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Yes Im ready for 2010 to end.. and NO IM NOT!!! I have so much I was "suppose" to do this month that never got done (crafting and otherwise) and I know come Feb/March Im just not going to have the time to do anything.. Although Im debating considering Thomas to be like 10 projects all by himself, carrying and birthing a baby is a lot harder than anything else I have/had to do lately. lol.gif All kidding aside, Im going to get some stuff done this week if I can stay awake. If not theres always next month. Im prioritizing my list of projects right now.. Oh and I need to pick up fabric for DD1's birthday dress since she has a certain thing she wants (pink, hello kitty with red hearts.. Nope, not kidding) so Im not doing that the day before her birthday.

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I'm ready to close out the 2010 challenge and begin chatting about the new challenge for 2011. I've been very sick for a week and I've done as much as I am going to do in 2010. I'm happy with my accomplishments this past year! love.gif

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2011... how did that happen??


I would like to hang the prints DS recieved for Christmas but other than that small task I am happy with the way things ended up for 2010.  I have several WIP (works in process) for 2011 and I'm ok with that.  2010 was a rough year mentally. I needed to make 2 trips back 'home' and climbing out of the depression brought on by those trips meant some crafts didnt get done.  But I'm ok with that!


2011 leads me to think I want to finish those WIP's, continue on the crafting compact and see where that leads me.  I still have grand plans of doing something with all these photos.  I did well, I went to both Joanns and Hobby Lobby and didn't buy any crafting stuff this weekend!


Sunny-feel better, Okimom- please take care, you do so much it seems!


I will be working up a list of things to do in the coming week.  Everyone stay safe, healthy and HAPPY!

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I think it helps that I made DH do all my ironing for me.. Truly he doesn't mind but its the only thing I DON"T like to do so I can do projects without dreading any part (I so hate ironing, I wish I could find something to iron for me.. Ive debated just taking everything to the dry cleaners to avoid the ironing).. If I had to iron fabric I think I might be stuck on a project for weeks..umm maybe thats why DH has gotten use to doing it for me!


I think this week instead of trying to get things done Im going to concentrate on cutting out projects and organizing them into what should get done when. Ive already gone through my list and decided what Im doing now and what is going to be put off until after the move. Im going to order cross stitch kits for all the birthdays from Feb until August (SILs, BIL(who is getting a card and updated pictures of the girls, I already got an earful that he can't properally show off his nieces because I never send him pictureslol.gif), MIL and I think thats it). DDs presents are up first though, she wants a very specific hello kitty dress (with a matching hair bow PLEASE MOMMY!!) and then the girls dolls (with matching dresses mommy..please. Ive decided to order a couple of things instead of making them for the move because honestly I don't have the time/energy and my girls are getting more and more clingy the further in the pregnancy I get. 

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I only just found this challenge, but I would LOVE to join in for 2011!

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I started participating in this challenge the beginning of the year and fell off the wagon.  I'm ready to try again in 2011.  I have a plan, already listed out the 52 projects I want to complete (although I'm sure more will be added), and have pretty much all of the supplies on hand to complete them all (I feel like I should hide my face in shame for this redface.gif)  And while I complete quite a lot of projects throughout the year, I'm not sure I quite made the 52 count, and I have quite a few UFOs I created (unfinished objects), like I started a patchwork rug for my kitchen in March and never completed it.


Onward and upward for 2011.  I'm thinking of Compacting for 2011, so this would fit right in with my goals, along with continuing my decluttering for the year.


Looking forward to starting fresh orngbiggrin.gif

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Wow, this sounds really inspiring, but I dunno if I have 52 projects! I am about to take up embroidery again, and I need to make some birthday crowns for my son (and his best friend)'s 1st birthday party... but I bet I could find others to do!

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Some projects I need to tackle (including a few I managed to finish after Christmas - I know it's not 2011 yet but I need a head start with baby coming any day now!):


Finish Cowichan sweater for DH

Finish Tea Leaves sweater for me

Thorpe hat for A

Acorns sweater for me

Thrummed mittens for A

Thrummed mittens for L

Finish longies for DF's daughter

Finish scrappy longies

Blue corduroy dress for A

Red pants for A

Repurpose blue and white men's shirt into something for the girls

Make birthday crown for A

Make beanbags for girls

Make gift bags from scrap fabric

Finish hats for baby


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I got 2 got the 3 prints hung today. The 3rd one is in a frame that has no hooks on the back and I can get the hooks I have into the frame... ugh I absoluetly hate when projects don't cooperate with me.... any ideas folks?


FTR my son has a print of the Eiffel tower in his room and we have the coral reef in the bathroom... i need the exploding jellyfish to be in the hallway near the bathroom  PLEASE!

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2011 'possible' craft/project list


1. complete scrap blanket

2. complete red scarf

3. complete pink blanket

4. complete coral/white blanket

5. complete eeyore x-stitch pillow case

6. christmas latchook rug

7. x-mas pillow case x-stitch

8. x-mas pillow case x-stitch

9. finish emb. veggie towels (2)

10. finish DS rainbow blanket


I have several WIP's - i think you call them ufo's- to do.  I also have a large bernese mtn dog in the house and she can be hard to work with lol.  x-stitch is not dog friendly  LOL. 

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zebra would small nails and fish line hung across them work? Thats how my grandma use to hang the pictures she had that didn't have backs to them. Two small nails (or the small loop things you can get) with fish line tied across. Said she never had a problem with them breaking or falling that way either.

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I went through and brainstormed different things I would like to work on/accomplish next year and came up with oh around 150 different projects. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN but it gives me some ideas. The ones I know Ill be doing next month:

DD1s birthday dress

DD1s birthday skirt (we are actually doing a party for her so I told her Id make her a skirt to wear to it) and shirt

DD1's hairtie organizer and purse for her birthday

finishing up the projects for the baby

finishing up knitting Dad's scarf/hat ive been working on. I am the worlds slowest knitter, I really am

Knitting booties and a hat to go with the baby's coming home outfit. Need to decide on the outfit first.

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I am in. I may not be able to finish 1 a week but I can try. I have a heavy school schedule so I spend a lot of time with homework and such. I think I could manage maybe 1 every other week. Although on my breaks, I can surely accomplish the weekly goal. I have been planning on starting my Etsy store and this is just the motivation I need. Good thing I have 3 more weeks till school starts again.


Week 1: Finish DS1 blanket

Week 2: Piece together DS7 quilt

Week 3: Finish DS7 quilt

Week 4: Make comp. notebooks for school notes

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Should we start a new thread (this one is getting really long)? 


I think I finished about 10 projects short of 52 this year.  I'm looking forward, as many of you mention, to starting fresh with a new list and getting things done in 2011!! 


And today I bought fabric to make two lap quilts for the girls for when we travel -- I hope to get those made during our remaining 'break' this week.....


I'll start the new thread and post a link here so we can start fresh?? 


Here is the link to the new thread!!!!


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I went back and realized I had not counted all my scrapbook pages in my regular album (compared to the mini album). I more than completed the challenge for 2010. thumb.gif

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