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I've been with LB for over a year, and I've had no problems.  It did seem at first like I was spending more time going through the training materials than I was actually working for pay, but that didn't last long at all.  I agree with Daffodil that the people who are saying it's a scam just didn't perform well enough and were let go.  The job isn't for everyone - I have a friend IRL who quit working for them after a month because she just didn't like it.  I think it's a great job, though.  I can't think of any other job where I can easily bring in $1000 a month working in spurts here and there whenever it fits my schedule during the day and not have to worry about childcare expenses. 

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That does sound pretty ideal.

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On the other hand, it is pretty tedious, mind-numbing work. I took about 5 weeks off after I had DD2 and I'm having a REEEEEALLY hard time getting back into it. But like Purple Sage said, it's really the only option for staying at home with my kids and bringing in a decent amount of money. I have to keep reminding myself of that. lol.gif
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Well if it's really not a scam and they really do pay you I am willing to try. What does a person have to lose? How much time goes into the unpaid training?" And when do you find out for sure how much you'll be making per hour. Last question, does it really take months and months of work to get your first paycheck?

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Originally Posted by Mama Soltera View Post

Well if it's really not a scam and they really do pay you I am willing to try. What does a person have to lose? How much time goes into the unpaid training?" And when do you find out for sure how much you'll be making per hour. Last question, does it really take months and months of work to get your first paycheck?

You have to take a test to be hired, and reviewing the materials they give you for the test is your main training.  Reading that and doing the test probably took me around 10 hours.  After you're hired, you'll eventually need to do other types of tasks than the ones on the test, and to do some of those you need to read more instructions.  Some of those I read on my own time, some I could read as part of my paid time.  The total amount of time spent on those is not that much.  And after your first couple of months, you'll be familiar with most tasks and won't need spend much time reviewing the instructions.  There are some other helpful training materials on their website, and you'll want to spend some time reviewing them, but how much time you spend on that is up to you.  The total amount of unpaid time has been pretty small for me.


The information they provided made it sound as if it would take a long time to get my first paycheck, but it didn't work out that way at all.  I started near the end of May, and got my first paycheck early in June.  I'm not sure when you'll find out about the pay.  At the time I applied, the pay was shown on their website, but it doesn't seem to be now, and I don't know if it's changed since I started.


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Okay, I kind of feel like I've hijacked this thread because I got hired on by leapforce and not lionbridge, so if someone thinks I should start a different thread let me know. But I think this is still relevant because it is basically the same type of work.

Anyways, I haven't been able to log on for more than ten hours a week. Most of the time I log on there are no new tasks! Maybe between taking care of two kids and dealing with a overall crazy life at the moment I'm logging on at the wrong time. I try to log on three or four times a day but usually only get an hour and a half or less a day.

Any suggestions to increase the amount of work they have for me? I can't get by only working ten hours a week! Well I can because I'm super frugal but I'd like to save up none the less:)

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Does anyone know when pay rate was lowered? Just last month? I may work for LB soon if I pass the tests. Bummed about change of pay rate, but can't complain too much since I am being given a chance to make some money. Times are tough. Too bad a lot of us aren't in any position to complain. These are a reflection of the times...


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Yes, I mentioned that a couple weeks ago... they lowered the pay by a $1 an hour to $13.50. I'm so bummed because I chose Lionbridge over Leap Force specifically for that reason. I just completed my test and have to attend a webinar before I start work. Leap Force has no minimum or max hours. Lionbridge has a min 10, max of 20 hours. BUT...reading this thread it looks like the Lionbridge people may have more work. 

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Well, I went through the whole application process and today received a response that they are unfortunately not recruiting in California. So now they have all my personal information. Couldn't they rule that out in the very beginning before I went to all the trouble?


Now am I unable to try Leapforce because they had me technically apply? Kind of frustrating...

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Technically apply? What does having applied (and not worked) for Lionbridge have to do with your chances at Leapforce? Does Leapforce say you can't apply if you have "technically applied" for a similar company? Could you maybe email them and ask if there is a way around your situation? I mean really, we are all just looking for a chance to work. I seriously don't understand these conditions. Maybe there is a time limit on these terms. I wish you the best.

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You can apply for both... even work for both. Just not at the same time. (like if you lose your job with one, you can apply at the other one.)
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Thanks for clearing that up. And I agree, they shouldn't be able to deny me just because I "technically applied." lol ;)

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From what I understand, LB is not interested in hiring anyone that has worked for LF in the past. This is my understanding. It was difficult finding any straight answers about this. I did read somewhere that LF did not want former WFL workers to apply with them and some speculated that its was because LF paid less than WFL and the employees would be disgruntled...

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I think my contract said I cannot work for Leapforce for ONE YEAR after leaving Lionbridge. And only one person per household can work at Lionbridge or Leapforce. Anyway... to update, I passed my test a week ago and attended the webinar today. I found it very helpful. I've been setting up my bank info and learning my way around the module so haven't actually started working yet. I do appreciate that Lionbridge has been responding to my questions along the way. I'm excited about starting work!


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Hello. I'm new to this thread.  It was helpful to me when I was applying and taking the test. Thank you!  I just started working for LB.  I didn't receive anything stating the rate of pay changed.  Is that for everyone or people who started after they changed it?  Also, I already received an email stating my hours were over the number "allowed" for productivity.  If I don't change it my timesheet could be rejected.  I have increased in speed, but they are questioning my time for my first week and a half.  Do I have to change my timesheet to get paid?  I put in the actual time I worked and have already lost a lot of time with webinars and studying.  Please help.


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Hi Jenna, I'm new also. I just did yesterday's Webinar and just put in my first couple hours work yesterday as well. On the webinar they encouraged us to under-report our time until we get up to speed. It's up to you how you want to proceed.... When I took my test, I answered 320++ questions instead of the stated 144 because of a supposed glitch in the system. THAT took me all day!! I did it because I didn't want to get bumped out of their system. I really want this job so I'm going to honestly report my time but defer to them if they question it. I figure I am already saving time each day not having to commute to an office, or to take the time to pack a lunch, get dressed for work, etc.

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Are you serious? No way in hell I would under-report my time, and even the suggestion by them has got to be illegal. irked.gif They are supposed to give you some leeway when you're brand new, because obviously you're going to be a little slower. I will say though that a ton of people have reported in the other Lionbridge forum that they are being asked to adjust your time, so you might get that warning. But I don't see how they can legally ask you to claim less time than you actually worked. I mean they might eventually fire you for being too slow, but they shouldn't be asking you to work for free. (ftr- I have reported my time honestly, to the minute of my actual work time, since I started and I've never gotten a warning.)
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That is really weird that they say to under-report your time.  I've always reported mine correctly and have never had an issue. 

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I attended a webinar, but the instructor didn't mention under-reporting.  They did say that they would be lenient for the first three weeks. I know that they recently changed their productivity, but I had thought that I'd have a little more time. I'll re-save my time the way it is and see what happens.  I have kept a log and can verify my time.  Any info. on the pay decrease?  Is that for everyone?  I just download the LB task control software. It is supposed to keep the time for you.  I also read that it keeps a log for you. That may be handy when time sheet questions come in. 

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I have two questions.


1) Exactly what kind of work is it? Can someone give me an example. I graduated at the top of my class but I don't necessarily do computer speak well. I'm pretty kinesthetic. I don't mind at all doing "busy work" alone on the computer, but will it be harder for me to "get?"  


2). What can anyone tell me about Workforce Logic? Is that any better than Leapforce? Thanks!

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