "COPY" at the end of the name; and
~ adjusting the dates on scanned pictures to be the date the picture was taken (not scanned).

WHEW! I plan to start making online photo books when good sales occur with some of our digital pictures. We have nearly 17,000, so it'll take me awhile. I've already made a few passes at our photo library with different criteria in the past, so at least I am not starting off with 17,000 untouched random pictures.

ETA: After spending nearly the entire day on the digital pictures, I finished all of the above tasks from 1952 - 2001, which is 920 pictures and 27 events (now)! I'm giving myself 1 point.
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I finished the spur of the moment dishcloth project and that skien is all gone. The dishcloth is added to my stash of 'gifts'. I did some work on my crochet blanket and got about 6 'rounds' done. Its just a huge basic granny square blanket.

I did make a run to hobby lobby today, my store had 40% OFF the crochet hooks I use (bamboo handle) and I needed to replace my lost ones, now I have a case for all of them and I must be more responsible. i also picked up 4 more DMC floss that I love.

No progress on the dreaded x-stitch.... I have to work on that tomorrow.
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I finished the "Fornicating Deer" hat. I'm giving myself 2pts for it b/c it involves intarsia knitting AND I did a technique that weaves in the contrasting yarn as you're knitting so there are no floats across the back.

Now, I have to give myself a demerit b/c I picked up 6yds of butterscotch colored silk to make new drapes for my living room window and as contrast for the throw pillows I'm planning on making.

So that puts me at 3/52.
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I finished a birthday banner for some awesome family friends yesterday. I'd made one for my DD's birthday and this friend *loved* it. So when I heard her DP was planning a surprise party for her I decided to throw together a banner for her. When she saw it she thought it was mine that I'd brought over to decorate, and was thrilled when I told her that one was for her family.

It's a good scrap-buster because the panels are all different. I'll post pics if I get around to it.

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I finished ds' mittens. I like how these turned out. They were actually a really quick project, I just wasn't working on them. Sigh. That's how it goes, lol.

I went out and bought ribbons for the next project I'm daydreaming of. I want to make some little ribbon blankets. Has anyone made one? I'd love to see some pics for inspiration. I think I'll start a thread asking.

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End of Week 6:
My tally is 43/52.
(still). No progress this week, alas! But on the up side, the reason I wasn't able to whip something together today so I'd still have completed something this week, is that an old friend called -- she was in her car, en route north, her dad is in the hospital and she and her kiddos needed a place to stay the night. So -- rushed around getting ready for company, and have had a great evening of fun and visiting between her kiddos and mine (despite explaining to both sets of kids that we are friends, not family, they still refer to each other as cousins and so look forward to these visits ).

I told my friend that when I get a chance, I'll get a redondo skirt made for her dd (also 6, and also into twirly skirts ). I'm hoping I have something suitable in my stash.

Isn't it wonderful to spend time with an old friend? We figured out tonight we've known each other longer than we've NOT known each other -- we are getting that old now. The messy house and stacks of to-dos don't matter, it's just good to visit.
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Figuring that every stitch counts in a stamped x-stitch and that I am making progress.... Gave myself a total firm deadline of next weekend to be done with the project... its just taking WAY TOO LONG... Honestly its probably no more than 2 hrs of work to finish....

nothing completed today but continually making progress toward my goal....


1/x but hey.... I'm new here
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bless your heart on the x stitching, mama.
i have a cute one in a drawer that I will probably never do, x stitch is so tiring.
lol. but they sure look lovely framed on a wall and it will be so worth it, mama....hope you make your goal!

I loved the flikr album, sunnysandiegan! That quilt is amazing and your garden pictures this early are inspiring. i hope you feel all better soon.

i haven't been back to post for a while.
i am not sure how to count demerits on my score, as i have been into 2 different fabric stores and dropped some money. But I depleted supplies sewing for christmas and it was my chance to actually buy stuff which i never ever do.
i also took nearly a full week off from making stuff to totally completely 100% clean organize and redo (and feng shui) the sewing room. it is awesome in there now finally with a well configured usable layout- with a cutting and ironing table and i am so happy i finally got it right to work efficiently....the shopping trip was my reward- now my stash looks inspiring, carefully organized on the large metal shelving unit i repainted and reclaimed for this purpose. (editing to add; there are also lots of books, a radio, and other kind of supplies, etc I do not have a ridiculous stash pile on this huge shelf, just enough to have plenty to work with....)
so anyway, i have since completed:
-a quilt/bed for the dog's crate
-2 layer flannel bigger "car" sized blanket for carrying with ds
-recovered 2 stools- the one at my sewing machine (red/ purple/gold/green with under and over skirt, lol); and dp's he uses to play guitar and sit at his fish tank in the den- it is a mexican hat dance fiesta with blue guitars and pom pom fringe.
- table quilt for the den coffee table. DP needed it because he had an accident and the finish was removed from a big patch in the center panel and i jumped up to make it quickly better with a cool thing to cover the scar...it looks really cool and was a fun scrap project.
- 3 pairs of pants for the baby, 1 pair plain
- one pair is from scraps from jammies made for dad so they match, SO CUTE
- and the other pair are my favorites made from a blue mickey mouse shirt
and then i made for my cousin's baby shower:
- a newborn dress (my 1st baby dress)- green floral with hand made and dyed trim (with vintage lace)and a long sleeve newborn mitt shirt (i dyed and recycled this from my baby) to wear under it
- another, short sleeved hot pink dyed onesie with pink stretch linen pants, trimmed in hot pink
- a rag doll. 1st one i ahve made for a baby, so it is 1 piece, with stiff long arms, a diaper. for her hair, i made fat felted hot pink braids, and her eyes were made from a combination of felt and machine embroidery. Her dress matched the baby's, with the same vintage lace and handmade trim
- 2 cloth balls, one with taggies and one also had a 3d butterfly applique
- a butterfly gym toy- made from stuffed felt rattles and crinkles and a ribbon for hanging
- 2 layer flannel receiving blanket with the sweetest print; pink (with dots) with a green turtle family, backed with green (with dots)
- larger 2 layer blanket; flannel side is an awesome loud pink/ green butterfly/ floral print and the other side is marbled dyed mauvy pink moda.
-oh yeah, I also made a 2 layer flannel blanket (green w blue dots/ navy mottled back) big enough to cover ds' new "big boy bed"- the crib mattress on the floor of his room.
- i also made a pillow and pillowcase for him.
- oh, and a football fleece pillow for my older son.
That comes to 17. But since many were small projects AND I guess I earn demerits for loading up at the fabric store (OOOH I got some great stuff, lol)
I guess I will count 10. So that is 37/52 remaining....
my scoring seems wonky but I love this thread for the reference and inspiration!

now i am working on shoes. I am starting with baby sized for the above baby, in white felt and embellishing with pink felt braids...then i have green and navy suede i want to use to make some for my soon walking ds and another expected baby boy.
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Wowsers, ms.shell! You are one motivated mama!!!

Thanks for the compliments on my quilt! It is extra nice to hear compliments from those who do crafts themselves.
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The x-stitch is COMPLETE... it took about an hour this evening... WOO-HOO
Of course my nutty crazy self will go to my containers and select another xstitch project to start tomorrow....
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I finished the ribbon blanket for my friend's ds today. This was alot of fun! I can't wait to make dd and my cousin's little dd one, but I'll have to. Silly me. I always wind the cord around my iron as soon as I'm done with it and set it on the back burner of my stove to cool. Well I forgot it was there and heated up the oven for dinner. Melted it. Broken iron, and a melted mess of a burner. Sigh. So until I can get an iron I can't sew anything that wrinkles up. There's a snowstorm here and there will be no unnecessary trips. Oh well. Plenty of other things to work on. Like older dd's mittens. Wah, wah, I so wanted to sew a couple of baby dolls to send out to my friend for her son as a surprise before I worked on anything else. I'm pretty sure I can't without my iron.

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Started my Eeyore pillowcase today.... I thought, and I was dreading doing 2 but the package only had ONE, so this wont be as horrible as I originally thought.

2/52 ??
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Dp surprised me with an iron after all.

I think I'll be taking the day off homeschooling tomorrow. I'm going to be making babies, lol.
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MissRubyandKen - What a lovely thing for your hubby to do!

I am continuing to make progress on the sweater I'm knitting for me. Body is pretty much done, although I have to pick up stitches and knit the button bands. Now I think decided to do them in a contrasting color was not such a bright idea. In any event, on to the arms and I'll save that bit of fiddliness for last.

I have a small dilemma - My dh is taking dd out of town tomorrow. I'm taking Thurs and Fri off to be home with the babe since we otherewise don't have care for him. This will be some great time to go SHOPPING without the "I wants" or "Please stay where I can see you"s for dd. And I just discovered that there is an amazing fabric discount store nearby (Textile Discount Outlet). I want to go there and get some wool. I'd like to have some in seasonal colors for our nature table. And, of course, I'd like to just HAVE some! I also want to see if they have wool interlock and maybe some bamboo velour. I have 2 bamboo velour ls shirts from ds's newbie days which I plan to repurpose into a pillow for him. He so sweetly rests his head on any pillow he comes by. So, I think he'll like this.

Anyway, I'm about to go pick up some demerits!
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Finished 3 mouse pad wrist pillows. We're inundated w/ snow, and I'm feeling inspired to cast on for a new scarf for me.

I need to get some sewing done, but my studio is in the finished basement and it's a little colder down there than upstairs, so I'm avoiding it for now.

So far I've completed 6/52 projects.
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Originally Posted by elanorh View Post
Isn't it wonderful to spend time with an old friend? We figured out tonight we've known each other longer than we've NOT known each other -- we are getting that old now. The messy house and stacks of to-dos don't matter, it's just good to visit.
Yes. It is great to spend time with old friends--my best friend from college and I can spend years apart (though I wish we didn't have so much time between visits), then slip back into conversation as if we saw each other yesterday. Neither of us cares about the dust bunnies under the couch, etc. It is wonderful!

I am finally getting a few projects done, with others almost finished.
Spun up some wool top into yarn for a birthday gift, and I spun up some batts that have been hanging around for ever, so I'm crossing two things off my list, hooray!

Working on:
finish baby kimonos, start hat/booties to match.
finish my first pair of knitted socks--started last winter!
sew/finish a wet felted handbag I've had planned for years.
start two 'Jane Austen' shrugs for dd and another flower girl for a wedding (have to buy yarn for this, so it'll curb my progress a bit!)

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My pillowcase x-stitch is going much quicker then I expected. Still not breakneck speed LOL but I am making progress... Surprisingly 'my time' on the couch is relaxing and calming....

So I have one cloud done and 2 flowers... lots more to go but again its all about progress... tomorrow pm I have a 7pm appt but I may be able to get a few more flowers done, they are small and quick to go.

Keep me on track ladies...
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Updating my list w/ more projects and marking those that are done:

-Fornicating Deer hat for BIL (this is going to count as 2 b/c of the time required w/ stranded knitting) DONE
-4prs lounge pants for DS1
-4prs lounge pants for DD1
-4prs lounge pants for DS2
-knitted rag rug for bathroom DONE
-2nd knitted rag rug for bathroom
-silk drapes for living room
-wool felt birthday crown for DS1
-wool felt birthday crown for DD1
-wool felt birthday crown for DS2
-wool felt birthday crown for DD2
-6 VB fitteds for DD2 (these are currently cut out- they need elastic, serging, and snaps)
-quilt for DH
-felted basket DONE
-felted basket
-felted basket
-felted basket
-felted basket
-felted basket
-sand/ paint curio cabinet
-sand/ paint computer table
-throw pillow
-throw pillow
-felted wall hanging for DS1 (these will be Christmas gifts)
-felted wall hanging for DD1
-felted wall hanging for DS2
-felted wall hanging for DD2
-patchwork rug for 1/2 bath
-mat for under dishrack
-scarf for me
-mouse pad wrist pillow for FIL DONE
-mouse pad wrist pillow DONE
-mouse pad wrist pillow for DH's office DONE
-mouse pad wrist pillow for DH home office
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DH informed me last night that my best friend and her family will be making a visit in 3wks. I now have a deadline for quite a few of my projects:

-2nd knitted rag rug for bathroom
-silk drapes for living room
-felted basket
-felted basket
-felted basket
-felted basket
-felted basket
-throw pillow
-throw pillow
-patchwork rug for 1/2 bath
-mat for under dishrack

11 projects in 21 days . We're leaving Friday for a long weekend at my ILs and I'm bringing my knitting. I'm hoping to have the felted baskets all knit up by Monday and then I can felt them at home. Hopefully I'll be able to crank out the sewing projects quickly.
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