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2nd pregnancy - did you show earlier than you did with the 1st?

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I'm *very* overweight and when I was pg w/my DD, I thought that I'd never even look pg at all until the last month or two. Much to my amazement, I actually started showing at 15w. This time around, I'm only 9w and yet I can't button my pants, suck in my stomach, and my bellybutton is already starting to hurt (I had a lot of pain/stretchmarks around my bellybutton w/DD). I can't stand to have anything tight on my stomach and I've already started wearing a Bella Band. I was going to hold off on telling anyone at work (or in the family) that I'm pg until it was too obvious not to say anything about it, which I was hoping to get to at least week 15w, keeping my fingers crossed to be able to wait til 20w (we don't see family often). But now I feel like ppl at work will notice in just another couple of weeks...

Mama's - did you show earlier with your 2nd DC than you did with your first? How long before people could tell you were pg?
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Anyone? Thanks
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I can tell you that I have had to change to larger pants and I am not much behind you in dates... I have gained 5lbs or so since the beginning of pregnancy and my pants were on larger side prior to pregnancy. I can not stand anything tight against my belly so that may account for the need to move up a size or so. I am not showing yet but I am a larger person. I did not look pregnant with DS until 5 or 6 months along
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I found I started showing way sooner with this one then my first. I'm only 10.5 weeks and I'm about the size I was at 20 weeks with my first. Around 8 weeks I found I was so bloated, my pants were very uncomfortable so I got a bella band which helped. Unfortunately I got pretty sick...........the flu on top of my constant pregnancy illness and lost some weight so my pants fit again but my tummy is still pretty out there!
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Nope, about the same both times. I get really sick duringt my 1st trimesters and loose weight initially. but I did end up gaining twice as much weight w/dd2 as I did w/dd1. Mostly because with dd2 I could actually keep food down after 14 weeks. W/dd1 I was sick the whole time.
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yes, definitely!
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I was a stick - not even a size 0 when I got pregnant with my son. I showed right away. Now, I realise size doesn't have much to do with it actually because I had a friend in school who got pregnant at 16 and she was just as tiny as I was and you could not even tell she was pregnant ...at all (and she wore tight clothing as well! lol). Seriously...I could not figure out where she was hiding her 8lbs baby the whole time! lol ...

I am slightly bigger this time around (based on my clothing from America - a size 4) at the start of the pregnancy (no longer that stick!). I really just started showing around the same time and I actually think I am smaller this time around. But I am also not eating sugar in hopes that I don't get another near 11lbs baby! lmao

I have no hips - my babies just seem to push right out right away as they have no where else to go! lmao
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I thought I was showing early with my 2nd. I thought it was really obvious 10 weeks in, but at 20 weeks, when I'd mention being pregnant, I'd still have people go "You're pregnant? Really?". Just now at 25 weeks, it seems like people can finally tell, even though that seems crazy to me.
Finding ways to keep wearing normal looking clothes will definitely help. Some people told me that they noticed I was bigger, but couldn't tell I was pregnant, since I wasn't wearing maternity clothes.
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It took about 4 months with DD, but with DS it was 4 weeks...yes weeks. I had to change into maternity by my first month. I was 115lbs with DD and 125 with DS. This next time will be different...I'm about 30 lbs overweight.
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Yes, i'm measuring 4 weeks ahead by fundal height and look 2 weeks ahead compared to my belly pics from last time. I started at the same weight for both pregnancies (just a squishier belly this time lol).
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