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General Hospital update time ... who lived? who died? who cares?

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Missed the fire stuff. Heard it was ... fire-y.

Did I miss anything?

Did Carly get toasty? Did Sonny butter her up? (Sorry, couldn't help that.)

Please, oh please ...
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Gosh it was all too much to keep up with! Check here and you can get some updates for the week. If I try to remember all that happened I will surely confuse you even more than you already are:

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I care :LOL

IT was a pretty good fire/storyline.

CAmeron is gone....Max is severly burned.
WE thought Nickolas was gone, but he's not.
No one is sure where Zander is....although this site


Is awesome for all things GH, including spoilers!! You don't have to join to read it....atleast i never have and am able to look at everything.
Lets see if I can remember what's been happening....
Alexis told Carly that Kristina is Sonny's.
Sonny and Carly did seem to "re-connect" during the fire, but all bets are off now that it's over....he doesn't want Carly to have the boys.
Luke and Sky were good to watch during the fire....THey shared a Kiss....
Edward had a heartattack after Lucky was going to arrest him for Criminal Negl. because he "knew" the electrical panels needed updating because of the added security for the auction. Now he's ok...but going to play senile to not bankrupt ELQ.
WE got some insight into Justis and Faith's background....basically he was the lawyer for her hubby and they had a "thing" going on...she blames him for not getting her hubby off though and said that is what got him killed....
Alcazar and Sonny had some you save me, I save you moments...and Sonny and Carly fell through the floor as the chopper was in the process of getting people off the roof...Alcazar decided to look for them (I missed the episode when they got out)

I can't think of anything else at this moment....I have to get DD ready....Mil/Fil are taking her for the day

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Luke and ... Sky?

Does this mean Laura is forever gone?

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Hey there....
Dd is off with CooCoo and Papa!

Yup....I think that Laura is gone.....but Sky and Luke are actually kind of cool together....I like that pair. Especially when he was calling her "Blaze" as they were making their way out of the hotel. (He said something about her being a Red Head and her 'firery' attitude)

The link I gave you said that the actress that plays Sky is preggo....So I don't know how they will play that angle.

Let's see what else can I remember....
Courtney saved some old lady and then went back in to save her dog too...the lady showed up the other day to give Court 10 million bucks....
Oh Brian died too....shot by Capelli during the fire, who tried to frame Jason and then handcuffed JAson to the railing in the stairwell of the hotel (him and Rick decided that Jason should not take a seat on the chopper and make their way down through the stairwell.....left him there to die...then went back to the roof and took Nickolas's seat on the chopper....So Nickolas found Jason on his way down from the roof, got him out (missed that episode too).
So Rick knew that Capelli was dirty and tried to leave JAson there to die...he wanted JAson to sign a statement so he could arrest Capelli....of course JAson wanted to talk to his lawyer....he didn't sign the statement, but they found that the guy used to shoot Capelli either wasnt found or didn't match (can't remember) so he let Jason go. Well Capelli knew he was dead, so he found Jason and decided to kill him...but Jason hit speed dial (apparently Ric is on his speed dial) on his cell phone in his back pocket and talked to Capelli and Ric heard the whole confession that it was Capelli that shot Brian....so in the struggle when Ric showed up, the gun went off and Capelli was shot....Jason was "set free" as it was self defence.

Ummmm......I think that is most of what's happening in a nut shell

I don't like GH at all eh?? :LOL
3pm is quite time...I don't care if she sleeps or not, but she usually does and Ds always does....

I hope I remembered everything and caught you up....
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ok whats up with carley hair? i think it OK and nicholas how bout his bodie! oh my! I too am a gh freak :LOL
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Nic.... Yeah...I'm glad he's not dead!!!

I can't get past the Carly hair either....don't know why, but I just don't really like it.

Glad to see there are other GH fans out there.

I missed it all week though...I really need to go buy a blank tape... :LOL

On my way to get the recaps for the week....

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ok :Puke yea and the custody case?

like its just that easy! PH-LEASE!

:LOL i really like alcazar spelling?
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Okay, now, Monkey & wwhippetcrazy, you can't do this to me.

I don't get to watch it almost never ever. Between picking up DD at her preschool and then waiting on the corner for DS#1's school bus to drop him off, I am never home for the first half of GH, and then when we get in the apartment there's no way I can get even a second of it on the tube.


What are you all talking about, if you please?

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Carly dyed her hair a brownish reddy color....I liked her better as a blonde, but she said new beginnings new looks.

The whole custody thing is kind of weird....like the judge is going to let Jason and Courtney have Micheal and Morgan when Jason is Sonny's right hand man....well see what happens.

In my spoilers they've been talking about Sonny and Carly's relationship as a rollercoaster....there is still feelings that surface, but well....they go like a roller coaster.

Felicia is back!! She came back yesteday....Mac is still in the hospital....doesn't look good for him.

Ummmm, what else has been happening Monkey??

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whats with granfather? a replacemnet? hmmmm
i didnt know felica was back?

courtney got some mega bucks from some lady bc she saved her dog and now she has some big new job? all profesional and faith is sabitosing her and justic (lawyer, corterman) is telling her to go along with fatih.

ummmmm, i watch more today fill ya in...:LOL

why do i think ric is hot?
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OK... I had to put ds down for his nap, of course right in the MIDDLE! :LOL but heres what i got.

tracy wants sage to fake pregency with dillion, grandfather trys to escape hosptital with sky and lukes help for wjat reason i dunno maybe the fire issue???
carley blackmails alexis to bne atty or shell tell sonny about baby chritina, but thats old new but today they were talking her and sunny i dont know what about but looked juicy.

the judge over herd sunny threatin lorenzo that if sunny's children breath his air, lorenzo's sunny will kill him.

lorenzo accuseing carley of still loving sunny while he has tears in his eyes(sap) LOL carley i think tells him no.

courtney does have a wire in her office and faith was in there barking out all sorts of stuff while lucky was in a van listeing.

that all, stay tunes more tomorrow

: :
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ok, i really think emily wears fake eyelashes.

there is big cahoots about who killed zander, if he is really dead. elizabeth (u know she is preggers with zanders babe) got a letter from zander if u read this well im dead and ric killed me... well today ric was being accused by nic and em, they showed a re-actment of emily killing zander? who knows.... this im sure will darge out.

carley is totally messing with alexis about threats to tell sonny its his babe, u know alexis had his babe right. so jaxs over over gerd carley bieng a mega biotch to alexis and cocnfronteed her about the blackmal, of couse alexis didnt tell the truth:

tracy is still hunting for grandfather

i missed the beginning thats what i gather...

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HI! I've been watching GH since sixth grade and I don't miss it... Tape it each day.

What happened to the old Edward? Anyone know? This new one is much too "young" if you ask me... If they ever show Lila again next to him it will become real apparent.

On Carly's hair- YUCK! I don't like it either... I hope she will change it back soon. I saw on the cover of one of the magazines in the grocery store that she and Sonny will get back together. I sure hope so! Alcazar is not my choice for her at all....

When will Georgie and Dillon get back together? They are such a cute couple, even though they are young. I enjoy the character of Dillon a lot.
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yea another soap mumma!

what IS up with garnfather? i really liked the old, so do u think zander is really dead?

dunnn dunn dunnnd dunnn:LOL
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I guess that the old Edward didn't renew his contract or something to that effect....Lila isn't around anymore either as a main character....more as a re-occuring one that may pop up every now and then.

I like Alkazar and Carly...I don't know why, actually, it's probably cause I've always loved Sonny and Brenda...I know she's gone, but her and Sonny are always in my head when ever I see him.

I don't think Zander is dead according to my spoilers page....
Warning :: Spoiler Ahead! Highlight to read message!
The actor has been taping episodes that should air until the end of April....if I remember correctly

I wish Dillion and Georgie would just get back together too....

I missed the last two again! Today we are staying home all day though, so I should be able to catch it....

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ok why do they keep showing nic with his clothes off? his shirt??:LOL


oh dh forgive me!!!:LOL

i truly think em n nic are toghter out side of gh? anyone??

today i missed most, although it seems like michael is going to bust lorenzo... he is hiding in sams boat.

still arguing over the kids...
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At one time the guy who plays Nicholas was married to the chick that played Brenda... She was the one who made him change his name....... I don't know if they are still together?

Speaking of together, are Jack and Kristina Wagner still split up or are they back together?
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Ohhhh...did you see how they ended it....

Court and Faith arguing, then Court pushed Faith down, went to lock her door (I'm assuming to open some whup a** on Faith), then Faith pulled out a gun and fired!!

Sometimes Court drives me batty!! Like she thinks Sonny is a "good" father....she took the kids away, she doesn't want anything to do with the "life" but it's ok for Mike and Morgan! Ok yeah

I'm liking the Naked Nic too I don't think they are a irl item though....

Not sure about the Wagners....

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last night i had a dream zander was shotting at me

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