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verbal skills?

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Yeah, I know it's incredibly early to be posting this... which really is WHY I'm posting it.

Keagan has decided to start mimicking EVERYTHING and retaining initial sounds when shown an object gain after mimicking it previously. 'Ma' and 'Da' are routine, and accurate when he is interacting/seeing one of us. He also utters 'ba' when shown a ball, and 'nuh' when we nurse. I've struggled with trying to convince myself I'm completely nuts and he's not actually repeating/retaining sounds as a three month old Can Not do that, but it's not working. He can, and he does. My 17 month old really doesn't talk yet, beyond a couple words, and I am FINE with that. The three month old already fascinated by language- NOT FINE!

Anyone else have a baby (or you experienced moms- have you had one like this?) who is truly precocious in terms of verbal skill? He was freaking out visitors over then Holidays.. lol.
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every kid has their thing. Maddie was DEFINITELY talking by 6 months. Grace is in speech therapy, ya just never know!
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I can deal with reading before 3 years- but talking before 9 months is NOT allowed lol!

I'm beginning to worry that people will think I'm one of those flashcard pushing moms... well, they already do with my first- so maybe it's a lost cause.
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ha ha!
maybe swap the flashcards for some baby einstein. weren't those tapes accused of making kids dumb? hehe
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DD likes to talk to us. She has to be in the right mood though. It's very sweet. I love it. She laughs more often now if we tickle her or talk silly to her. And the other day she shrieked very loudly. It was odd hearing that sound come from her. DD also mimicks our facial expressions which can be quite comical, especially when she copies us sticking our tongues out.
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not to suggest that your LO isn't already that verbal . . .but have you heard of the Dunstan baby language? It claims that all babies make an "n" sound when they are hungry. check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_IRQc...eature=related maybe this is why lots of mamas start calling BFing na-na's or nursies?

my LO "talks" up a storm, but just the usual "oohs" and "aahgoos". sure seems like he is trying to tell us something though!
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