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I just need to talk--15yo cousin in ICU

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I'm just shocked and so worried for my 15yo cousin who is in ICU due to blunt head trauma from snow tubing. She was life flighted and I heard something about emergency surgery while in the air which just is soo scary even though I know that...

She seems to be doing well for the moment, but I am led to understand that she still has another day or so before they know the extent of the swelling in her brain and before she's officially 'on the mend'.

They took a fist sized piece of skull out of her head to make room for the swelling.

She's conscious and texting And we are all just worrying and waiting.

You never see this stuff coming. Ever.

Ironically, just two days ago I was considering going snow tubing. I like sledding and thought snow tubing sounded like fun until I read the extra special just-for-snow-tubing waiver I had to sign. I thought it was strange I had to confirm I knew snow tubing could lead to death when the same waiver wasn't required for skiing. So I didn't go.

I am now learning helmets are recommended.

I just needed to talk about it. Thanks for reading.

ETA: Does the ICU allow flowers? What should I send? Balloons?

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I hope your cousin recovers well. That's scary.

I remember when I went snow tubing a couple of years ago. They made us lay on the tube on our tummies and go down face first.

You weren't allowed to SIT on the tube. I thought that was weird. If I hit a bump or crash into the bags at the bottom the wrong way, I'd rather break a leg than my neck. I still don't get why they do it like that, it seems so much more dangerous.

In fact, I have a video of me CRASHING into the bags at the bottom of the hill. Like full on smacking into them. Face first. Crazy.
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I'm not sure what is allowed in the ICU but wanted to send some hugs along. I'm sorry the accident happened. I hope she has a full recovery
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Originally Posted by Violet2 View Post

She's conscious and texting

Well, that's a good sign!

Personally, I'd just call the ICU and ask about sending stuff. It will vary hospital to hospital, but where I work, flowers aren't allowed on critical care units or on oncology units. Balloons are only allowed if they are the non-latex kind. So it's best to call just to be sure before you spend $ on something they won't allow. Or...her parents might need a fruit/snack basket to munch on while they wait.
Good luck. I hope she's doing better soon.
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That is so scary, I'm glad she was able to get the medical care she needed and I hope she makes a full recovery!
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I hope she makes a full recovery!

Funnily enough, I was just talking to DH about going tubing again and how I don't see it as overly dangerous to do while pregnant "because you don't even have to wear a helmet" I think I'll think twice now!
Although it still falls into the same category as traditional sledding IMO...
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I'm so sorry. It's a good sign (and a bit funny) that she's doing well enough to text people though!

Ok, now please educate the ignorant one over here. What is tubing? How is it different than sledding? We are now in a very snowy area and I'm sure it'll come up.
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I hope everything turns out well for your family & your cousin. . Wow scary .. snow tubing!

As for sending things... just contact the hospital and ask, as they get these questions all the time about allowable gifts/items in rooms - especially for those in critical care units or as a PP pointed out oncology.
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I'm so sorry about your cousin...I'll say a prayer for her.
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I'm so sorry about your cousin. The fact that she's conscious and texting is reassuring, though. I hope she makes a good recovery. *HUGS*
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What exactly is snow tubing????

I hope your cousin is doing better!!

At the hospital that I occasionally work at flowers are NOT allowed anywhere in the hospital.
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I'm also glad to hear she is texting (lifeblood for teens everywhere!) I'll keep her in my thoughts.
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I'm so sorry. Conscious and texting sounds like a good sign. I hope everything turns out okay.
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Thank you everyone. We are adapting to the shock of the news as a family. This is a side of my family that is pretty close.

They moved her out of ICU into some other unit so I hope that the swelling has peaked and they can now put her skull back together.

Snow tubing is like inner tubing down a hill. Just like sledding but with an innertube and they make steep, commercial courses so you go fast. Most head trauma apparently results from collisions with trees or other people. Not sure yet what happened to my cousin.

We will be wearing helmets in my family for all future snow sports.

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Aw i hope she is ok and heals quickly. How scary.
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Awww that's terrible! I'm so sorry, what a heartwrenching situation. Hope she continues to do better, keep us posted
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She's going home tomorrow! They think!

No more bleeding in the brain. The skull is either back in place or wasn't exactly cut out to begin with more like 'loosened'--some details are a bit foggy. This side of my family is large and we're playing a looooooong game of telephone here relaying the news to each other trying to minimize calls to the parents.

Also there was no life flight b/c the weather was too bad to fly. So it was land ambulance.

And what happened was they overshot the course and slammed into a wall.

Lucky, lucky, lucky girl. She gets to walk away.

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what a great update! I had no idea that snow tubing was so dangerous.
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What a huge relief!! My daughter is 15 and it's scary what can happen to them all of a sudden like that. I'm so glad she's better!
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