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Nudhist- I love love love your wedding pics!

As far as the original topic-

In December alone, these are all the "family members" I've nursed in front of:
DH and DS#1, of course!
My mom while she was staying with us to help out. Though, to be honest, my mom often got the "Full Monty." lol
Ex-MIL and ex-FIL, ex-husband and his girlfriend. (I used to live w/my ex-in-laws, and they saw me nursing DS#1 many times. And, I'm happy to say that my ex-husband's gf is breastfeeding right now, although she needs to supplement part-time, and she called me to ask me a ? about breastfeeding the other day! )
My BIL and SIL, they were staying at our house over Christmas. (SIL is 18 weeks pregnant! )
My current MIL and FIL. They seemed a little skittish at first, and THEY went into the kitchen, lol, but I invited them back in to the living room so we could talk.

I usually lift up my shirt, latch on, and cover my boob with my shirt. I don't cover the baby or anything else, really. I don't like missing out on stuff, so I'll usually nurse whenever I need to. And, I've got big boobs. Like DDD boobs. (Like y'all needed to know that! lol I just meant it can be done.)

I usually "retire" to another room to "nurse" if I just want to avoid someone.
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Maybe growing up in Europe has clouded my view. It's TOTALLY normal to walk along a Spanish beach topless-ive done it when DH and I were vacationing...even totally naked on a few beaches ive been to, so breastfeeding in public/around family doesnt seem like a big deal at all...not one bit.
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My take on it is that if I am eating somewhere (or just there) then my baby has a right to eat too. However, out of respect, I cover. Nobody in my family (and especially DH's family where bf'ing is unheard of) has said a word to me. In fact, DH's grandma wanted to know why I was hiding him on Christmas Eve. I let her know that he was eating.
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I haven't read all the posts, so forgive me if I repeat someone's sentiments.

I have an 11 month old, and he's our first. My parents and DH's parents both had breastfed kids (to some degree...no extended BF'ing).

When he was a newborn and on the breast at all times, I'd wear a lightweight pashmina almost all the time to use both as a blanket for him and to throw an end over most of my breast or the "side breast" depending on how we were nursing...mostly because I was chilly! As he's gotten older, and we've figured out what works best, I usually wear deep v-neck or scoop necks and nurse out of the top, wherever we are. Sometimes I put something over the top of my breast, sometimes not. Usually I do if we're out in a public place. Not usually at a relative's home or if folks are at my house. I have never tried to cover the baby's head or use a blanket or hooter hider (except once when I had to pump while my aunt's boyfriend was here). Nobody has had a negative reaction...if they're not comfortable, they are welcome to look away!
That being said, I occasionally go to a private or quiet room/area nowadays, because he's very distracted and my nipples aren't fond of the off/on with teeth.

As far as nursing before you leave and bringing a bottle for when out in public...that sounds like a whole lot of extra work FOR YOU, when you could just put your babe to breast wherever/whenever you needed to. Why fuss with filling, warming, washing, pumping, etc unless you absolutely have to?
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Originally Posted by pumpkin View Post
I nurse the same way we do when out and about. I wear a nursing tank because I like my belly covered. Then I just lift my shirt. That way there is a bit of fabric on top of my breast and I have something to pull down when DD pops off. FIL gets really interested in the tv when we nurse, but that is about it.

Our real issue is that DD gets distracted by all the people. She can be starving and crying because she is hungry, but she just can't focus and eat so sometimes I have to go elsewhere so she can calm down.
I will second the second part of this. DD gets incredibly distracted by anything now when she nurses. At my in-laws big christmas party I just had to go upstairs to their bedroom because DD was exhausted and needed a quiet break to nurse. Usually I could care less when I am at my mom's house, I accidently walked out of the living room with my boob hanging out one time (I was tired). It is weird, I find myself not generally having an issue with it at any family member's house but then again I am more concerned about my flabby stretch marked tummy showing than my boob these days!
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I have always fed him whenever and where ever he is hungry . I that means on the couch at the IL's so be it. I don't use a blanket or anything to cover up..I love watching my LO nurse. If we are at friends house depending on where I am seated I can used DH (who was anti NIP before we had a baby-he has since changed his mind ) as a block from everyone seeing until he latches or I just turn away quickly to get him latched, then turn and join the crowd.

With my immediate family..I think everyone has seen my boobs..Heck my dad even leans in and kisses Jackson on the forehead if I am nursing and they are arriving or leaving.
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Originally Posted by busymama77 View Post
DH is not a fan of NIP - thinks that I should nurse before hand and bring a bottle for while we're out, etc., etc.,
This is the attitude behind women feeling embarrassed about NIP. There is nothing wrong with NIP. The way to re-normalize nursing is to do it and not hide in a bathroom.

I used a blanket over my shoulder and my baby's upper body when not in a quiet setting at home, partly to prevent a bunch of visual stimulation from distracting her, and partly to prevent too much boob from showing since I wear a lot of tops that pull down from the neckline. I nurse while shopping and at checkouts, while in restaurants, etc.. If anyone were to say they have a problem with it, they can shove their issues up their butts, and I would have no problem telling them that. Nursing is very natural. It's formula that's not. If you want to nurse your baby with family around or in public, then don't go hiding because you're embarrassed. The more normal you treat it, the more normal others will too. And anyone who doesn't like it doesn't have to look.
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