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Bumping this to see if anyone is still around. I need some ideas for getting more fat and calories into my kids. We are on SCD, no grains, potatoes, corn, sugar, and while they have finally gained weight on this diet, I feel like they are eating a lot of protein. But the only ways to get more fat into them seem to be either nuts or dairy. I don't want to overdo the dairy because I don't think they tolerate it all that well. Some seems okay, but I get sinus troubles from it, and they seem to get stopped up if they have too much also. Plus, I just really keep thinking about, if this is really the way we are supposed to eat. Are we supposed to be consuming another species' milk?

I already use a lot of coconut and coconut oil. I am just feeling really limited right now, and I don't want to overemphasize any one food and develop a sensitivity to anything because we eat too much of it.

Any ideas? How else can I get more calories in? I guess I am mostly just venting here. Feeling like I am in a rut over what to cook lately. This happens in cycles, every few months. I feel like we are eating the same foods over and over and getting tired of it. I just feel like my kids eat a LOT of meat and fruit.
I cook in beef fat or lard if I have it. I just bought both beef fat and pig fat to render (but haven't done it yet ), it really adds to how satisfying basically anything is. It's more for meals than for snacks, and having convenient snacks is so darned handy, but if you up the fat for the meals, then you can get away with less fatty snacks maybe.